MageLife on Amazon

Some of you may remember when I presented MageLife by my friend, Tempest, here on this blog.

Well, Tempest has finally completed his serial, edited it and put it up on Amazon for just 2,99! Check it out by this link. And check out the free serial version in case you haven’t yet.

Blurb (courtesy of yours truly):

For five years, Tristan has been preparing himself. For five years, he studied the secrets of the Arcane Art that lives in his very blood and bones. Now, he has become a Mage, a wielder of awesome power, capable of creating and destroying life. The power drawn from the very fabric of reality at his fingertips.
Thus he is assigned to a post in his home town which is in need of the assistance that only a true master of the Arcane can provide. And his first great working shall be…
Fixing the local irrigation system. And taking care of a premature girl mage. Oh, and his superior is a jerk.
Such is the Life of a Mage

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