B003 Forbidden Garden (Part 6.1)

They left the house in casual clothes, though Amy was, for a change, dressed appropriately for the weather in jeans, boots and a shapely black jacket (though only because she was wearing her costume, minus the high-heeled boots, underneath).

Since she absolutely insisted on him being fully equipped for visiting the house on the mountainside – even if his ravens had already scanned it and designated it as abandoned for years – they had to go to his lair first.

Fortunately, the girls had left to go home to their worried families and they would not be back until later in the afternoon to watch the TV special. So they were free to enter and suit up.

“I told you that heel-less boots would be better”, he told Amy as she stripped out of the upper layer of her clothes. He was just slipping into his black bodysuit.

“Oh, go play with your screwdrivers!”, she replied hotly as she shifted into Mindstar’s white-skinned, purple-lipped form and pulled her mask over her head.

“I will. Later. Now let me just slip into my spare armor”, he said.

“Was the one you used damaged so much?”, she asked, worried.

“It is pretty much a loss, really. That black blast would have blasted a hole through steel. Fractured two of my ribs”, he explained. Since he was currently turning his back to her, he did not see her face go even paler than it already was.

“How are your ribs?”, she asked, much more subdued than usually. Not that he picked up on it, since he was currently sealing his suit.

“Oh, do not worry. Gloom Glimmer threw up some kind of healing field after the battle. I am good as new.”

“Good”, she answered, then shook her head. “Now, are you ready?”

He checked his equipment over one more time. “Well, my stun gun is gone and I have not had a chance to build a new one. Otherwise, I am ready to go.”

“Then off we go!”

“Wait. Take these”, he interrupted her, handing her a pair of shoes like the ones he had made for Tyche’s costume. She had no footwear, currently, and her feet were bare save for the stirrups from her bodysuit.

“Ooh, presents!”, she said, trying them on. “And they fit? How come?”

“I made them so they stretch to fit most feet. It pays to be prepared”, he replied.

“Wow, they are really comfy. No wonder Gloom Glimmer wears them too.”

“Well, if I was not wearing full power armor, I would use those as well. But anyway, I guess we are ready to go.”

“Then off we go!”

* * *


It had not taken Basil long to locate the Mountainside House, as he had a pretty clear memory of the direction from which the city could be seen – it was located on the slope of Mt. Flannmoure, northwest of the city.

The house was built with no clear access by land – whatever path had existed had long been overgrown by trees and shrubbery, leaving it largely inaccessible unless one was willing to hike through very difficult, hard to navigate terrain – or simply fly. It was ringed by a tall wrought iron fence with a matching gate. The garden on the inside had long since grown completely out of any design it had been given in the past.

I did not know you could turn yourself invisible, he said to Amy as they touched down in front of the mountainside house.

It’s the kind of power you want to keep secret, she replied.

But how do you do it?

I bend light around myself – as well as nullify any sounds I create. Downside is, I can not use my telekinesis for anything other than this and flight if I do.

So that is why you had to carry me by hand instead of just lifting me directly with your telekinesis?

Exactly, sweetie.

I would think that bending light around you to become completely invisible would be impossible to do without extreme mental enhancements. And you never mentioned something like that.

I don’t have them. It’s a kind of knack I have, I don’t do it consciously. And as I said, it still shuts down all my other telekinetic abilities other than my flight.

Still a great trick. Would you allow me to study it? Maybe I can replicate it for a stealth version of my armor.

Of course. But first, let’s take a look at this creepy spookhouse, she continued, pointing at the mountainside house.

Looks old. Really old. Victorian style. Faded blue paint job… This house looks like it jumped out of the Hardwick House estate, he commented.

The what?

You know, that…

No, Basil, I don’t know. I don’t go to Wikipedia and randomly click myself through articles as a hobby, she replied, annoyed.

It is called a WikiWalk, and it is a most noble pastime.

I so don’t need that kind of information. Let’s just concentrate on the matter at hand, shall we?

Oh, don’t get grumpy just because you wanted to do some exposition! Now, concentrate!

They walked towards the front entrance.

* * *


The door proved to be unlocked, though it took Amy’s telekinesis to open it from the inside, as the outside doorknob had been broken off.

On the inside, they first saw a narrow corridor that led to a broken staircase leading up and a door that probably lead into the cellar.

On the right were two doors, on the left three.

Should we look through the entire house first? Or do you remember where whatever you’re looking for is supposed to be hidden?, Amy asked him while looking around.

I am pretty sure it is in the living room – which should be behind the first door to the right. Ah, this is it!, he replied as he opened the first door.

The floorboards creaked under the weight of his steps as he walked in, followed by a floating Amy, who was ready for an attack.

He, however, was too excited to really take care – whatever was hidden here might shed some light on those strange visions he had experienced.

The dark red love seat was just where he remembered. It had probably once been a joy to sit in, not to mention that even now, half-decayed, it still looked stylish beyond belief. Got to get something like that for my hideout.

He moved to push it aside, but Amy stopped him with a telekinetic grip on his shoulder.

Step back. Let me do this with telekinesis. Safer that way.

You are right, sorry. I am just… excited, I guess.

I understand, but please be more careful. The last thing I want is to see you hurt.

Stepping back, he watched the love seat seemingly move out of the way by itself – unlike many other telekinetics, Amy’s power had no visual effect.

Next, she moved the rug, which seemed to be made of dust by this point, aside and he could already see where the floor boards had been moved. She saw it as well and forced them up, then lifted something about the size of a very thick remote wrapped in faded blue cloth out of the space beneath.

The package unwrapped, revealing a smooth, featureless black box, large enough to just fit into a hand. The cloth itself was nothing special and there was nothing else inside the package.

What do we do with it now?, she asked as the black box slowly rotated in midair. It was the same from all sides, a smooth, featureless black box that did not reflect any light.

Give it to me. Maybe it reacts to me?

Alright, but I’ll stand ready to pull it out of your hand the moment anything happens. Just to be safe.

Sure thing.

She levitated the box to him. He reached out, grabbing it – and nothing happened.

Huh. How anticlimatic.

I can’t pick up any emotional resonance. Either this has been here for so long that no emotional charge is left, or it was completely insignificant to whoever made or hid it, or it was somehow wiped clean.

Is that even possible?

Erasing emotional traces? It’s a rare ability – I don’t have it, for example – but it exists.

Hmm. Maybe I need to touch it directly – skin contact might be required.

Absolutely not! That’s too dangerous!

Oh, come on Amy. What did we come here for, if we do not do everything we can think of to find out what this is? Besides, I really do not think that whoever placed this here wants to harm me.


Alright. But slowly…

Sure thing!

He took off the left glove of his power armor, then separated the glove of the bodysuit. Finally, he grabbed the floating box again. It felt neither warm nor cold. But nothing happened.

Well, so much for that theory, Amy commented.


What’s next?

I would like to take this to my laboratory. But first we should look through this house. Split or together?

She raised an eyebrow at him.

Together, then, he concluded.

* * *


Well, that turned up nothing, said Basil.

Oh, I don’t know. I learned some interesting things about how many different kinds of plant life can grow in old houses, commented Amy as she, again, wiped herself off – there had been a very, very uncomfortable incident involving mold, fungi and an attic door. And he had it recorded in 3D.

This kind of reminds me of that strange warehouse, only far more filthy.

What warehouse?

I found a strange warehouse near the harbor. Filled with empty sealed crates and, at least when I found it, completely clean. Does not even exist officially and neither I nor the girls have been able to find out anything about it.

That does sound strange. Maybe, if I find the time, I should take a look as well?

I would appreciate it – I am absolutely intrigued by that warehouse.

Alright, we’ll see about when I can squeeze that in. Not today, anyway. Do you want to examine that box in your laboratory?

Not now – not much time left until the girls come over to watch the tv special with me.

Right, same for me. I’ll just fly you over to your lair real quick.

* * *


He had just seen Amy off when his mobile phone rang. It was Prisca.

“Hi”, she greeted, sounding much more awake than earlier.

“Hello Prisca. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine. Sorry about earlier – I hadn’t gotten much sleep last night.”

He chuckled. “That makes two of us. I hope there were no other problems?”

“No, not at all. I’ve got another reason for calling you.”

Smiling, though she could not see it, he replied: “And what would that be?”

“There’s going to be a TV special on HeroView about last night at 5 o’clock. I wanted to ask if you wanted to watch it with me?”, she asked hopefully.

He thought it over – he really wanted to see her, but the other two…

“Is there a problem?”, she asked, concerned.

“No, no, it is just that I was going to watch it with the girls – but it is not a problem, you take priority”, he explained.

“Oh no, I don’t want you to break a promise because of me!”

“I did not promise anything. Besides, you are my girlfriend – they will understand”, he replied.

“Alright. Thank you. See you later, then”, she said, audibly relieved. Then she hung up.

He was just about to put the phone down again when Vasiliki’s ringtone played.

“Hi Basil”, she greeted him the moment he picked up. “Say, I wanted to ask you a favour. I’ve already asked Dalia and she’s alright with it.”

“Hello Vasiliki, nice to hear from you”, he greeted back. “I am listening – what kind of favour would require both Dalia’s and my approval?”

She did not answer for a few seconds, probably figuring out how to phrase it. “Well, I’ve told you about my friend, haven’t I? The one who knows about me going out in costume and all?”

“Yes…”, he replied, an idea of just what she wanted dawning on him.

“I would like to take Stephi along when we watch the special. Dalia has agreed, even to telling her her real name. If-“

“I am not that comfortable with showing my face to someone I barely know – showing it to you guys, even, was mostly due to you needing emergency treatment.”

“I know, and I’m sorry for asking this. But if you want, I can blindfold her when I lead her to your hideout and you can keep your mask on or something-“

“No, that would be just rude. Besides, sooner or later, we were going to bring more people in – I will probably have to spill the beans to Timothy as well… Either way, you can bring her along – but make it clear to her what risks she takes if she associates too closely with us – and what responsibilities she will have to shoulder.”

“Alright, thank you!”

“Wait a moment, I have something to say as well”, he replied. When he had her attention, he said: “I want to watch the special with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, she can not come to the lair, so I thought I would go to her. We can set up a secure connection and talk over that, then.”

“Ohh, we get to know this mystery woman? I’m all in and I’m sure Dalia will love that, too.”

“Alright, then we will talk later. I have got to prepare some stuff”, he said, hanging up.

Got to modify one of my laptops to make sure that the connection will be as secure as possible…

34 thoughts on “B003 Forbidden Garden (Part 6.1)

  1. I got sidetracked by a project of mine. Sometime next week, I am going to upload the first part of a kind of miniseries that is going to shed some light on the backstory of both amy, basil and the world as a whole.

    Here the title of the first chapter:

    An Ember of Hope: Little Giants

  2. hi nice chapter,
    the old house and the box are conected right?

    “Wow, they are really comfy. No wonder Gloom Glimmer wears them too.”
    did i miss something? (when did gloom glimmer get shows from brennus?)

  3. [your hideout and I you can your mask on or something-]

    I’m sure there are some words missing here, as I don’t know what she is saying. Maybe “and you can wear your mask”?

    Also, I’m very surprised Basil agreed. I would not want to give up my identity to someone I didn’t know. That seems like asking for trouble.

  4. Same as anonymus glad i stayed awake till now.
    About the shoes i think after Gloom Glimmer showed up on TV it was said in the story that the boots of Tyches suit were build in a similar style as Gloom Glimmers were so i think thats where those come from.
    I agree with DeNarr i d have thought he d put up more or at least a token resistance to that but maybe its still due to the exhaustion of the previous day so that hes mentally not at top form and simply doesn t have it in him to protest it?
    The first impression i got from the warehouse was that it reminded me of Brennuses hideout above his lair ( no sir a secret base that) but with the amount of focus that gets put on it i figure it will be way weirder. Well just another thing on the list of mysteries just like the box the entities in his head the protectorate… You know what i ll just stop here and enjoy the wait for the next riddle you ll throw at us^^

    and like most other times a question for last:
    unlike many other telepaths, Amy’s power had no visual effect
    isn t moving stuff telekinesis and not telepathy? So i d think telekinets or telekinetiks but now that i m triing to come up with the word for that i could understand if telepaths was just the common header for all mindpowers

    • you see, that’s what happens when I stay up too long to write something.

      it was supposed to read ‘telekinetics’. most of them have tell-tale signs of using their powers, like a glow surrounding the area of effect, or a halo of energy around their heads and so on

  5. would have blasted a whole through steel.

    So really, Amy isn’t just a psychic, she’s a SUPER AWESOME psychic, definitely not to be confused with what passes for average in the Basilverse. Ten-ton telekinesis, natural invisibility knack, universal telepathy, clairvoyance, no visual cue to betray her like Osore, and some minor shape-shifting just to round things out. Am I forgetting something? I mean, apart from the half-dozen other tricks she has that you haven’t revealed yet?

    By the way: I assume she couldn’t see inside the box with her power because clairvoyance still depends on light?

    @Ellert: Telekinetic is usually used. Though I’ve seen (and disliked) telekinet being used. It makes sense to remove the -ic part which is more the mark of an adjective, but it’s just really dang ugly.

    • her clairvoyance allows her to displace her senses, so she can’t perceive anything she couldn’t normally perceive. there are other clairvoyants who have more comprehensive abilities on that front, but she doesn’t

      • regarding the invisibility knack: most, if not all, psionics have a knack. usually, they ONLY have a knack (like Osore’s fear blast), especially the telepaths. Mindstar is so dangerous precisely because she is a universal telepath, who can use nearly any technique. in exchange for that, she becomes a Jack-of-all-Stats – none of her individual techniques is as powerful as those of a specialist with an equal or slightly lower ranking (powerwise, not threatwise). for example, a level 7 or even level 6 mind control specialist would be far more competent at that than she is (though Mind control is extremely rare), but she has them all beat in terms of versatility.

      • Reading back, my comment sounds kind of more… accusatory than I meant it to. Like I’m saying Amy’s overpowered or whatever. It really was supposed to be more… jolly. (Jolly is a cool word.)

  6. interesting but boring chapter. hopefully the box does does something mindexploding later on. yawn lol the chapter almost put me to sleep. no action might be the reason.

  7. Well, I guess it was boring in the sense that there was no action and I didn’t notice any character development, but I enjoyed it. There was a bit of suspense in not knowing whether they would be spotted and attacked to enact the kill order on mindstar.

      • Sure that makes sense but as a reader you can t be sure of that.
        Considering that Mindstar apparently has a way of getting information from inside the UJH it is only a matter of time until she learns of that possibility.
        So if you want to show her taken by surprise at the fact the heroes are now allowed to kill her it would have to happen pretty fast.

  8. Just noticed what I think is a discrepancy;
    ““I told you that heel-less boots would be better”, he told Amy as she stripped out of the upper layer of her clothes. He was just slipping into his black bodysuit.”
    comes several lines before:
    ““Wait. Take these”, he interrupted her, handing her a pair of shoes like the ones he had made for Tyche’s costume. She had no footwear, currently, and her feet were bare save for the stirrups from her bodysuit.”
    How would basil be able to tell amy heel-less boots are better before she’s even tried them on?

    • I thought thats because they ll go to the house which is located on a hill.
      Now i m a guy and have no experience whatsoever regarding heels but i imagine that climbing and maybe walking through the overgrowth on a path that hasn t been used in years are harder in heels.
      I know that she can fly or use her telekinesis to help keep the balance but since there could be people around to see them flying could be out and even if she uses telekinesis that would still be exerting some kind of energy to help stabilize her footing which seems unnecesary for only retrieving a box.
      So i see nothing wrong with that reaction.

      • And now that i ve reread your comment disregard mine no idea how i could misunderstand that XD

    • As I understand it, with the first comment Basil is criticizing Amy’s choice of high heels for her costume. Amy agrees (reluctantly) that they’re actually a liability in this kind of situation but, since doesn’t actually need shoes because she can just float everywhere, she apparently intended to go barefoot. Basil then gives her heel-less boots so she doesn’t have to do that.

      • the idea was that now she didn’t have any footwear, since her PURPLE FOUR-INCH HEELS are hard to conceal under normal clothing^^ so she had put on normal boots and the other stuff above her costume and now needed something else to put on so she wouldn’t be walking (or floating) around barefoot. for someone like basil, the chance of accidentily leaving dna-traces behind would be too great.

        it pays to be prepared, after all.

        also, a chance to further criticise her choice of wardrobe. he couldn’t pass that up

    • To return to this discussion, the bigger question for me is why is Amy surprised this fits when Basil obviously knows her shoe size? The important questions, I know

    • well, actually, i’ve been faster than normal the week before last.

      i’m currently having a bad case of writer’s block, though I will finish tomorrow’s chapter even if I have to strap myself in front of the damn keyboard and write the whole night…

      • Yea, I don’t know if you actually have a “normal” schedule, I just know it’s been a bit since your last one, and am looking forward to the next. I do understand though that sometimes things come up, or that ideas just aren’t flowing well.

      • oh, the ideas are flowing, it’s just that I have trouble writing them down. I feel like I need twelve different keyboards and just as many sets of hands so I can simultaneously write at least the more coherent stuff I’m coming up with.

        I’ve got so much I still want to write and publish, not only Brennus.

        I have three more stories in this setting, two Urban fantasy stories, three epic fantasies, one sci-fi, a horror story, a kingdom hearts fanfiction, two dresden files fanfictions, three whateley fanfics, a pathfinder-rpg-story, a star wars fanfiction I have been working on since I was ELEVEN, and so much more…

        I just don’t have the time and speed I need to write it ALL down so it can stop clogging my brain, you know?

  9. Despite comments I have made before, I really like how Amy and Basil trust each other, just as you’d expect close siblings to.

  10. Gloom Glimmer wears something created by Brennus?

    To quote
    “I made them so they stretch to fit most feet. It pays to be prepared”, he replied.

    “Wow, they are really comfy. No wonder Gloom Glimmer wears them too.”

  11. “it was located on the slope of Mt. Flannmoure to the North West of the city.”

    to the northwest…not the North West.

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