Every Writer’s Archenemy

Writer’s block. Damn it, I was almost done and now I’m sitting on the last scene and can’t proceed. I’m sorry, everyone, but this one will have to come tomorrow :,-(

5 thoughts on “Every Writer’s Archenemy

  1. See, this is why I work with a buffer when there’s a risk of this. If one chapter stalls, I still have four weeks to work it out.
    My advice, write literally anything. Just get words flowing. Even if you think it’s awful, it’s better than nothing and will give you ideas.

  2. Well obviously you need to add a random element. You don’t have to keep it, just to get those creative juices flowing. If I may.
    Small time, loser, pathetic, hilarious villains. Hey, batman has the condiment king.
    Kaiju attack.
    Info dump.- Basil goes in depth on villains in city.
    Just a weird, random thing that happens due to metas. Every Thursday it rains…..
    A giant, drunk, naked man. Pretty much drunk metas in general.
    Celebrity meta cameo. At least one celebrity had to have triggered.
    You get the idea.

    • hmm… a drunk celebrity meta cameo…

      I’ll keep that in mind.

      Ninjas and Kaijus are already planned in. there’ll be more on those later.

      for one, there’s a secret evil ninja academy in japan. good times ahead

  3. Hmmm hate writer’s block. Serious game master here and hate when I get to a point when I have no idea what direction to take things.

    How about a post combat food binge at a pizza parlor that leads to meta level food fight. 😛

  4. I’ve never really had writer’s block. The thing is though that without regular deadlines, I basically don’t write at all. That makes serials work well for me at least.

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