The turtle moves on…

Once, a little boy was given a book by a friend of his father’s, who thought it was cute that a ten-year-old liked big books without pictures in them.

The boy had ready many books until then, but this one was special. It had a serious story, but it was funny, too. It had footnotes, which the boy had never seen before in a fun book, only in his father’s boring textbooks. And the story was weird, too. Familiar, but making fun of it. As if the person telling the story was talking about the story, as well. Making fun of it, but also telling the boy why it was good, and why it was important.

As he read it, the boy started to think about stories. He had always liked telling stories, lots of them. Since kindergarden, really. But he’d never really paid much attention to them, as stories. Just tales to be made up and told, or retold after he heard or read them.

That boy began to write, and think about the writing, and the stories he told. And now he’s become man who writes novels, and does what he can to help others think about stories and write them, too.

All that, because of a book called Mort.

64 thoughts on “The turtle moves on…

  1. I was just reading through the comments on an article about his death, and it was amazing how much he meant for people. Sadly, I’ve never read any of his books, but I’m going to order some right now. From what people say about them, I should have done so ages ago.

      • I remember my first Discworld book. It was Guards Guards, and after that I fell in love with the whole Sam Vimes storyline. I started collecting EVERY Discworld story, in order, as well as a chunk of other Pterry books. Small Gods is amazing, and the humor in his books will stand the test of time. He is my favorite author, I’ve read his books so many times, finding new jokes at different ages and points in my life. His loss makes the world a slightly darker place, but as long as his books exist, and inspire new writers like you Ties, things aren’t all that bad.

      • I suspect I’d have a higher opinion of that book if I hadn’t had to write several book reports on it throughout school. Same with Orwell’s big two, and Flew over the Coo-coo’s nest. The education track in universities seems to have killed any originality in my teachers.

        And yeah, I haven’t read him in a very long time, but have fond memories of him at the time.

      • This is the second one I see, the first was from Elieser Yudlovsky( hope I’m getting the name right) who writes Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, a shame it’s ending. Now, for my own tribute.

        Wherever you are now Terry, I hope you can look back to this poisonous yet beautiful world of ours, and see, see all the beauty in all things that is often overlooked, see the hearts and souls of all, and see everyone who was inspired by your work, and smile kindly on them, as you whisper advice and encouragement into their dreams.
        I may yet become one of them.
        Goodbye Terry Pratchet, I may have never read your work, but I know of those who did and were moved by it, and so I know the world lost something precious the moment you left it.
        Rest easy Terry, you left it in good hands.

      • Wait a second… He died….
        He of all people just made the afterlife seem rather depressing. Wait I never actually read Raising steam was it planned to have 1 more novel or (40) after it?

      • haven’t finished it yet, I’m afraid. I’ve been spreading myself too thin, doing too much all at once.

        I’m mastering a D&D campaign for my little brother and his friends, I’m working on my serials, I’m helping a friend with a term paper, helping another friend with her writing and doing the odd chore around the house.

        You might’ve noticed by now that I suck at time management

      • funny thing is, the boys have no idea of p&p… which is probably the reason why they’re so damn good at it. It’s lots of fun, and relatively little pre-work on my part (I can just dig out my old adventures, and they only progress slowly, anyway, because they do stupid stuff most of the time).

        But I’ve known veteran groups who weren’t half as fun to play with as these guys

      • Russia didn’t really embrace “Pudzemel’ya i drakony” I’ve only known about it for a year but it seems pretty fun from what I’ve seen.

      • it’s not the game, really. there are tons of pen and paper games, for every kind of style you might be interested in. honestly, as long as you don’t try to play FATAL (don’t. don’t try to play FATAL), you can have fun with each of them, so long as you have the right group of coplayers. If you’re interested, there’s lots and lots of legal, free stuff for beginners online, including for D&D5 (the current edition)

      • I was just face timing my friend about this, he gave me some links to some websites. Also have you came up with anything for my character, I’m curious…

      • Better than Zelenyy shlem, if you had to choose a foreign language.
        I’m betting on having some sort of protection type ability and an Armet is a knight’s mask.

      • What is the title of the book in which the character Armet Verte first appears in?

      • You can’t loophole it that way, unless I used quotation marks. It would be “what is the specific name of the book in…”

      • “The name of the book” is also known as “the title” you asked “what is the tile of the book in which…” and received the answer that the title of the book in which the character appears is a name or phrase denomiating the book in question. What is the the title of the book > a name or phrase denominating the book. It’s a valid answer.
        On the plus side green things are healthy, so eating your helm can’t be too bad.

        (psstt… just a hunch, but I don’t think you’re going to get an answer anytime soon)

      • @Az, My green was made from the blood of viridescent angels so eating it will probably give me wings….
        Anyway I’m trying to come up with a phrase that can’t be loopholed.

      • I’ll try. I managed to catch a throat infection, a sinus infection and a major headache. My nose is clogged and I’m on three different kinds of medicine right now. I can’t concentrate for more than a minute at a time, and just that is quite tiring.

        Chapter is about 40% done. I’ll do my best to release *something* until friday, even if it’s short.

      • Do not push your self, if your sick take a week off. I only ask because i was cheeking in every day( love the monkey story)

      • Also if you die from sickness Tieshaunn we will never know how the story ends!

        In a case of that kind of emergency I expect you to write down the entire plot as a summary and intrust it to a friend or loved one to release to the public!

      • Armet Verte? That’s… Odd. I was just planning on writing a fanfic about a new hero taking the title of Chevalier XII, with a protective power, and green as part of his theme… now I feel weird about it… still gonna try thought. Unfortunately I’ll write it in French, but I’m planning to translate it in English at some point.

        Don’t expect me to post a link anytime soon thought, I just decided to take several writing project at once and I’ve never finished any. On the other hand I’ve never tried writing several stories at the same time so maybe it’ll work out this time?

        (By the way, if it IS french it should be Vert not Verte, the E is for feminin nouns and Armet is masculine)

      • Good luck with your writing 😉 And thanks for the tip. I don’t actually know French, so I usually rely on a dictionary and dumb luck

      • That’s not going to work out… I’m applying for a patent on the color green. Just kidding but the whole Greenhelm thing is reserved for MOI. Anyway He hasn’t confirmed anything about my ability it’s just an assumption because a Helm is a kind of armor and there for it would make more sense to have a person who is named after a piece of armor to be a protector or a sort of contriver. Anyway you can always change your color. It depends on his power set. If he’s for example creating a green shield then it’s pretty easy to change it to any other color. May I ask a basic synopsis of his power set? I’m beginning to be the slightest bit intrigued.

      • I believe I had some typos in there though, I accidentally capitalized he and didn’t place in a separation with the JK part.

      • No it kind of need to be green because it’s a reference to a legend from the knights of the round table.
        Your guess is pretty spot on he can create transparent green shields, he control their size and density and how they move, their resistance is linked to their density. And the more dense they are the slower they go but that’s also applied if they’re moved by outside forces. The form of the shield doesn’t change and the edge is blunt but there are still ways to use the power offensively. I’m still tweaking it a bit, especially the power limitations. I used the RP system for inspiration and got some interresting nightmares…

      • Anyway it’s fanfiction so it’s not like it’s going to have any canon value. It certainly isn’t going to hold against Tieshaunn’s story.

      • I second that. I’ve seen fan fiction that has gone well beyond the value that the original story held. I also wasn’t talking about Armet Verte.
        My predictions for his power set:
        1. He has regeneration that he can extend to his victims, but there’s is drastically increased meaning that although they are healed swell they age incredibly.
        2. He regenerates by absorbing the life energy of nearby organisms.
        It also could be a monstrous one which would totally fuck me over.
        For example he regenerates and grows but he totally engulfs his victims, making him morbidly obese.

      • heh, that last one sounds fun. but no. it’s straight-up regeneration. really, really fast one, though.

        oh, he also turns into a plant. can’t control them, can’t make them, can’t grow or do anything else. he can just turn into a humanoid plant, and regenerate really, *really* fast.

        now back to working on the monkey chapter

      • I feel like a terrible person here, but I’ve been clicking the home button every thirty seconds and I was wondering if you could give me an estimate of what time you’ll post it.

  2. Sir Terry holds a place of pride in my bookshelves. He has made me laugh, cry and most importantly think. He shall be missed by fans worldwide and he shall be rememberd.
    And may his tales of a world on the back of a turtle, in a second hand set of dimensions inspire generations.

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