Praised be the Butcher

Got the new Dresden Files novel, Cold Days, this morning. Just finished.

What can I say?


Seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, do it now. Cold Days may actually be the best novel of the series (yet).

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m just going to say this:

You laugh, you sniff (you don’t cry, no no no…), you scream “HOLY SHIT” and you get one Nerdgasm after the other.

There are only two bad things about it, that I can think of right now:

1. Not enough Maggie in it.


PS: Santa Claus is hardcore

13 thoughts on “Praised be the Butcher

  1. I loved everything about it except for what happened to Maggie. I was honestly shocked when it happened. So at least another book with him wearing the mantle. All time favorite moment was NO ONE CAN CHAIN THE HULK!

    • SPOILERS: I’ve got two. when he gave you-know-who a “reason-why-you-suck-speech” and when he put a gun to a certain someones head and shaked ’em down for answers

      oh, and santa claus

  2. Ummm…guys…what do you mean, what happened to Maggie? Do you mean MOLLY? Maggie is his daughter, and she’s not in the book, except in Harry’s thoughts.

    I thought the book was the best, in a series of fantastic adventures. MY only problem is with the continual teasing about Harry & Murphy’s relationship that isn’t. Yet. Or maybe will be. Or not. Possibly in the future. But not definitely. Yeah,Murphy says she’s got his back, and obviously she did in THIS book, but I really hate that Harry can’t have one moment of plain ol’ happiness with her before heading into the next big battle. I mean, they don’t have to pick out furniture or anything, but can’t they just…oh, I don’t know…COMFORT each other after all they just went through? Doesn’t even have to be in detail. Just a little lovin’ for the Winter Knight would be nice.

    As for the possibility of he and Grasshopper getting together in the future? Yuck.

    And…one question. What is a “starborn” and why isn’t Harry curious as to why several beings have referred to him that way? I expected him to be trying to figure that out. I sure am.

    • I suspect that “starborn” refers to the circumstances of his birth alluded to by Lash in White Night, which allow him to wield power over the outsiders (reread Lash’ final moments in White Night). since we now know that his birthday is the day on which immortals can be killed, this gains even more significance.
      as to why he is not curious – every time he was called a starborn (by the Erlking/Lord Herne & by Maeve), he was in a high-stress situation and really had other things in mind.

      as to “what happened to maggie” – that’s just what I mean: she does not appear in this book! I was SO looking forward to a reunion between the two, and then it did not happen!

      as to the relationship between Harry and Murphy: I never, ever, at any point in the series, expected the two to ever get together. It’s not that I don’t like them as a couple, but there is just SO much that speaks against that – I could write a short essay about everything that speaks against Harry/Karin.

      And no, I don’t want him and Molly to end up together – at least not until a lot of character development has passed.

      Did I forget anything?

      • Thanks for getting back to me. Since I read the entire series as it came out, it has been a long time since I read White Night, and don’t remember the details. I’m planning to reread the whole series again, before long. Okay, your suspicion makes sense, if that’s the case, but I’ve never heard anyone use the term “starborn” before, so it really jumped out at me, especially since it was deliberately repeated several times by the various characters.

        As to Maggie, I was actually referring to The Ant’s comment on being shocked at what happened to her. I should have made that clearer. I’m guessing he just got the names mixed up. Yeah, I want Harry to stop equivocating about her and do the right thing. He needs to go see her, for sure.

        OH, I have wanted Harry & Murphy to be together since day one. Since even BEFORE the first book, having read a short story that predated it, in which Murph is first introduced. To me, they are perfect for each other. But I am beginning to despair that it will ever happen. But, if Harry can’t have Murphy, for whatever reason, and the thought of he and Molly together is downright creepy, which it is, then what? He ends up alone? Harry, the man who has so much love to give, and respects women so deeply, and who would be a loyal and devoted husband and father, with the right person? Alone? ACK.

        Or do you think there is going to be some Uber-Wizardress or Other Being introduced in the final books? I just think he deserves to be happy, and I love how he and Murphy are together. They just FIT. And as for there being things that speak against it, well, isn’t that pretty much the story of everything in Harry’s life? I mean, when has anything been easy for him? And god knows, he always takes the hard way to get from Point A to Point B.

        Me, I’m not giving up hope on them, though to be sure, Harry is on his way to becoming so much more than what he is at this point, I suppose anything is possible. But you can’t go by me. I’m still mourning the loss of his apartment and his basement and his wonderful, miniature city. I was crushed when that all burned. Maybe that’s another reason why I would like to have Harry and Murphy together. Because of all they have been through together. Like I say, couldn’t they just have ONE happy night? Even if they can’t have a Happily Ever After?

        Oh, this series! It gets to me more than any I’ve read (and I’ve read a LOT of them). Thanks for responding. I’m eager to see what comes next, but as I say, I’ll never give up on Harry and Murphy.

      • I do share your regret for the loss of Little Chicago…

        as for other women: Elaine is still out there, though that is extremely unlickely. also, remember that Butcher says there are going to be at least 20 case files before the series is concluded by a apocalyptic trilogy (if you don’t know already, the books of said trilogy are going to be called “Hell’s Bells”, “Empty Night” and “Stars and Stones”, though he has not revealed the actual order of the titles) so there is still plenty of time to introduce a new love interest.

        regarding Harry/Murphy: the main reason why I don’t think (and don’t want) this to work, is simply age. Harry is going to live for a long, long time and he deserves a companion who can accompany him on that journey. even in the short term, murphy is held back by her lack of supernatural powers (especially since she refuses to take up Fiddelachius) and by her already approaching age (she is about forty-five, I think). I just wish for harry to find a woman who LIVE with him and truly understand his life (which necessiates that she is capable of magic, since it has been repeatedly stated that Murphy just can’t take part in that aspect of his life).

        regarding Harry/Molly: this used to be creepy… but, as has been repeatedly stated, Molly is a grown woman now. Yes, there is an age difference and yes, he knew her as a child. but the age difference is going to become insignificant once they hit their first century, if not even earlier. and as for knowing her from her youth, well, problematic, but again, relative. I would still prefer for Molly to find someone else (if only because I’d like to see Harry and Michael team up to “give him a lesson” in how to treat her – and what would follow if he broke her heart [namely, Charity would follow]), but this would actually be preferable to Harry/Murphy.

        oh, and did anyone notice how Mother Summer and Mother Winter basically predicted that a happy ending is more probable than a bad one? when mother winter told mother summer that harry had learned Nemesis’ name (by the way, do you think that this Nemesis may be the inspiration or the actual greek god of the same name?), mother summer said that “so many new futures open up” and mother winter said “too many bright ones”. I really like that kind of subtle foreshadowing.

        also, regarding the curseword “Empty Night”; Mother Summer immediately says to Mother Winter: “Even you must think better that than an empty night.” So apparently, Empty Night is not only a curseword used by the white court of vampires and it is probably related to Outsiders – which raises the question why the White Court uses it. And did someone else have the foreboding feeling of Lara being corrupted by Nemesis and starting to take over the government as part of its ploy?

        furthermore, here a theory of mine regarding the content of the apocalyptic trilogy (out of order, probably):
        “Hell’s Bells”: deals with Nicodemus and the forces of hell making their play for whatever their actual goal might be

        “Empty Night”: deals with and finishes the storyline about the Outsiders, including Margaret LeFays involvement with them and her plans regarding harry

        “Stars and Stones”: both are related to magic and wizards, so probably the Black Council, White Council, Gray Council storyline brought to a close

        any further thoughts?

      • Lots of thoughts, but so little time! šŸ˜€
        So just a couple for now:

        Regarding Molly. I hate the thought of them ever together as a couple for probably as many reasons as you hate the thought of he and Murphy. He’s way too old for her, even if she’s grown. He watched her grow up. The creep factor is in HIS mind, as well as mine. And he has pretty much said that it will never happen. And Michael would kill him. Add to that the fact that I have never been able to trust Molly, and that’s several reasons why my vote is against it, all the way. There is something about Molly that isn’t quite right, to me. She’s mentally unstable, somehow. I could more easily believe that they come to a point in the future where they have a “serious disagreement,” and fight an epic battle against each other, though I’d rather just see her find someone fitting and redirect her attention away from Harry.

        I hate Elaine. Hate her. Have from day one, and her supposed excuses for what happened between them and her switch to the Right Side did nothing to change it. I’d quit reading the series if he ever ended up with her, and based on his total lack of emotion regarding the absence of her in his life, I don’t think it’s likely.

        I don’t see a lack of magic stopping Harry & Murphy from being together. Love is love, and it can transcend that and the aging thing, easily. Plus, in Harry’s world, anything is possible, and I can think of a dozen ways to get past the aging thing. So many ways for Murphy to become more than just human. She CAN pick up that sword, for one, and she might, yet, if it means helping to save the day. I can totally see that. And nobody…nobody…in the entire series has ever had Harry’s back like Murphy. They have been a constant since before the time of Storm Front, and I like to think that she will end up being the one constant in his life forever.

        I’m not sure about her age, but I don’t think she’s quite that old. And Harry IS aging, himself. He mentions that he no longer looks like Thomas any more, and just by looking at the covers, you can see age on him. Yeah, he ages slowly as a Wizard, and who knows what happens as the White Knight…does aging now stop altogether?…but I think their ages are perfect for each other right now, no matter what they are. And it can easily stay that way. Magic. Don’t I wish I had some!

        Sending Murphy off to be with Kincaid didn’t sit well with most folks, so she’s not in that relationship any more. I think they are fated to end up together, or Murphy dies fighting alongside him, which would truly send Harry into the abyss. Losing her would be the worst thing that could happen to him, beyond losing Maggie. And Harry DID just tell her that he didn’t want to lose her. And he cried. For her. So, it just works for me, and I have always felt that was where this was heading. I guess the only one who knows is Jim Butcher, and we are at his mercy until he decides to tell us. Cruel man.

        I knew about the rest of the books that are planned, but I have given absolutely no thought to what each would be about. I can barely keep up with the complications of the plot in the one I just read, I’m afraid. I’ll have to leave those things to you younger readers. But one thing for sure, this last book was epic. Absolutely. And I’m going to have a hard time waiting for the next ones.

        Now, sadly, Real Life calls, and I have to put Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden aside for now. Thanks for chatting, though. It’s been very interesting to get your take on it all. BTW, my two newest cats are named Harry & Murphy, so the series really needs to end well for them. Ha.

  3. If anyone needs help passing the time till the next novel check out this:

    It reads just like a Dresden novel and integrates eastern and western magic amazingly. Even with original characters and a setting as far away from Chicago but still on the continental USA, it has still managed to capture the flavor and spirit of the Dresden Files setting.

  4. I believe Murphy and Harry have a future together. No matter how much they repress it, those two are tied together. I have a sneaking suspicion that the culmination of the series is going to be something that leaves Harry and Murphy together in the end, with her an active user of the sword, and him around for the ride. Unfortunately that means Chicago is probably going to get cratered at some point, since that will be about the only way to get either of them to leave it for any amount of time.

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