Yeah, it’s becoming a running theme here.

Fun fact. When your weekends are your only free days, then that means they’re both the only days for writing and for doing stuff with friends and family. Hard to prioritise there.

Nevertheless, there is progress on the chapter, and strong progress, too. Since this is basically a giant fight plus plot, I don’t want to rush it though. So, I guess, it’ll be done when it’s done, and I’ll have to come up with something special to make up for the fucking delay. Please excuse the language.


Tieshaunn Tanner

14 thoughts on “Delay…

  1. Shit happens, It’s fine! Don’t rush! I’d rather have a great chapter that takes a while than a really shitty one that comes out fast.

  2. Hmmm… How about committing to posting progress, whatever that is (or isn’t), once a week? (example, choose your own schedule) People would know when to look and they wouldn’t have to wonder what is up. And if your busy schedule relented and you managed to write a chapter, so much the better.

    • so, good news. I’ve got half the chapter actually written down and ready. I’m not sure how much more writing I’ll be able to do today, but I do have the tuesday off, so I’ll definitely have this done tomorrow.

      Then, I’ll also have the Friday off (first of may), so there’ll be at least one of the donation interludes up that day, possible both short ones (A Dark Day & A Little Recreation). The latter of which is already half-written, too. L’Aspirante is longer, so it might not be done quite as quickly.

      • no, that wouldn’t work yet, not if it’s supposed to tie into the main plot (and I do want it to tie into the main plot). Her interlude is scheduled for after the “Born At Sleep” arc.

        The upcoming interludes are (not necessarily in this order):

        A Dark Day (donation)
        L’Aspirante (donation)
        A Little Recreation

  3. I’m excited for this update. I feel as if you’ve been foreshadowing something bad to happen to the dark soon can’t wait!

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