B000 Prologue

B001 First Run

B002 Rising Stars

B003 Forbidden Garden

B004 Introduction to Metahuman Studies

B005 An Ember of Hope: Little Giants

B006 Big Game Hunt

Interlude 7 – Monkey Business

Interlude 8 – Those Two Losers (Quizz Bonus)

Interlude 9 – Worlds Adrift

B007 Hastur, Shrouded in Dread

B008 Vra

B009 Family Matters

B010 Falling Hearts

B011 Monkey Family

B012 Born At Sleep

B013 Call Of The Sleeper

B014 Breaking Point

B015 All Masks Fall

B016 All The Lost Ones

B017 ???

B.e Epilogues

  • B.e.1 Songbird
  • B.e.2 Crossroads
  • B.e.3 Something Fell
  • B.e.4 He Said (Who am I?)
  • B.e.5 She Said (Who are you?)
  • B.e.6 I Said (I am)

24 thoughts on “Chapters

  1. Hey Ties I have a question or two.

    Does Lammar the Purple (or whoever Mindstar’s boyfriend is) have Brennus/Basil and Mindstar/Amy under hypnotic mind control?

    The reason I’m asking is because everything I’ve read Amy seams to be a lesbian with the only two guys that even register on her “love” radar are Lammar and Basil who is her brother.

    Also, no bad brain.

    I’m gonna stop here because my other question is even more outlandish.

  2. @Tieshaunn, you’re quickly killing me with this wait. Not just that it takes a while to update but that the tension thing is a murderous combo. Pretty please get it done by tuesday! Also we need to talk about the Wikia. I suggest you get an account, it’s fairly easy.

      • Good, do you have an estimated time of when you plan to finish it? I like long ones all the better. Final question this is a really minor unrelated plot one: Who is “Aaron” ’ s father?!?

      • that’ll be resolved in the upcoming chapter. By upcoming, I mean less than half an hour from now. I’m in the process of writing the final lines, and then I just need to proofread it

      • Gosh darn you, why do you still have to have your head straight when it’s late. I was hoping that would work. Anyway Goodluck, I am going to shut up and let you finish, so you can further procrastinate me (Wait grammatically is procrastinate a transitive verb? I don’t think so but I’m going to leave that). Anyway good luck!

  3. Reading ahead at the chapters and sidestories you haven’t gotten to yet, only seems to build up the anticipation.

    I’m curious, since you seem to have set chapters and sidestories written in ahead of time, does that mean B014.a is set in stone barring some extremely unexpected occurrence?

  4. Gasp you updating agian wich is great news, except now I have to reread the whole thing because i slightly forgot what is going on.

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