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  1. Hello. I was testing out your rpg, very well thought out by the way, and had some questions. I had some back luck using the auto generator and got drug overdose but I got some good luck with a 92 roll so no derangements. My character is down below but I am not sure if he meets the APEX tier. What would you change if anything? He can only use one Latuda on himself but he is APEX tier so should I make him more powerful or is he fine already? Plus are there any laws surrounding using your powers for business/profit in the meta star verse? Posted here as it is long for a post and didn’t want to distract from people commenting on your story.

    Links roll: 5
You have no significant links to metahumans. 
You manifest due to a drug overdose. +3 Nightmares, +75% DV. If you roll a Dying Star, move one step down (refer to the Character Creation Rules).
    Codename: Couldn’t think of a good one yet.
    Physique 1 Chimeara. Spawner 8
    Real Name:
    Description: Five Foot 11. Obsidian skin with an almost mirror shine. Red glowing lines constantly moving under skin that he can control the pattern of as they are actually his creations that he spawns. Two large arms that end in claws that are unable to be used for delicate work. Has two vestigial, and long arms that open up out of chest. Usually wears a tailored suit and jacket with the middle buttons of his shirt opened to allow his other arms out which he crosses and hides under jacket but allows easy use. Face is strangely beautiful but seen as demonic. Bald but has four horns in a crown shape.

    Background: Was a newly licensed School Psychologist who moved to a small town whose school district was offering very competitive pay. First time that he has moved away from home city and large extended family. Lonely, and stressful job dealing with children who had numerous psychological and background issues. Began taking drugs as a way to cope with the stress, and eventually became a functioning drug addict until he accidentally overdosed. Woke up a chimeara. Children that he worked with were frightened of his appearance, and he was let got from the district. Did not want to be a superhero as he felt it was a thankless job. Despite anti-chimera discrimination no district or clinic would call him back for an interview. Began using his powers to heal and gained quite a bit of notoriety when his creations ability to temporarily improve meta’s derangements was discovered. Then he promptly lost most of his clients when the nastier side effects were discovered and he accidentally caused two clients to manifest as chimera. One committed suicide and the other disappeared. Ashamed and broken he has recently moved to his hometown with his family accepting and supporting him as he tries to figure out what he wants to do.
    Spawner Apex Single power: Spawns small, alien, serpentine, hard light constructs that glow with a strange red light as they fly around. Named Latuda after a popular anti-psychotic medication used to treat schizophrenia. They are about the size of a garter snake and can fly under their own power. They are very fragile and can’t survive outside of a living human host for more than a few minutes. Can see out of Latuda’s eyes but they aren’t very good for recon as their glowing make them obvious targets and they don’t last very long without a host. Although they can phase through physical matter but it takes time to get through it. A armored human has time to catch and destroy a Latuda as it is burrowing through it’s armor. Once attached to a human host, Latuda can improve or weaken human bodies with differing levels depending if host voluntarily connects to it. Has ability to control emotions and mental state of host including hallucinations that Latuda are connected to. This includes temporarily improving Derangements. Unfortunately as time goes on negative side effects appear with prolonged use causing severe depression, anxiety, negative emotions, and negative hallucinations that has been described as a bad acid trip. Prolonged use can make negative effects including depression, emotional disturbance, and schizophrenia like symptoms permanent.
    Note (Powers were basically copied from CASK from wildbows Alaska PRT just having parasites instead of concoctions and being able to control the hosts in some ways)

    Latuda can enhance strength, endurance, flexibility, resistance to toxins, resistance to elements, resistance to harm, reflexes, perception or focus, mental acuity. If focused on healing can quickly restore damaged tissues and prompt rapid cellular growth which can quickly and dangerously deplete fat reserves. Can use own creations on self and usually treats physical aliments with a durability increasing creature and is the reason for physique one as he seems immune to negative effects of his own creatures. Has on hand around 36 such creatures flowing beneath skin, and can create a new one roughly every 20 to thirty minutes. At times, for reasons currently unknown the rate of creation can shorten to as little as twenty minutes to as long as one a day.

    Latuda can be created to counteract poisons, venoms and disease, to reinforce strength, agility or fortitude specifically (to greater effect than a broader physical performance increase), protect against heat or cold while enhancing general durability, and he can create doses with general deleterious effects, effectively reversing any of the above effects by impairing the abilities instead. Generally take hold over five minutes in a very smooth, steady, manner if voluntary. Involuntary hosts experience seizure like symptoms but takes hold in as little as a minute. Multiple Latuda can attach to a host but negative side effects appearance and strength are greatly enhanced. Meta testing by metas with advanced Percpetions state that beyond five most hosts would become catatonic, commit suicide, or have a psychotic breakdown almost immediately. Metahuman hosts have shown strange side effects depending on type of power and type of Latuda though negative side effects from prolonged use include worsening derangements. Latuda’s life expectancy is around 24 hours while attached to a host with negative side effects starting to appear at the 2 hour mark and steadily increasing every hour afterward. A host can keep a Latuda alive past 24 hour mark if voluntary but hugely increases risk of permanent negative side effects.

    Combat: Uses Latuda to strengthen allies, and weaken enemies. Stops short of controlling enemies…..for now. Not trained in hand to hand, and prefers to fight at a distance. Using one Latuda as a obvrious decoy while others attack from rear and side. Owns a pistol but isn’t very experienced with it. Prefers to run away and have Latuda attack.

    Fragments Dream- power is more versatile than most. Latuda’s abilities are very versatile.
    Enemies nightmare- your power puts you at odds with most decent people unless they know you very well (and even then, not always). – Can use Latuda to negatively influence emotions/mental state/hallucinations to force people to obey him. While he has never used his power like that, his ability to do it has raised a lot of suspicion against him. This became even worse when two of his clients kept the Latuda alive over twenty fours hours and manifested as chimeara. One committed suicide and the other disappeared.
    Extra Dream:
    • You dream of Harmony. Possible duplicate. Rerolling:
    You dream of Forests. Your power has an aspect that makes it very good for teamwork. -5% DV.- The Latuda allows enhancements of natural meta abilities and decreasing derangements. Improving a gadgeteers mental focus for example would be very beneficial.

    Extra Nightmare:
    You are haunted by Lunacy. Your power waxes and wanes based on some circumstances outside, or mostly outside your control. +10% DV. – Unable to control how quickly he can create Latuda. Some days he can create one every twenty minutes then go a week where it takes him a whole day to create one.
    • You are haunted by Shame. Some part of your power actively violates a closely held, dear belief of yours, a standard, an ideal. +50% DV. –Former psychologist is disgusted with the fact that his power creates negative symptoms that he was trained and helped in fighting. Is especially ashamed for accidently creating two other meta chimaera.
    • You are haunted by Abuse. Your power requires other people as catalysts. If you roll this twice, it has lasting, if not permanent negative effects on the catalysts. +20% DV.- Latuda are useless on their own, and are only useful if connected to others. They also allow him to control others.
    • You are haunted by Shadows. One of your powers is the Physique Advantage. If you only have one power, then you get Physique 1. You suffer from the Chimaera Syndrome. If you roll this more than once, the deformities get worse each time (add the Chimaera DV modifier again).- Obsidian skin with strange red lights twisting underneath. Inhuman beauty, arms end in claws that are useless for grasping. Has two vestigal, long and flexible hands that come out of chest.
    Rolled Type: Single power 
Rolled Tier: Apex (7-9) 
Star roll 66:
Your power is just a little bit better than most. 
+5% DV. Roll once on Dream Chart:
    You dream of Harmony. Your power is particularly well-suited to working together with other powers, and particularly good at heterodyning with appropriate powers. -10% DV.

    • the character works as he does, more versatile than powerful, which fits. one thing though – there is no power that can reliably cause manifestations or actively manipulate the process towards a particular reulst. so people manifesting after having the latuda attached for too long is NOT an inherent effect, and would only happen very, very rarely (no more likely than normal manifestation), though it is possible that it works much like a drug overdose manifestation (worsened nightmares and all)

      otherwise, works

  2. Speaking of the RP roller, I had some fun rolling around 100 characters, funny thing, I got a single Returner, a single trascendent tier, few god tiers, and at least 20 dying stars. 0 White holes or black holes. On the subject of dreams, the abyss showed up about 5 times and fantasia 3. Once got a char with 6 god tiers but also unknown as a nightmare.
    I feel I lost my right to have my own character and I realise I’m rambling, so I’ll cut to the chase

    Do you use the roller sometimes to make characters for the actual story, say, Terry?
    How do the metahuman links affect the character?
    Is it possible to roll both the abyss and fantasia at the same time and have all powers at the top of their tier?
    Sorry for being so disorganized with my questions and sorry for the rambling, but i wanted to convey that to you

  3. More questions about the setting!
    1. Are metas required to register their powers by governments? I can see the government giving out good tax breaks to people who register their powers, but I’m not sure if the courts ruled against such a thing.
    2. Are there the equivalent of rogues and how do governments regulate them? For example lets say you have a meta that can cause regeneration and nothing else. They still need to set bones, remove blocking material, etc. but do they need a license or something to use their power professionally? Are they liable if someone dies under their care, so do they need meta insurance? So lets say this healer wants to open a clinic, and hire a secretary. Do they have to go through any special hoops or is it the same as opening any business? Lets say a bunch of teleporters get together and make the world’s fastest courier service.

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