Let me say this first:

Brennus is completely and utterly for free.

I will never expect you to pay me in any way to enjoy Brennus.

This option is for those of you who would like to support me beyond the great support I already get by way of your comments.

Writing is a lot of fun for me and a reward in and of itself; having people read, enjoy and even comment on my work is an even bigger reward and all I can really ask for. But everyone likes a little pocket money and thus, the Donate button has found its way onto my page:

Thank you very much for all past, present and future support!


Tieshaunn Tanner

38 thoughts on “Donate

  1. You know there is a pretty good guide on how to build your own thought transferance typewriter in the “Tommyknockers” by steven king. All you need is about 40 D batteries, some coper wire, a typewriter, oh yeah, and a millions of years old crashed spacecraft thats haunted or somthing and can impart advanced scientific knowledge into your subconscious while simultaneously mutating you into a malicious alien freakshow abomination, but hey, thats what Costco is for right?

      • No worries dude.
        One thing that I’ve been wondering about, (and if I’m honest worried about), is the later books, which I’m sure will be even better (Somehow). More specifically, will the perspective stay with ‘Basil’, or will it shift? I’ll still read it of course, I really love the world, but Basil is my favourite part of the Story so far.

        Aside from the fact that he’s ‘dead’. Whatever. He’ll get better.

      • Wish I could answer, but that’d be a huge spoiler.
        Answers should come within the next few chapters, though

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