Curse me and my big mouth. Yes, I admit defeat. No way I’m finishing the second chapter tonight, much less the interlude.

I’ll do my best to deliver the second part of Acceptance tomorrow – I have less classes than I had today, so it should work. As for the interlude, it’ll probably be up on saturday, followed by the next regular chapter on monday.

Only the monday update is certain though. Sorry, I’m not making any more promises for this week. It sucks, hard.

10 thoughts on “Defeat

  1. It’s alright, It has happened to me too, though I don’t write, and certainly not as good as you or Brandon Sanderson, I’m too lazy for that kind of work

  2. I understand, I’m doing exams and I certainly wouldn’t be able to write creatively at the same time.

  3. Hey man, no stress. Creative writing isn’t something you can push out like a sticky turd when on the toilet, if you do you get the samething. 😉 Take a deep breath and do something else, it’ll come when it comes. We’ll be here, that I gaurantee 🙂

  4. @tieshaunn any idea’s on timing? been 2 days. Growing impatient. But don’t worry we’ll love your work anyways.

    But seriously, don’t want this momment to be bittersweet or cruel with a purpose but I’m trying to say this in the nicest way possible, “Get your crap together, man!!”

    Well then that sounded really hypocritical and apathetical but, you get the point. Again we will read this page if it takes a month (But I only speak for a few, I wouldn’t get testy with it).

  5. There are these things called schoolwork, real life, and writers block. As much as I wish our author good luck in his battle against them, I know that the bast he can do is what he can do, and know that this is a hobby, and that other things must take precedence. Everyone chill out and give him some peace.

    That said…

    Gimme story. NOW. Please?

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