About Brennus

This is the story of a world where powers appeared in the Roaring Twenties and caused history to take a very strange turn. More precisely, it’s the story of a bunch of young people, whom gain powers and set out to change the world their precursors made. And even more precisely, it’s the story of Basil, maybe, a young gadgeteer, and the trials and tribulations he faces on his path to a goal he himself knows little of. Please keep in mind that this did begin as basically just practice for writing – the first three arcs are rather weak and I only really found my stride from the fifth arc onwards. A great inspiration for this work is the web serial Worm by wildbow. For those of you who do not know, it is a truly breathtaking story about parahumans, sporting an intricate plot, extremely original and interesting powers and one of the most engaging main characters I have ever read – the bug-controlling Taylor. Even more inspiration came from: The Whateley Academy (web serial) The Legion of Nothing (web serial) Wearing the Cape (novel) Soon I Will Be Invincible (novel) too many DC and Marvel comics to list here and a lot of other works… Be advised, these stories will head into very dark themes, including, but not limited to: murder, mass-murder, suicide, torture and rape. Though I will not offer graphic displays of such, especially the last two, the fact still stands that this is no blog for children or people with a weak stomach! You have been warned.

3 thoughts on “About Brennus

  1. Can you put your posts into a eBook file (epub, PDF, mobi etc. – whatever works in kindle) in chronological order? I wish to read Brennus offline in an eBook reader. Thank you in advance if you help me out, if not, I understand, for you have already put a lot of effort into writing an exceptional web serial.

    • I’d love to help you out, but there’s a little snag there – as far as I understand it, if I make an eBook version of Brennus and hand it out for free, that’s gonna be an issue once I have the book complete and try to sell it on Amazon or a similar distribution site (the blog version will of course remain free). Rights issues and whatnot.

      So I can’t help you there, nor can I really condone it… officially.

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