To sleep, perchance to dream…

I’ll keep this short. The reason why there wasn’t a bonus chapter this week is because I’ve been working on a side project of mine.

Now, the first chapter is up for all to read! It’s an urban fantasy serial, a far more personal, street-level story than Brennus. I’m not going to spoil any more, but I aimed for a more gritty, horror-style work in this one.

So, if you are interested, enter The Dreaming

No fixed update schedule yet. Brennus takes precedence – I will be writing this purely when it wouldn’t conflict with Brennus, so don’t worry and just have fun!



17 thoughts on “To sleep, perchance to dream…

  1. Don’t do that Shaunn it’s inhumane at least write a couple of chapters before telling us about it.
    All these online authors publishing cliff hangers If I have a heart attack I’m blaming you.
    But in all seriousness I am truly hooked, more so than brennus actually.

  2. Okay so I’m kinda torn here, I definitely don’t want anything to supplant Brennus but I also at least want the next chapter so I can get past the cliff hanger. Oh yeah then there’s still your dragon story sooo …maybe stop having a life so you can write more? Just a suggestion.

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