New Dreaming Chapter


In case you don’t know, The Dreaming is a side project of mine – an urban fantasy/horror serial about a girl in South England who stumbles upon a secret world of… well, you can guess the basics; though I’m trying to give it my own unique spin. I’d be very happy if people took a look; if you’re new to it, here’s the table of contents.

As for Brennus, I’m working on it. It ought to be up late sunday to tuesday, though I can’t get any more precise than that right now – I have a busy weekend.



7 thoughts on “New Dreaming Chapter

  1. i like the updates tieshaunn! \
    I have been meaning to meaning to read dreaming but am not sure if I want to wait for a other web serial, maybe its best to wait until its all finished. How many chapters/ books are you planing?

    • I don’t have as much of a plan for The Dreaming as I have for Brennus. it’s much more serialised, with more self-contained arcs. I have plans for at least 18 arcs, maybe more

    • I accidentily posted an unfinished draft, then retracted it. currently working to finish it – got delayed by a massive heatwave that’s made sitting in front of the pc hell

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