Progress Report

the Vra arc is under heavy construction. unfortunately, since I’m in greece and catching up with family and stuff right now, I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I like.

Still, I’ve finished the outlines for all the chapters and am now working on the first one. looking good already, but due to the nature of this particular arc, work is going slower than it normally would after finishing the outline.

The current state is:

  • B008.1 Vra: Anger (about 20% complete)
  • B008.2 Vra: Bargaining
  • B008.3 Vra: Denial
  • B008.4 Vra: Depression
  • B008.5 Vra: Acceptance

As you can see, I’ve upgraded this story to a main arc, instead of an interlude arc. That’s because more and more main storyline stuff kept sneaking into it, until I decided to just drop the pretense and do an all out arc.

But since it has to come in those five chapters to fit the theme I’m following, each chapter will probably be around 7000+ words, and so it’s taking more time than usual.

On the other hand, I’m quite confident that this one can turn out to be my best work yet, so look forward to it!

Here’s a preview.



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