Notification: Power System Overhaul

Alright everyone, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I ran it past the people in the IRC channel, and they all agree it works better this way.

I am officially retconning/overhauling the power classifications. Not completely, but there are two noticable changes:

  1. The Variable rating now becomes the ‘Meta’ rating. It now describes all powers that deal with powers. Power Enhancement, Granting, Suppression, Theft, Mimicry and Shifting, etc
  2. The scale now goes from 1 to 13. 1 through 3 is Exemplar, 4 through 6 Paragon, 7 through 9 Apex, 10 through 12 God and 13 is Transcendent (the former 10+)

I’ve rewritten the Introduction to metahuman studies chapter, and I would ask all of your help in tracking down any instance in which the old system is being used in order to rewrite it. Just post whatever you find into the comments below.

The more you help me, the less time I need for this and the more I can spend writing the next chapters 😉



7 thoughts on “Notification: Power System Overhaul

  1. During the introductory chapter, the Meta classification is still at the bottom, which means it’s no longer in alphabetical order.

    with shoulder-length golden-white hair, he was rated as a Physique 10, with Protection 7 for his regeneration, Perception 5 for his enhanced and expanded senses and Damage 4 for his enhanced striking power.

    “Probably some kind of uber-gadgeteer. A 10/10, maybe? That would make anyone who knows about him go to any length to get their hands on him.”

    • Actually, 1/1 to 13/13. Midway through binging the archives, and I think the system transition flows very well. I do miss the originality of the old classification system though, this seems like a cross between Worm and TMTD, taking the best aspects of both.

      Anyway, wonderful story so far! The writing has much improved, as promised in the first chapter. Only gripe is the fact that the navigation buttons are only at the top, so I have to scroll all the way back up to read the next post.

      • TMTD?

        The problem with the navigation is that I used to have a different theme, which had those at the top and bottom automatically, but had a worse overall layout.
        I switched, and had to start inserting them manually at the top and the bottom, but I haven#t backtracked yet to insert them in past chapters

      • “The Monster They Deserve”. Kinda making a project of reading everything on top Web fiction.

        I’m all caught up now, so I saw the changeover in the buttons partway through. Made my archive binge much faster =)

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