The Dreaming

The Dreaming is an Urban Fantasy and Horror story, taking place in the small South England town of Sterlingwood, where old and new dangers lurk, trying to win an old game that is soon to reach its conclusion – and our young protagonists inserts herself into it, not knowing what she’s in for – but no one else knows what to make of her, either.

Since Brennus is, and remains, my main project,  and I can’t even keep that regularly updated right now, the Dreaming is sadly on Hiatus for now.

Since this is both an Urban Fantasy and a Horror story, expect a lot of adult content. I won’t include graphic sex scenes, but it may get close; overall, I recommend this for adult readers. (I’m not specifying an age, since I know fourteen-year-olds who are more adult and capable of dealing with this than many forty-year-olds.)

If you’re still interested to read it, this is the link to the Prologue.

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