We just broke the 1000 Comment mark for this blog!

As a thank you for everyone who helped achieve that, I’ll give you the choice of your reward.

You can choose one of these titles for the next interlude (after Big Game Hunt):

  1. The Sleeper Must Not Wake!
  2. The Martian Invasion (of the ’60s)
  3. Monkey Business
  4. A Kaiju Attacks Tokyo! Again.

You have until the end of Big Game Hunt to cast your votes per comment.

Curious to see what’s gonna be chosen…

24 thoughts on “1000 Comments!

  1. Congratulations. For a moment I was tempted to choose the invasion just to round this out but I m more interested in the Monkey.

  2. I vote the Sleeper Must Not Awake! I’ve been dying to learn about this boogeyman that keeps being mentioned in passing

  3. Current score:
    The Sleeper Must Not Wake! (5)
    The Martian Invasion (of the ’60s) (1)
    Monkey Business (5)
    A Kaiju Attacks Tokyo! Again (2)

    So we need a tie breaker or all we are getting is some unholy mix of Sleeper/Monkey or Monkey/Sleeper If you swing that way.

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