Question for all Readers

Alright, only three or four more chapters left in this arc. Means an interlude is coming, followed by the next big arc.

First thing, the three part Jaag Interlude (Anger & Bargaining, Denial & Depression, Acceptance), and then, for the next part, my question:

Do you want the next main arc, Family Matters or the Interlude Arc Monkey Family first?

Family Matters

Revolves around the families of the main characters – Basil & Amy have some stuff to sort out, Hecate has to help in the family business for a while, Tyche has to deal with her family situation, Gloomy and Polymnia visit Poly’s family for a sleepover.

Plus, big fight and plot development.

Monkey Family

Aap’s history (Manifestation, life as a villain, eighteen missing years), a surprise meeting with his father, a talk with the ascendant and you’d get to see the monkey for real.

Which would you like first? I can’t decide which I’d rather write first, but I will definitely write both, one after the other, both after Jaag.

21 thoughts on “Question for all Readers

  1. I am more interested in family, but both sound interesting. However, what I really want is more main plot stuff.

  2. Before anyone asks, ALL chapters, main arcs and interludes both, are part of the main plot! If any interlude is just an non-critical aside, then it’ll be marked as such.

  3. I’d prefer to stay on the main plot, even if it is a diversion into backstory. I wouldn’t mind a diversion into Aap’s plot for a while. Going into Aap’s backstory would be a bit harder to take, but I’ll take your word that it needs to be told.

  4. I’d go for Monkey Affairs first. Family Matters sounds like it’ll be pretty interesting and revealing, but I’d like to see the Aap Oordra arc wrapped up. On the other hand, if Monkey Affairs isn’t the end of Aap’s story, then I’d vote for Family Matters.

  5. Dude, you are slipping! I think you need to schedule your writing so that you can keep up with your update schedule.

  6. Huh, for some reason I have been under the assumption that tieshaunn lives in Germany, and I can’t recall why. Either way, that did not occur to me. I wasn’t even aware areas were having power outages. I thought power plants were almost cold proof. But you very well may be right. I was also more referring to his past several updates that have almost consistently been late.

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