B003 Forbidden Garden (Part 7)

“Are you sure you want to do this? You are hurt“, Amy said.

Basil just nodded and stared at his mobile phone – tracking the movements of the so-called Switchbitch.

Amy’s hands tightened on the steering wheel. “The Hemogoblins…”

“…are a C-to-B-Class gang, mainly due to their leadership consisting entirely of metahumans, with their actual leader being a B-Class Contriver”, continued Basil. “Their metapowered members are…”

“Alright, alright, so you’ve done some research on them”, Amy cut him off before he could launch into an exposition-rant (not that she didn’t like to do that once in a while. Just not as much as he did). “Still, do you think you can do this? You. Are. Hurt. And your teammates are certainly not up to this – leave it to the heroes! That’s what they’re for!”

He shook his head and started typing something on his phone. Judging by what she could see on the screen, he was sending his ravenbots after the tracer to scout out the location.

She grunted in frustration. “Listen, from what I understand, Prisca is probably dead already”, she said. Something broke and she used her ESP to see that he had crushed his phone in his hand. “You once told me that she could only survive for minutes without all the equipment keeping her alive. Not to speak of everything that could have happened to her when those imbeciles blew through the wall!”

Basil grit his teeth. “They came to kidnap her, explicitly. They were briefed on how she looks and on her fragile constitution. It is not a far shot to assume that they have something prepared to keep her alive – the only reason to kidnap her would be for blackmailing her family. They can not do that with a corpse.” He carefully put his crushed mobile phone into a small plastic bag he pulled out of one of the many hidden pockets in his jacket.

And you’re not going to accept the possibility that she might be dead, are you?

And then it dawned on her – this might be a chance to push him closer to her side. If he lost his temper with the Hemogoblins, if he killed one or two of them – preferably because the Scarecrow had not survived – he might be more open to joining her!

“Alright, Basil. I’ll let you do this – but you have to promise me something”, she said, intent to grab this opportunity.

“What would that be?”, he asked.

“You go in, no holds barred. The Hemogoblins are a whole gang. They’ve survived for nearly a decade, here, in New Lennston. Metahuman Central. You take all your weapons, you take your teammates, you do this all-out”, she explained.


“Good.” More of a chance that you’ll have some less safe weaponry with you.

They reached the warehouse and he left the car. Amy came out as well.

“Are you going to come in?”, he asked her.

I’d like to know why he doesn’t want me to meet his teammates in person… Oh well, there are more important things to do. “No, don’t worry. But Basil…”


She caught him in a careful hug. “Be careful. If things turn South, please, take care of yourself first.”

He hugged her back, but didn’t reply. She knew he was just the kind of guy to go on even if the decks were stacked against him.

So she was going to stay close and intervene, even if he didn’t want it.

* * *

“Basil?! What happened?”, asked Vasiliki. She was not alone in her agitation, as both Dalia and Stephie hovered right behind her. Basil did not even care that he was blowing his cover in regards to Stephie knowing his face and name. He still looked her over once, trying to get a sense of how safe a secret keeper she could be. Short, Mediterranean, long dark brown hair and brown eyes with fashionable spectacles. She was one of those girls that would have been above-average in looks, if it was not for all the Adonis-types skewing the average. Dressed very comfortably, but not sloppy, in jeans and a pullover.

“Suit up. We are going to attack the Hemogoblins once I am done with some preparations”, he said. Before they could say anything, he moved past them and down into his workshop.

There, he took a moment to compose himself.

Alright, first things first. I need to fix my shoulder and my rib. No time for a thorough work, just something to hold me over.

The blade to his shoulder had missed all crucial parts and if he did not have to go out and fight right now, he probably would have just applied some lotions to prevent scarring and speed up the healing process. But he needed to be combat ready, now.

So he took off the bandages and gathered all the operating tools and the medicine he was going to need, then he went about the task of reopening the wound and then working to close it so it would not tear open in the middle of battle – after he applied a localized anaesthetic.

Using various cameras, he was able to work one-handed on his own shoulder until he could finally stitch the skin up. There, it certainly did not look good, but it would hold. Next came his rib.

I so need to work on some enhancements to my body. Maybe some subdermal mesh for protection, more mesh around critical organs, replacing the bones for artificial equivalents…

But the new bones at least would have to wait until he had finished growing. Which would take a while.

Should at least work on some artificial blood.

He was just done redoing the bandages around his chest when the three girls came down. Vasiliki and Dalia had changed into their costumes, except for their masks. All of them were taken aback by the sight of him – bloody tools in front of him, fresh bandages.

“Dude, what the fuck happened?”, asked Dalia.

“The attack on the hospital. Have you heard about it?”, he asked.

“Yeah, a few people were hurt and that sick rich girl was kidnapped”, replied Stephie.

“I was in there. One of the two supervillains responsible, Switchbitch, stabbed me in the shoulder when I placed a tracer on her. Though she did not notice the tracer itself”, he explained.

“Wow, talk about coi- hey, why were you there to begin with?”, replied Dalia.

Vasiliki slapped her head. “Well, duh, I guess we now know who his mysterious girlfriend is, don’t we?”, she said.

“What do y- Ooh!”

“Alright, could we get back on topic?”, he said. “I am going to go after them. Are you in?”

The two heroines looked at each other. Then they looked back at him. “Sure.” “Let’s pound them into the pavement.”

Stephie spoke up. “Can I help?”, she asked, sounding very much intimidated.

Basil thought it over while he cleaned up. “You can man the console above. I will give you access to the database on metahumans. Pull out everything I have on the Hemogoblins and brief us on their equipment, their numbers and, most importantly, on their metahuman muscle”, he told her, typing several commands into one of the many computers spread across the workshop. She nodded and ran off towards the stairs.

He suited up and loaded himself with everything he could take along – his sword, his stun gun, the batons, various grenades. I focused too much on defense. I need more equipment for dealing with metahuman enemies without killing them, he thought as he checked his sword over.

All the while, the girls finished putting on their masks and limbering up a bit.

It took him nearly ten minutes before he was ready, which was way too long. Add an automated rack for putting on the armor to my list.

After they were done, he checked up on the ravens. They had followed the Hemogoblins to an old factory in the woods to the northwest of the city. There were twelve people outside standing watch and more still on the inside.

“We will have to run quite a ways”, he explained as he walked towards the tunnel entrance that would lead to the woods in that direction. “Let’s get going.”

* * *

Melody was taken aback when Irene suddenly stormed out of the studio just as the news of the attack on the hospital hit the screens.

She had been sitting in the room Irene had been given at the TV studio to get ready for her appearance on the show. Not that she had needed it much – Melody had watched her become even more attractive right before her eyes. In fact, within seconds she had changed to look unnaturally beautiful. Suddenly, Melody understood why she did not have a separate Adonis-rating.

Still, she had asked and Irene had explained that normally she just looked stunning, as in most situations, looking so beautiful that it was clearly supernatural was not very helpful. But on TV, people actually expected things to look better than in real life, so her power adapted.

After that, Melody had just helped her a bit with some subtle make-up. It didn’t really make her look better – that was barely possible at this point – but it did make her look just a little bit more normal.

Though she wasn’t really interested in watching the special – she knew everything that was going to be discussed and she found modern television programming quite aggravating – she watched just out of a sense of solidarity with Irene. Which was the reason why she had come along in the first place (and the fact that Mr. Widard had locked her out of her workshop, telling her to ‘go out and be a teenager for once’).

The special was barely two minutes in when the hospital attack took place and she was already so bored she was kind of glad that there was some kind of distraction.

Still, hospital attack. Not a good thing, ever.

Before she could do anything, Irene stormed into the room and said: “We’re needed. Ready to go out?”

<I need my gear first, but otherwise->, she began to reply, only to be cut off when Irene grabbed her and, with a nauseating feeling as if something was grabbing her all over the body and pulling, the vanished and reappeared in her workshop.

“Dress, fast”, Irene said just as her dress disappeared only to be replaced by her costume.

Melody ran over to her power armor, just when her mobile went off. She looked at the screen – it was Sarah Hua, her handler. She put her on speakerphone while she slipped out of her casual clothes and into her pink undergarment for the armor.

<Sarah, what can you tell us about the attack?>, she asked.

<The Hemogoblins – a local gang that has been operating for a little more than a decade – have attacked the Petal Memorial Hospital and kidnapped Prisca Gwen Fion, a long-term patient and heiress to the Fion fortune>, replied the older woman.

<What kind of idiot attacks the Petal Memorial? Every superhero worth the title is going to be all over this!>, replied Melody.

<We don’t know what is going on – the Hemogoblins have never performed on this scale. There were simultaneous attacks all over the city, some by other members of their gang, some done by independent villains and some by the Panther Patrol, implying an alarming level of cooperation. There are five more hostage situations, three of them by metahumans, but Ms Fion’s kidnapping seems to be the main operation, as she is the only victim of exceptional worth to a kidnapper.>

<How are we reacting to that?>

<We are going all-out. The Junior heroes will be split up to deal with three of the hostage situations, Amazon is taking care of the fourth and the police, SWAT and every reserve hero are being mobilized.> She lowered her voice and whispered: <Mr. Widard is all but breathing fire right now. He is also calling in every independent hero and every vigilante we can contact.>

<Why is Mr. Widard so upset?>, asked Melody while putting on her armor.

Irene answered: “He was Petal’s handler and he was one of the minds behind building a whole hospital as a memorial instead of just a statue.”

<Oh>, she replied as she finished adjusting the armor and started connecting it to the robotic limbs.

<How quick before the two of you can be at the headquarters and suit up?> asked Sarah.

“Already done, Madam”, replied Irene.

<Oh, great. Listen, we have one major problem. Ms Fion was in long-term intensive care after being one of the few survivors of the Hawaii attack by Dusu. She needs severe mechanical assistance just to stay alive – she can’t survive for more than a few minutes without her machines and her heart is so frail it could stop due to a simple scare.>

<Holy shit>, was all that Melody could say to comment on that.

<We hope that the Hemogoblins are prepared to provide the necessary medical care to keep her alive, but we’re not going to take any chances. Since Outstep flew over to California this noon – and he can’t come back in time – the two of you are the ones best suited to get her out of there safely.>

“Any idea where they took her?”, asked Irene.

<They were reported to be moving North to North West. We don’t know any more, they actually managed to hide their trail very well>, replied Sarah.

<So, we have to find them first, then get past them to the girl – who might be dead or dying – get her out of there – even though that might be enough to kill her – and back to the hospital. And, if things go South, we’ll need to fight a whole gang with at least one B+ metahuman, if I remember their file correctly, right?>, she summed them up.

<Quite so>, answered Sarah.

“I ought to be able to track them if we start at the hospital”, replied Irene.

<Then fly out>, said Sarah.

* * *

Why don’t you just teleport us over there?, asked Polymnia over their telepathic link as they flew towards the hospital.

“Because I’m not getting any teleportation right now”, replied Gloom Glimmer. She sounded annoyed. “This is another one of those cases where my power is being less than helpful.”

Hmm, a shame. On a separate thought, I ought to invent some kind of flight system. Somehow, being carried around all the time, even telekinetically, is a bit… aggravating.

“I don’t mind.”

But I do. Besides, I’ve always wanted to fly by myself.

“Who hasn’t?”

Good point.

They reached the hospital in short order and flew towards the hole in the wall where they were awaited by a police officer.

The man was stunned to see the two of them flying in – Gloom Glimmer looked, well, like Gloom Glimmer and Polymnia’s transparent armor didn’t exactly hide her body – but caught himself with a shake of his head.

When they touched down, Gloom Glimmer immediately walked towards the wreckage that had once been the girl’s bed and medical equipment.

Polymnia looked around – there was a bit of blood around a hole in the wall, as if someone had been stabbed and pinned to it. Other than that, she noticed that the walls – those parts that were not destroyed – were painted to resemble various outdoor scenes.

<Sir, what can you tell us about what happened?>, she asked the police officer, who had been watching as Gloom Glimmer inspected the remains of the bed.

He turned to face her. “Well, from what we could gather, Ms Fion was in bed – not that she could be anywhere else – and watching TV together with her boyfriend when Redder and Switchbitch, two known metahuman gang members, blew through the wall, injured the boy and a security guard, and took off together with the girl. According to the boy’s testimony, they had a picture of her and were briefed on her condition”, he told her.

Behind him, Polymnia could see Gloom Glimmer inspect the hole in the wall and shudder.

Where is the boy? Maybe he can tell us something more?>, she continued while Gloom Glimmer went over the rest of the room.

“The doctor wrote him off as not in danger and he was picked up by a family member”, answered the police officer.

“Not a problem”, replied Gloom Glimmer. “I think I can track at least their general route. Let’s go, there is no time to waste”, she explained and took off towards the hole in the wall.

An invisible force picked Polymnia up and she was pulled out of the room, nodding at the officer.

* * *

What did you pick up?, asked Polymnia as they flew towards the woods in the North East.

“Pretty much what the policeman said. Boy and girl are together, get attacked by supervillains, the villains injure the boy and flee with the girl”, replied Gloom Glimmer.

No, not that. When you inspected the hole in the wall. You shuddered. Why?

“For a moment, it felt like I could feel it, you know. The blade in my shoulder. The boy left quite the emotional… fingerprint? Residue? I don’t know. I hate it when that happens.”

Does it happen often?

“Whenever someone feels extremely intense emotions, they leave behind residue. Like some kind of radiation.”

Can’t be comfortable for empaths.

“Not all empaths can detect that kind of background emotion – most are limited to… hey, look down there!”

She pointed at a small road that lead through the woods – three figures were visible from their position. Zooming in closer, Polymnia was startled to recognize Brennus and his girls, running in the same direction as they did. And she also noticed several ravens that were apparently keeping an eye on the two of them, so Brennus at least had already noticed them.

I vote for another team-up, said Polymnia.

“I agree. Though usually this kind of team-up doesn’t happen within the same weekend”, replied Gloom Glimmer as she flew towards the running teenagers.

* * *

“…nd I can’t believe we are going to another factory – last time went so well, you know”, said Tyche.

Brennus snapped out of… of what? Where were… they were running through the woods and the sun was slowly descending towards the horizon, bathing the scenery in soft, orange light. When had that happened?

“Hey, B-man! Did you even listen to me?”, asked Tyche as she made a cartwheel in mid-run.

“Sorry, no. I am kind of preoccupied with the actual problems ahead of us”, he replied. The lie came off a bit too easily he thought, but he could not afford to create doubts right now.

Tyche opened her mouth to reply when Stephie suddenly spoke up over their communcations link.

<Alright, I worked myself through Brennus’ files. Good God, how much info do you stockpile?>

Tyche snorted. “He is obsessive about exposition and you need a lot of info for that.”

Brennus pointedly ignored both her comment and the giggles it elicited from Hecate, who was running along them.

“What can you tell us about them?”, he asked – he only remembered pieces of info about them.

<Old gang, founded more than a decade ago by the ‘Crimson Goblin’, a level 6 Contriver rated as a B+ metahuman threat. He specializes in creating near-human bio-weapons that he calls his ‘Goblins’, which tend to express peak-human physical capabilities, but little mental skill. He used to have trouble with them going out of control all the time.>

“Great, a fuckin’ mad scientist who played too much D&D”, said Tyche.

“There is no such thing as too much D&D”, replied Brennus and Hecate in unison.

“Nerds. What else, Steph?”

<At least thirty baseline members and three other known metahuman members. Redder, a chimaera 6, blaster 4. B-. Looks like a big, red goblin, was initially believed to be just another of the Crimson Goblins’ experiments. Bullet-proof, superstrength, creates a kind of explosion made of invisible razorblades with enough strength to cut up a policeman in body armor – or break through a wall. But he has to wait twenty to twenty-five seconds between blasts and it only extends about three meters around his body. Multiple murderer and rapist with a side order of vandalism.

Switchbitch, the newest member. Adonis 3, Manipulation 4, has a stick that can transform into various weapons. Multiple murder, including two policemen, and a real hate-on for being touched by men, apparently. Rated as a C.>

“Already had the joy of experiencing her power”, commented Brennus.

<Yeah, well, the next one is a real problem. The Goblin Queen – Marvel hates her – is an Adonis 2 and a Siren 6. Mind control on people who are sexually attracted to her. To fully control someone, she needs to have sex with them, but she can at least influence anyone who is attracted to her, provided they can both see her and hear her voice. She’s the reason why the Crimson Goblin doesn’t have to deal with out-of-control Goblins anymore. Which is just squicky.>

“Yeah, gross”, agreed Hecate.

“So, we need to keep Brennus and me away from her, huh?”, asked Tyche.

“She’s not an issue for me”, replied Brennus, annoyed. “I can block my hearing or switch my sight to sonar or something else that does not give me a clear enough picture of her body to be aroused – and I am quite resistant to that kind of stuff to begin with.”

“Your call, big man. Any other plans?”, continued Tyche.

“I think we need to take care of the metahumans first – the normal members and most of the Goblins should not pose much of a threat to any of us”, answered Hecate.

“I am listening in on the police bands right now”, said Brennus. “It seems that there are simultaneous hostage takings all over the city – and a lot of goblins have been sighted there, as well. As well as the Goblin Queen. So we only need to worry about the Crimson Goblin, Redder and Switchbitch, as well as the few minions they still have around – and my ravens are only picking up twelve baseline sentries around the factory and about as many warm bodies inside – at least one of whom has to be Prisca.”

“Assuming she isn’t de-“

“She. Is. Not.”

Neither of the girls replied anything.

They ran along the road (really, it was more of a path), while Brennus was trying to figure out his latest lapse in memory.

What could have triggered it? And what did I do… what did I think about in that time? The girls did not notice anything strange about me, so what was going on in my head?

Add to that the fact that he was still all but shaking with rage, and it did not do any good to his concentration.

He was so deep in thought that he almost missed the flying forms of Gloom Glimmer and Polymnia coming closer. Thankfully, he had set the programs of the ravenbots to alert him in case they detected possible metahumans. And he might have still missed them, because Gloom Glimmer was doing something that was making them nearly completely invisible from the front and below.

Switching to internal speaker, he contacted the girls over their commlink. <Heads up, Gloom Glimmer and Polymnia are approaching.>

Hecate actualy squeed. Again.

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  1. Had to post this twice, because the first time, wordpress acted like it was posted, but the next time I came on, it was gone…

    lots of action coming, for those of you who might find this chapter a bit too boring

  2. Good chapter every fight needs a good setup and at least this way we see what forces are there and why.
    Mindstar is pretty cold in hoping for her advantage but it only fits for a villain.
    Operating on yourself even under local anaesthetic not something i d do but definately badass.
    He got another stungun already? i thought when he and amy went to get the box he said he didn t have one until he got time to built another. But i d need to reread that so i m not sure.
    Stephie is getting roped in as command? At least she s less likely to spill it if she s part of the team and getting infos during fights could be a tactical advantage and should the fight go south she can call for backup without the others needing to be distracted.
    Having the official heroes as part of their assault could either be good or very bad depending on how much it plays out like mindstar wants it.
    Keep it up.

    there was a bit of blood around a hole in the whole
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    • By the way did Brennus get anything else out of Polymnias tech except the stungun? I somehow think soundattacks and his ravens would make a nice combo.

      • fixed, thanks.

        the new stun gun is another one of those breaks in memory for him. maybe I need to rewrite it to make it more clear.

        ravens+sonics=nice combo is true, but he’s only had the tech for less then a day, worked only for a few hours on it and he’d need to modify every single raven he already has, which would take time even for him

      • Thanks for the answers.
        I wasn t sure if the gun was one of those but i guess thats exactly what you intended.
        It makes sense that he hasn t yet got anything else built.
        Kinda felt as if more time has passed but after taking a look you are absolutly right that its too early of course with his memory breaks i think making sure can t be wrong.
        The robot arms would be cool and since he was watching The Avengers at his lair its no mystery where he got the inspiration. Looking forward to Brennus´s version of Jarvis then.

  3. And you’re not going to accept the possibility that she might be dead, aren’t you?
    Always put at the end of the question the inverse of what was in the sentence. Start with negative, end with positive. You’re not … are you.

    Add an automated rack for putting on the armor to my list.
    I thought he DID have something to speed up putting on his armor? Or maybe to get it off? Dangit, I can’t remember. Or maybe I’m just imagining things again. -_-

    The Hemogoblins – a local gang that has been operating for a little more than a decade – have attacked the Petal Memorial Hospital and kidnapped Prisca Gwen Fion, a long-term patient and heiress to the Fion fortune, replied the older woman.
    missing quotation marks

    “What kind of idiot […]”
    “How are we reacting to that?”
    Those lines should be in Melody-speak

    Those lines should be normal.

    • Hmm. I’m not sure why they disappeared from my previous comment, but those are the lines from Sarah that are anomalous:
      We are going all-out.
      We hope that the Hemogoblins…
      They were reported to be moving…

    • I think you are correct he had something to speed up getting out of the armor. i think he even gave a time-measurement in x.x seconds.
      Of course that doesn t mean it can help him get in too.
      The way i understand this he mostly wants something like a loadout assistant.
      You know a screen with a list of all his equipment and the ones he clicks on get automatically added from his armory.

      • taking an armor – or any kind of equipment – off is, in my experience far easier than putting it on.

        and he is thinking of something like tony’s robot arms in the iron man movies (and the avengers) that basically dress and undress him for battle

        also, fixed

  4. good read. squicky…. lol had to look up this word as a descreptive sentence it had “fat man in a speedo. *mentally squicking right now*” ive never seen this word before lol i guess you do learn something everyday.

  5. Sooo, that would be Brennus, Tyche, Mindstar, and Gloom Glimmer all in one place, the latter of whom has a psychic tag on the very conspiciously angry Brennus and can possibly listen in on anything Mindstar does.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say: Bye secret identity, it was fun (not) knowing you. Unless Brennus has a very good story handy.

    • also, remember that Gloom Glimmer rarely gets any kind of esp or telepathy in the middle of combat (unless she needs the latter for attack or defense), since she can’t have much besides them.

      it’s after the battle when things are going to get fun^^

  6. you are back to a weekly update schedule?
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    • currently, yes. I am trying to find a writing routine that will let me update twice weekly, but until then I’ll do one chapter a week with something thrown in whenever I have the time.

      If you don’t want to have to look every day, you can sign up for the rss feed, and I think there is also an option by wordpress to send you new blog-posts per e-mail

      • is there a set time at which you upload a new chapter (like 12:01 for worm)?

  7. @tieshaunn, just in case it shows up for you, for us it still isn’t visable (the new chapter), if it isn’t up, dont panic take your time

      • Weird, isn’t it?

        I actually had someone once say some of my stuff was better. I’m an atheist, but it felt kind of blasphemous.

      • your work is awesome, but I honestly must say, it does not reach the mastery of the Great Pratchett.

        which does not, in any way, make it bad, it just makes it less than the apex of insane comedy

    • mistake on my part. it was supposed to say that it takes a while to put it on, even though he can take it off in seconds

      thanks for pointing it out

  8. “But the new bones at least would have to wait until he had finished growing. Which would take a while.”
    Curious. My impression was that B5 was adult sized already. If he can change out bones in his body, I would think that he would also not be terribly concerned about his current growth state.

    In fact as an independent gadgeteer, changing his body size and shape might be very good to allow him a bit more ability to move around without attracting attention.

    Additionally, we’d get to hear him having to make choices about his body size and shape. Small vs. large body sizes, and all the different reasons why either one might be good.

    At the same time, there was recent mention about gadgeteers who went down the cyber route not being terribly successful at staying sane, so…

  9. “She needs severe mechanical assistance just to stay alive”
    Severe might technically be correct, but it’s a stretch. ‘extreme’ or ‘extensive’ seem like better words for the job, though there are plenty of others. Severe is a word generally limited to measuring how bad something is, not how good or complex. Severe storm, severe wound, severe danger, etc.

  10. Wall of fuzzy English usage stuff here.

    “where they were awaited by a police officer.”

    Was a police officer actually waiting for them? At the hole in the wall? I don’t get that sense here.

    “where they encountered a police officer standing watch over the crime scene.”

    If he really was expecting them, he should probably have initiated the conversation, or at least tried to, even if he was having a bit of a problem with sexyvision issues.
    “I agree. Though usually this kind of team-up doesn’t happen within the same weekend”, replied Gloom Glimmer as she flew towards the running teenagers.

    Gloom Glimmer is powerful, but still new. This seems like a veteran talking to a rookie. It might be possible to write it off to her power, but she still seems matter-of-fact about it. I cobbled together something that says the same thing, but without the same veteran feel to it. But I might simply not be understanding GG well enough – there are lots of hidden mental things floating around in this series.

    “I agree. Teaming up twice in the same weekend seems a bit odd, but in this situation it feels appropriate.”, replied Gloom Glimmer as she flew towards the running teenagers.
    “who was running along them.”
    along = alongside ? or maybe ‘along beside’ or ‘along with’
    you run along a road, or a track, or a defined path of some sort.

    “who was running along their route.”
    This is about the best way I can express what you are saying with ‘along’ but it doesn’t really convey a team, it feels more like an outsider who just happens to be running the same way they are.

  11. So Prisca is heiress to a fortune…so hmmm did the weird mindscrewy thing manipulate him into dating her so it could later take advantage of her financial resources for gadgeteering? That would be funny.

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