B006 Big Game Hunt (Part 3.1)

He would have to think about a teamname another time, because now they had to act. And carefully so.

The restaurant, which was innocuously called ‘Hong Kong Kitchen’, looked like it had jumped right out of the catalogue for clichéd Chinese restaurants. Lots of paper lanterns and cheap red dragons.

Tyche snorted at the sight. “Seriously? That’s where they meet? They’re the Black Panthers, not the Black Dragons.”

Brennus nodded, even if she could not see it from her position. “True. No respect for tradition,” he compained.

“Children, focus,” Hecate reprimanded with a long-suffering sigh. “Brennus, you said your ravens can’t get in?”

He had to take a few seconds until he finally remembered. “That restaurant only looks simple. Reinforced front to back, so no blasting through the walls. The windows are reinforced, too. Soundproofing as well. And they have protected their electronics, it is all locked down. No outside access without tipping them off. And they can probably call reinforcements the moment they realize that something is wrong.”

She nodded, thinking it over. “We should still try to sneak in. Can you pick the lock for the back door, Brennus? Without them noticing?”

He would have rolled his eyes if she could have seen it. “Of course. I should even be able to take down any surveillance they have, once we get inside. We just need to be silent. By the way, we should switch over to the communication system I worked up for us.” You always forget that.

<Alright, how do we proceed?>, asked Tyche. She was vibrating, anxious to finally get into some action again.

Like we haven’t had too much action lately, thought Hecate, but instead went over the plan again – as far as they had a plan. Sneak in, have Brennus hack any computers, try to spy on the meeting that was supposed to take place.

Then they jumped down from the building they stood on, landing two storeys lower – Tyche caught her fall with a fancy roll, while Brennus simply let Hecate levitate the two of them down, then cast her veil around them – it was fragile, useless if you moved too quickly or attacked others, but very useful for sneaking up to a back door undiscovered and letting Brennus pick the lock.

Once the lock had been dealt with, Brennus cracked the door open just enough for one of his ravens to look inside. Through it, he saw a simple, red-carpeted hallway with a cheap, ornate occasional table beneath an even more ornate mirror, and three doors. Also, three security cameras. Luckily none of them were currently looking directly at them. Brennus sent his raven out to the closest camera, the bird extending a prehensile cable from its beak to allow him to hack into the surveillance system – it was mostly proof against outside interference – mostly by just making sure that there was no outside point one could access it through – but once one got inside

As a rule of thumb, no mundane system could hold up to a Gadgeteer. Even an Exemplar-tier Gadgeteering power could easily work through even the most advanced security systems, provided they were not designed by any Contriver (though they could certainly destroy them simply enough) or a more capable (not necessarily higher-ranked) Gadgeteer.

The Black Panthers had neither, and thus their system fell within mere moments, giving Brennus full control of every appliance linked to it. Which wasn’t much, as it turned out. Cameras, telephones and the building’s internet connection, all his now. He put the cameras into loops – with Eudocia to monitor and adjust the loops if needed – and also put Eudocia to monitor any and all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as internet accesses.

They slipped into the building, closing the door and huddling together under Hecate’s invisibility charm, while Brennus took stock of the situation inside. Frustratingly, the blueprints showed three rooms which were not covered by the cameras he could access. Not good, those were the rooms most likely to hold sensitive meetings or items.

<I can not see the interesting bits. Kitchen, dining area, staff room… nothing interesting. At least the staff is bogged down by the customers – Friday night business and all,> he explained, half smug and half frustrated.

<How many rooms are hidden, and what could they contain?>, asked Hecate.

<Three rooms are hidden, only two of which – the customer and the employee bathroom – are included in the official blueprints. There is another room in an off-the-record subbasement which, according to what I can get from here, is completely locked down. Either a secret meeting room, or a storage vault for illegal merchandise.>

Tyche snorted. <So what? Let’s just go take a look, it’s not like they can stop us! No metahumans here, that’s the whole point why we chose this for the OP!>

Hecate sighed, having gone through this time and time again. <I told you, we only think that it’s unlikely that there are metahumans stationed here. And we’re not here for their merchandise, anyway. All we want is information, which we should get from their computer system. Speaking of which, did you find anything, Brennus?>

<Nothing on their wired systems. But the room in the subbasement is eating a lot of their electricity. And there is a separate computer in the manager’s office up on the second storey.>

Hecate and Tyche spoke at the same time:

<The manager’s office.>

<The subbasement!>

Brennus shook his head. How predictable. <I vote for the manager’s office as well. That is two against one, Tyche.>

<Alright, alright, jeez…>

17 thoughts on “B006 Big Game Hunt (Part 3.1)

  1. Alright, it used to be just a joke, but now it’s official.

    My laptop AND wordpress hate me. They hate me BAD.

    I posted the complete chapter at 13:21, right before I went off to play Pathfinder with some friends. Unfortunately, since I was already running late, I didn’t double-check the upload, and it appears wordpress lost it (again).

    So then when I came back home, I checked, and found it missing. Alright, no prob, stuff happens, I just upload it again.

    Only then my decrepit laptop freezes up. So I force-reboot, only to have to go through a data recovery routine. Which ends with all data I had open when it froze needing to be deleted due to corruption.

    Which included my ywriter program, AND my collected Brennus project. Gone, all of it. And my last backup only went up the penultimate Ember of Hope chapter (I’ve been slacking on my backups).

    Fortunately, I could recover the other chapters by copying them from wordpress, but I had to rewrite this chapter from scratch. So I’ll put this up NOW, and try to finish the rest as soon as possible, but no later than monday.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    Note to self: get a new computer as soon as possible.

  2. This is a minor point, but you stated that the reason Basil couldn’t hack the security system from the outside was there was no outside connection, but once he got in and hacked through a security camera, he had control of the building’s internet connection. An internet connection is an outside connection. I had initially assumed that the security system was isolated, which is a smart thing to do, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If the security system and the internet connection are connected then there shouldn’t have been any reason why Basil couldn’t have just as easily hacked in through that as through the camera. And even if that wasn’t the case, the phones are also hooked up to the system, which is another outside access point.

  3. “Can you pick the lock for the backdoor, Brennus? ”
    backdoor—->back door

    “Then they jumped down from the building the stood on, landing two storeys lower”
    building the stood—->building they stood

    “but very useful for sneaking up to a backdoor undiscovered and letting Brennus pick the lock.”
    backdoor—->back door

    “Luckily none of them was currently looking directly at them.”
    none of them was—->none of them were (since them is a plurality not a mass noun)

    “Three rooms are hidden, only two of whom – the customer and the employee bathroom – are included in the official blueprints.”
    two of whom—>two of which

    they should have had Tyche flip a coin to decide which room to go. They do know her power is inordinately powerful so why don’t they use it more often for decision-making?

    • Fixed, 고맙습니다.

      Them not relying more on Tyche’s power is due to Basil’s paranoia – he doesn’t trust it NOT to fuck them over at the worst possible time, and prefers to prep and set things up so that there’s only a minimal factor of chance left.

      Or, in other words, her power doesn’t mesh with his personality at all.

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