More Worldbuilding

I reorganized the worldbuilding page of “A Dream of Dragons”, splitting Magic and the Gods apart. I also added a short section on Dragons, which will be expanded later on.

Be reminded that the Gods section includes massive spoilers for any future work

4 thoughts on “More Worldbuilding

  1. Noooooooo! I finally caught up. X.x

    Guess I’ll take this chance to say: Great story, although I have no idea how there are so many spelling errors. (Isn’t there a spellcheck at all?) Strangely enough the misspelling that annoys me the most is not a normal word being misspelled, but the word debris, which you spelt as debries in a previous chapter.

    Quick question: When did he start hearing the Man in the Moon? Unlike the Blazing Sun, he seemed to just pop up and there was no indication that he was different from the other voice until what’s-her-name S ranked villain with the conversation eavesdropping power from the previous chapters mentioned the two-three voices in his head. I’m hoping I didn’t miss anything…. Nearly missed part of the story when I clicked next at the bottom of the page instead of the top for that intermission explaining the world players, which then took me to the next part of that instead of the next post. Wouldn’t have realised if they weren’t making the SMOG and I was confused as to how they had started doing that. Nearly thought they’d discovered his identity or something.

    • I’m not a native speaker, and my spell checker seems to only work when it wants to, so spelling errors just sneak in.

      Brennus started conversing with the man in the moon after he had that dream meeting with Ember

      • Wow. Just wow.
        Then I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this in English, and congratulate you on your skill at writing this story.

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