20 thoughts on “Late but Writing

      • You work hard to write this story and you do it for free, so regardless of anything anyone might say or post to the contrary, we’re happy when you update it as all of us thoroughly enjoy it and we believe your story is always worth the wait.

  1. Assuming you’re still up;

    Dude, go to bed. I appreciate your dedication, but my need for your work of art is by now certainly less than your need for sleep.

  2. No pressure dude …..DO It!!
    Just relax and go easy … WORK WORK WORK!!!
    Ww all can wait….*Has a manic look in the eyes, pulling a whip from his belt he pulls it taunt again and again each time producing a sharp snapping sound *

  3. Looks like he couldn’t make it. Hopefully he didn’t pass out on his keyboard, as I have in the past, only to wake up with a few hundred pages of “ggggggggggggg…”.
    It was a valiant effort, Tieshaunn.

  4. Notice: There was no update due to Ties’ comp dying on him. It will be up as soon as his comp is fixed. I was informed via Skype. Be patient fellow readers, it will be worth the wait.

  5. And in my extremely limited experience, rewriting is, in it’s own way, as hard as writing something in the first place.

    Good luck getting your rig repaired or replaced, and hopefully you didn’t lose more than the story. I found out the hard way about the value of a backup.

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