Spoiler Warning!

New Lennston

Basil & Friends

  • Brennus (Basileus Bartholomew Balthasar Brant-Blake/Basil Blake): a young, devoted gadgeteer of unclear origin and with some major mental issues. Wants to be a hero, in spite of his sister’s vocation.
  • Hecate (Vasiliki Parapagadou): a powerful, though inexperienced contriver who ‘enchants’ items she has personalised to meet her exacting standards. Her family owns a restaurant chain. Tends ot obsess about rules and proper behaviour, especially where grammar and general language use is concerned.
  • Tyche (Dalia Fitzhampton): formerly a victim of extreme bullying, Dalia manifested major probability manipulating powers and broke out of her own life. She tends to act very irresponsibl and ditzy (and she is), but her power more than compensates for it.
  • Gilgul (Prisca Gwen Fion): a victim of Dusu’s biological attack on Hawaii, Prisca lost most of her family and her health when she was just a child; ever since, she’s been restrained to a hospital room, barely kept alive through machines and drugs. Recently lost her eyesight, as well, yet manifested the power to create a remotely controlled body.
  • Timothy Louis: Basil’s best friend, in spite of the rift that has formed between him and both Basil and Aimihime since they gained powers and changed their entire lifestyles.
  • Stephanie Ioupoulou: Vasiliki’s childhood friend. Much like Tim, she’s grown apart from her friend ever since Vasiliki gained powers and started her cape carrier.
  • Eudocia: a childish AI found and activated by Basil, whom she considers her father (despite his protests). Supposedly made by Macian.

The United Junior Heroes

  • Tartsche (Harry Haroldson)
  • Spellgun (Thomas Esquado)
  • Outstep (Jared Joust)
  • Bakeneko (Aimihime Dannington)
  • Osore (Goudo Takahama)
  • Polymnia (Melody Stenton)
  • Gloom Glimmer (Irene Diana Whitaker)

The United Heroes

  • Rounds (Percy Norton)
  • Amazon (Jessica “Jessy” Smithson)
  • Ursa Gemini (Marcus)
  • Venatrix (Rachel)
  • Eyespy (Laurence)
  • Bismuth (Rosalie Fion)

UH Administration & Support

  • Kenneth Ryan: Division Director
  • Patrick Patrid: PR Manager & more
  • Jason Widard: Mission Control
  • Sarah Hua: Polymnia/Melody’s handler
  • Hotrod

The Morning’s Children

  • Phasma (???): the sole surviving member of the New Lennston part of the group
  • Succubus IV (Orlanda): transformed by Hastur, killed by Brennus

Black Panthers

  • Panthera Rex (???): legacy leader, killed by Glik
  • Panthera Avis (???): former second in command; transformed by Hastur, killed by Gilgul

Independent Villains

  • Snow Queen


  • Aap Oordra (Aaron Alexandrou)
  • Cartastrophy (Warren Wacken)

United Junior Heroes

  • Chayot (Hennessy Bennings)
  • Dearheart (Camille Schmitz)
  • Slough (Richard Rawlins)
  • Tin Can (Estephano da Silva)

United Heroes

  • Vek (Clare Petson)

The Matriarchy

  • The Matriarch (???)
  • The Matriarch II (Elouise Luviere)
  • Kakitsune (Maria da Silva)

The Syndicate

  • Sara Jane Saltston
    • Michael Saltston


Esperanza City

United Heroes

  • Father Manus (-): leader of the Esperanza City division. Originally, he was found in a secret bunker, without any memories or hints as to his identity, back in the 80s. After nearly a decade of being a villain, he found God and became both a priest and a hero. His power allows him to create hands made of porcelain anywhere within a range of about half a mile, which he can then move around telekinetically. He still has to see them to know what he’s doing, though.
  • Hollywood (Patty Mendes): An actress, model and superhero, as well as the backbone of the ECUH. If Charybdis is their heavy hitter, then Hollywood is the one who makes the hitting possible in the first place. She can create a glowing sphere which can illuminate an entire area. It distinguishes between friend and foe, blinding foes, countering obscuring powers and making targeting easier for allies, as well as providing perfect illumination. Father Manus’ adopted daughter and Waverider’s wife. Her costume looks like something between a ball gown and a bikini, made of pure white silk, contrasting her tan skin and black hair.
  • Waverider (Marco Mendes): former pro-surfer turned superhero after a brief stint as a super-powered performing artist. He can create a mass of near-solid plasma beneath his feet, which allows him to fly. The longer he moves around at top speed, the bigger the wave becomes, but the time it takes him to create a new one upon discharge also increases. Wears practical body armour and baggy pants with a wave pattern as his sole distinguishing mark.
  • Little Boy (Peter Stillman): An incredibly obese-looking, hairless man, though he is actually quite thin. His power causes him to grow fatter and bigger, until he explodes. After exploding, he slowly reforms his body from the particles scattered about by the explosion, reforming at child-size, and begins to grow again. Once he surpasses his actual adult size by at least a millimeter, he can detonate again, with the explosion being bigger the larger he has become, with a corresponding increase in reform-time, as the particles of his body are spread further about. Wears heavy roller skates and a thick bomb jacket (they grow along with him).
  • Silver Falcon (Quill McCloud): one of the world’s fastest fliers. Has no powers aside from his flight and the required secondary powers to make super-sonic flight possible without injuring himself. He wears a silver falcon-themed costume, looking like a classic superhero. Mostly, he acts as his team’s transport, mostly for his twin sister.
  • Charybdis (Gaige McCloud): the team’s heavy-hitter and youngest member (a few minutes younger than Silver Falcon). She can create a dimensional pocket within her mouth, sucking in anything in front of her. Whether it be matter or energy (plain light is not affected, most light-based superpowers, however, are) it is all absorbed and mashed together, to be expelled in either a single, super-dense blast or a wide-area stream. Wears a tight, blue-black suit with tightly molded scaled green armour.

United Junior Heroes

  • Vra (Terry Asfolayan): a young girl from a strongly anti-metahuman family. Gained powers after losing her twin sister and the ensuing struggle to figure out what really happened. Her power appears to be limited to gaining any information which she could immediately gain on her own.
  • Tick-Tock (???): One of two gadgeteers currently active on the West Coast, her twin Boom-Boom being the other one. She can create a wide variety of equipment, much more advanced and compressed than normal, but everything she builds has some kind of timer built in which determines its function. Bonded quickly with Vra over having villaneous twin siblings and coming from anti-metahuman backgrounds. Wears silvery power armour so tight and sleek, even Basil can’t help but consider it sexy.

The Syndicate

  • Nightingale (???): A veteran supervillain, wearing an almost boring, bird-themed brown costume. She has long-range, precise aerokinesis as well as nearly three decades of experience under her belt. Very into protecting animals, especially birds.
  • Foxfire
  • Fulcrum
  • LagForward
  • Razzle
  • Leet
  • Twitch (Linda Asfolayan): Terry’s twin sister. She secretly became a supervillain after manifesting, then was killed during a job gone wrong.

Independent Villains

  • Boom-Boom (???): Tick-Tock’s twin and fellow gadgeteer. Manifested together with her and gained the ability to create a wide variety of equipment, though all of it explodes as part of its main function in some way. Wears blocky, heavy-duty power armour.



  • Chevalier XII (???): a young gadgeteer who became the new Chevalier on her first day out by helping to kill the Blackguard. Has some unknown past connection to him. The first female to hold the title since the original Chevalier. She’s a Gadgeteer, or Bricoleur as the French call them, working with strange technology far beyond what Gadgeteers are usually capable of.
  • Phalange (Adolphe): A veteran superhero who hoped to bring down the Blackguard and become the new Chevalier. He succeeded at the first but failed at the second. He can split into up to sixteen copies of himself, becoming stronger, faster and tougher the more ‘fractals’ are active, while also diminishing any damage he might take by spreading it equally among all active fractals.
  • Fusillade (Chantal): another veteran heroine and longtime friend of Phalange; she helped fight the Blackguard during his last battle. Her power allows her to summon 3 – 5 turrets, with increasing accuracy and firepower the further away their target is. She also has telescopic vision and the ability to see through walls.
  • Sol-Sol  (Livie Baudin, deceased): heroine and former runway model who died while helping to bring down the Blackguard. Her power allowed her to lock onto an enemy, provided both she and the enemy were touching the ground, and fire chargeable homing energy projectiles.
  • Casque Vert (???): formerly considered a joke among the French superhero community, both for his unusual power and his choice of costume (he wears an upturned green pot with eyeholes cut in), this tall plant-man took the public by storm and became one of France’s most famous current heroes. He is strong and tough, not to mention big and made of unnaturally dense wood; his most powerful ability, though, is his instant regeneration, which allows him to regenerate any damaged body part near-instantly. He uses this to propel himself around the battlefield by snapping his own knees, or firing his arms like projectiles with the force of the expanding material by snapping his elbows, among many other tricks.


  • The Blackguard (Abel Olivier, deceased): formerly the 11th Chevalier, he defected for unknown reasons. His power allows him to temporarily absorb both living and non-living material into his body, as well as gaining access to the powers of integrated metahumans, until they expire due to the breakdown process. Killed by the 12th Chevalier.

Great Britain

  • Ember (Henry Appleton)
  • Brainscreen (Desmond Cullen)
  • Morgana: a rogue AI which tried to oust the Syndicate from the British Isles, she nearly crashed Britain’s financial system and the worldwide stock market, going completely rampant in the process. Was put down by a coalition of Gadgeteers and Contrivers led by Wyrm.



  • Weisswald (Adolf Hartmann): considered by many to be the worst supervillain who ever lived, Weisswald was responsible, directly or indirectly, for nearly 1.2 billion deaths during the second World War, as the leader of what had once been Nazi Germany – though even the Nazis were fighting him, after the first few years. He was killed in the late sixties by Lady Light in a battle that devastated a stretch of land from London to Berlin, finally ending the war – though not his cruelty, for in his dying breath, he created the Spiteborn, which have then gone on to kill and torment even more people.
  • Dunstkreis (???): a German veteran of the second world war and superhero, he was rejuvenated by Ember during the Six’ attack on Berlin and resumed his heroic career.
  • Metrodora (Constanze Hildebrand)


Novaya Armiya

  • Kopatel
  • Sil’Nyy
  • Baba Yaga (Milena)
  • Pytor

Frozen Family

  • Matryoshka

The Winter Soldiers

  • Sergeant Sergei

The Overlords

  • Padeniye

Independent Folk

  • Koschei the Deathless


United Heroes

  • Lady Light (Gwen Diana Whitaker): one of the two people responsible for Point Zero, the world’s first superhero and founder of the Shining Guardians and the United Heroes.
  • Severance (Charlie Prescott): founding member of the Shining Guardians and the United Heroes; has managed to keep his power a secret despite nearly ninety years of heroic activity. Currently leads the African Division.
  • Quetzalcoatl (Sergio Luciano da Silva): current leader of the South American Division and member of the Shining Guardians. World’s most powerful weather manipulator. Has no sense of humor. Ate a supervillain alive during his debut. Generally considered to be the most powerful member of the Shining Guardians.
  • Fleur (Justine Poirier): Lady Light’s former sidekick and current leader of the European UH Division.
  • Doc Feral (Samantha Feral): current bearer of the ‘Doc Feral’ legacy and leader of the Feral Family. Leads the North American UH division.
    • Mercury (Tammy Louis): one of the younger members of the Feral family. Specialises in potions which grant long-range, wide-area powers.
    • Wunderkind (Jem Louis): Tammy’s younger brother. Specialises in potions which a single random power each, with each potion having its own theme.
  • Kong Long (???): leader of the Asian UH division. Youngest member of the Shining Guardians, promoted due to Lady Light’s recommendation despite criminal background. Possibly the only person in the whole world, aside from Lady Light, who actually likes Quetzalcoatl (and is liked back by him).

The Syndicate

  • The Dark (Franz-Peter Ismael Goldschmidt)
  • Wyrm (???)
  • Kraquok (Walker)
  • The Dowager (???)
  • Dajisi (???)
  • Mindstar (Amanda “Amy” Brant-Blake): Basil’s villaneous – but loving – older sister. In spite of her own vocation, she is very protective of Basil, and greatly dislikes the fact that he’s putting himself in harm’s way.
  • Lamarr the Purple (Markus Birkowich)

The Savage Six

  • Hemming (Lars): founder and leader of the Savage Six. Formerly a British nerd, then a superhero, he vanished during the Beccles’ incident, only to reappear months later together with Atrocity and recruit his best friend Ben into what would become the Savage Six. A majorly powerful shapeshifter and suspected probability manipulator, he actually has massively enhanced intelligence, using it along with the properties of the pocket dimension the Six work in to simulate probability manipulation.
  • Heretic (Ben): formerly a superhero known as Hermetic, Ben became a villain when his best friend Lars founded the Savage Six. He is possibly the most powerful Contriver alive, capable of creating and manipulating pocket dimensions through magic-like rituals, as well as a variety of other, derived effects. Appears as either a human or, recently, dragon-like effigy made of golden rods and scarlet spheres.
  • Atrocity (???): a demented gadgeteer specialising in Man-Machine Integration, as well as a powerful prophet, though she keeps the latter power a secret. She’s turned herself into a cyborg, but never  appears in quite the same body twice. She was a serial killer even before the Beccles’ incident. Hemming and Hermetic were trying to apprehend her before they turned their coats.
  • Mindfuck (???): Longtime member of the Six, Mindfuck was born the son of an abusive father and a neglectful mother. He manifested during his early teens and has never aged from then, appearing to be a delicate boy anywhere between twelve and sixteen years of age, he is the world’s most powerful living telepath and uses it to assault entire cities at a time, broadcasting the depraved acts he commits, as well as the suffering his teammates cause. Was killed by Macian during the Las Vegas attack, then resurrected by Atrocity into a mostly mindless, though still dangerous form.
  • Pristine (Jessica): A young German woman whose power made her entirely invulnerable to pretty much everything – she has the same invulnerability as Desolation-in-Light and Tartsche, though it is subtly different (she can still be moved against her will, but can move on her own). Her power also came with a loss of most sensory input, throwing her into suicidal depression encouraged by Hemming.
  • Fire Burial (Seanna): Youngest and most unstable member of the Six. She’s the daughter of Mindfuck and Slowburn, and killed her own mother for her spot on the Six’ roster. Her powers allow her to turn into living flame, fly, project and control fire, though they are countered by water. She also violently assaults any males expressing interest in her (whether or not that actually happens). Also a cannibal.
  • Slowburn (Shevaun; deceased): An Irish serial killer recruited by Hemming for the original incarnation of the Six. She was killed and replaced by her daughter, Seanna. Her power allowed her to inflict permanent wounds which would slowly burn through the victim’s body.


  • Macian (Basil?): one of several children and adults taken by the Six and forced to live in their pocket dimension, to repeatedly go through their “games”, Macian managed to flee together with his sister Amanda, killing Mindfuck along the way. He was also responsible for saving Henry from the Six and is somehow connected to Basil Blake. Considered by Hemming to be the most powerful gadgeteer in the world. May have created Morgana and Robin Hood, as well as Eudocia. Has vanished ever since.
  • Amanda: Basil’s younger sister, born and raised within the Six’ pocket dimension. She was repeatedly mutilated by the Six, then healed by Macian, only to be mutilated again and again.

Die Gefährten (der Zukunft)/The Companions (of the Future)

  • Fearless Leader (???): the supposed founder and leader of the Gefährten. It’s unclear whether this is his actual codename or just a nickname given by his subordinates. In fact, nothing beyond this nickname is known of him, even to the Dark.
  • Immanuel: A very beautiful, very old man with an incredible gift for manipulating people, by way of some kind of high-grade Esper power. Old enough to have known Weisswald personally. The Dark really, really, really, really hates him.
  • Konrad: The group’s strongest combatant.
  • Heaven’s Dancer (???): a founding member of the Gefährten and one of the oldest metahumans around. She absolutely hates Lady Light, but is too terrified of the woman to act directly against her.
  • Cloudlander (Richard Svenson): known worldwide as the leader of “Humanity First!”, the world’s biggest legal anti-metahuman organisation, he is secretly a metahuman himself, manipulating them towards the ends of the Gefährten. Has a close relationship to Heaven’s Dancer.
  • Skyfall (???): the newest and youngest member of the Gefährten’s top executives. A teenage girl involved in some unclear experimentation in Asia. Her appearance blends the features of a variety of races, making it impossible to pin down her exact ancestry and origin.
  • The Ascendant: one of the names passed down within the Gefährten. The Ascendant’s duty has, always, been to develop the means to deliberately create new metahumans. No holder of the title has ever been successful, yet, in spite of extensive human experimentation. The previous Ascendant was responsible for the incident which created Chayot, Dearheart and Slough and killed more than a hundred people – most of them children – besides. The new one may well be worse.
  • Dusu: a member of the Gefährten beneath Skyfall’s control. She is responsible for turning Hawaii into a wasteland for nearly a decade, killing thousands and crippling Prisca. Has been aiming to become the new Ascendant for two decades, but hasn’t had any succcess yet. One of four Gadgeteers banned from Toybox.
  • Karasuha (Tsukiko): A contriver who imbues items with ‘kami’, empowering them. Wears a purple armoured robe and a corvid mask.
  • Chronicle (Sammy): A young woman capable of ‘recording’ people with her power, then later resetting them to the state she recorded them in.


  • Merkabah (???): international metahuman terrorist. Unknown agenda. One of four gadgeteers banned from Toybox.
  • Mechorror (Kira Uematso): Japanese supervillain and gadgeteer. One of four gadgeteers banned from Toybox.
  • Robin Hood: an independent AI specialising in stealing money from criminals and corrupt businessmen and politicians, which it then redistributes among people in need, charities and heroic groups. Prefers to work with smaller amounts of money to avoid attracting attention.
  • Bluebell & Glik: twin sisters from Germany on a quest to find Macian. Bluebell is a teleporter, while Glik appears to simply be an incredibly skilled fighter.
  • Caliban (Cedric): an infamous serial killer and self-declared “performing artist”. He can manipulate peoples’ attention and uses it to stage elaborate chains of lethal ‘accidents’. He also takes ‘commissions’ to finance his personal work.
  • The Sleeper: a colossal monstrosity sleeping in the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench, and the focus of the Gefährten’s current scientific efforts, as they are trying to either wake it, or somehow exploit it to create more metahumans. Some people have even started revering it in a religious manner.



  • Emyr Blackhill, aka the Godking of Mars: considered by most to be the single most powerful metahuman to ever live – and perhaps even the most powerful metahuman possible – Emyr Blackhill, a minor writer of Science Fiction stories, somehow travelled to Mars and terraformed the entire planet into essentially a second Earth, then went on to populate it with a variety of species, including a sentient species of “Martians” which worshipped him as their god. He then attacked Earth, taking the entire planet over within five days, only to be killed during a desperate attack by a group of heroes and villains who managed to hijack a portal to Mars, sacrificing their lifes to take him down. His servants on Earth died, simply fading away as their civilisation on Mars collapsed, though there are still rumors of survivors living in the lush jungles of the Green Planet.

36 thoughts on “Cast

  1. Nice. I like how the metahumans have their names in bold. I also like how we got the names of different characters even when they aren’t mentioned in the story.

  2. It amuses me a little, how Basil’s name is twice as long as anyone else’s.

    I thought Aaron’s last name was I-something… Ioannidis, that’s it. Oh, and this should probably be linked to from the Brennus Book page. It’s a little hard to get to from a phone or tablet the way it is now.

    • Most likely a fake name, given that we didn’t even start calling him Aaron until VERY recently in his storyline. The name given is probably his mother name.

      • Alexandrou is apparently his mother’s last name (11.10) and he later says that his birth name is Aaron Ioannidis (11.12). I don’t think he really has cause to lie either time, as he’s in the middle of explaining his past both times.

      • Alexandrou is the correct name. Aaron Alexandrou.

        Most of my characters go through several names during the design process. Because of the gap between those two chapters (and my rather disorganised notes), I messed up and used an older name instead

  3. How far are you going with this, and how in depth? As in, every single character mentioned, with a couple of sentences describing? Would that include voices in a characters head, characters mentioned in passing, stuff like that? i only ask because I’m compiling my own notes to that effect, and wanted to know if you would accept help in that form, considering the amount of time needed for a project like a cast page. I’ll be doing it either way, so it’s no trouble to me.

      • not sure yet. probably no ratings unless they are crucial. I kinda hate my own rating system and am looking for a superior alternative XD

    • I was going for all the acting character first, with a sentence or two each (more, perhaps, for the main characters).

      then, once I have the main cast, I’ll work outwards, until I’m covering every discrete character (voices in the head don’t count)

  4. Why is Tim under Basil and Friends, but Aimihime isn’t? Are Aimehime, Tim, and Basil not all friends anymore?

    • They are from what I can tell, but as Aimihime is part of the Junior Heroes, she is listed under there. Basil and Friends refers to his group of vigilantes. Since Tim knows about them and hangs out with them, he is listed under there.

  5. What does “Kraquok” mean in English? I tried googling it and came up with nothing. Is it entirely nonsensical, or perhaps a foreign word in the latin script?

  6. What does Mars look like at the moment? I thought Emyr Blackhill just built his giant palace on it, but is the entire planet terraformed? Is it still like that and are there still living creatures on it? Do any people live there?

    • Emyr completely terraformed Mars. It’s about 40% ocean and 50% jungle, nowadays. Has its own eco-system, flora and fauna and all, though almost entirely distinct from earth life.

      Earth doesn’t know whether there are still any members of the sentient marsian race alive. The mars mission that was mentioned in the early chapters is, among other things, meant to figure out whether there still are any and whether they’re a threat.

  7. Name realizations: Tin Can and Kakitsune have the same surname as Quetzalcoatl. You HAVE to elaborate on that one sometime…

  8. Could you confirm that Macian is “one of several children and adults taken by the Six”?

    Considering his powerset, his knowledge of Atrocitys tech and her(???) prophecy it would make a lot of sense if he actually was her son and not a random civilian. In addition, Assuming he is Basil her medtech would also explain how he could be physically younger than Amanda (who had her aging stopped (later) after joining the Dark).

    Finally it would explain the Savage Sixs obsession with Macian why you listed him in the S6 category.

    Btw, could you add Amandas cape name and make it bold? Irritates the hell out of me.

    • I can neither confirm nor deny your theory, since either answer would be a pretty heavy spoiler.

      Look again – Mindstar is listed under the Dark Five, along with her civilian name.

      • Damn. Really expected it, but you know, one can always hope. And yeah, now that I checked I found Mindstar too. Kinda confusing that you listed her twice.

        And hey, the Sleeper entry already spoils about what is to come… 😀

  9. “Tends ot obsess about rules and proper behaviour, especially where grammar and general language use is concerned.”

    I think Hecate would HATE that typo – “tends ot” instead of “tends to” – especially in her own mini-bio, and especially sitting there for three whole years without being able to get her hands on it! Haha!

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