FIRST FANART, by Maddison Rose

maddi's shipping problems

The first piece of fanart for Brennus, done by the wonderful Maddison Rose (the author of Twisted Cogs and Orbital Academy). The title, if you can’t guess it, is Maddi’s Shipping Problems.

Unless you’re writers yourself, you cannot imagine how stoked I am right now – more, please!

24 thoughts on “FIRST FANART, by Maddison Rose

  1. Well, SOMEONE’s a fan of Melody. Anyway, good on you Tieshaunn, you deserve all the attention you’re getting and more – fantastic work. I only discovered it myself a few days ago and read more or less the whole thing in literally a single night. Can I ask if you have any plans to publish Blazing Stars in the future? I’d assume so, but I don’t think I’ve seen confirmation.

    • with publish, do you mean in bookform?

      if so, yes. I plan to release “Brennus” as soon as it is complete and edited, as an eBook, while I work on the second book of the trilogy, and then the third (while editing the second one).

      As to physical releases, I’d have to see about finding a publisher or doing a kickstarter or something to fund it.

  2. I prefer Gloomybean of all those 3 pairings, I love Gloomy and Melody’s interactions, Brennus and Gilgul for teh win, and how could she consider The Dark?

      • Yeah I gotta be honest, I’m in camp Gloomybean all the way, but come on, “Dark Melodies”? You can’t tell me that’s not an awesome ship name 😀

    • I can totally see The Dark teasing Irene by joking about adding Melody to his harem.

      He’s described as enough of a troll to do it… Even (especially) if it is likely to make his wife ask some rather pointed questions about his more recent criminal activities.

      • He may even be enough of a troll to sugguest a threesome with his daughter, like when Gloomy walked in on The Dark and Lady Light going at it.

        Personally while Gloomybean (that name is adorable) could be a possibility I dearly hope that they just stay friend, it’s probably way more interresting that way. Thought maybe with time, if they can determine that their feelings aren’t just caused by Gloomy’s powers…

        Also yeah Gilnnus for the win, I still think Tieshaunn wrote the last segment of Rising Stars (part 4) were we saw them interact for the first time by letting puppies and kittens play on his keyboard.

      • god, I wish, but I unfortunately can’t afford a pet right now T_T

        I’d like to have a dog, and a cat. Love both, but especially cats.

      • Maybe it’s just me being evil, but I’d find Gloomybean significantly less interesting if Melody was romantically interested in Irene. The evil part is that I just kind of like the Starboarding trope.

        Also, female pairs, IMO, require a lot of character development before they actually become a couple. Otherwise it just feels tacky and ill-done. Actually, I guess that’s true for any romantic subplot, regardless of orientation. It just stands out more with a lesbian couple for me.

      • Heh, I like both outcomes to their relationship, they are so sweet together that I don’t care if they end up as friends or lovers, so I’m happy either way, my OTP is Basil x Prisca after all

  3. Noo!
    I just ran out of chapters!
    I spent the last week reading through the archive. I just tried to hit next and failed. T_T

  4. Wow, I am so happy for you! Maybe one day there will be an entire website dedicated to fan art and fan-fiction of your story.

    As for the art itself, I would not want to see any of those pairings appear in-story. They all make me feel very uncomfortable, especially Dark Melodies.

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