Heat Death of the Universe

My friends, I think the time has come – the end is upon us.

It’s either that, or it’s just plain that hot right now. Classes were pure torture (most rooms I’m in have broken ACs and no or too small windows) and I very nearly passed out during the train ride plain home. I did see people pass out, including one baby, which made its mother flip out entirely (fortunately, it could be roused and was just cranky in the end).

Now I’m sitting in front of my pc, with two bottles of iced water, and I’m still melting T_T

18 thoughts on “Heat Death of the Universe

  1. I’m actually freezing my ass off. But I live in the southern hemisphere, so perhaps it’s equal and opposite.

  2. I had a day that hot this week and had 2 fans on my all day.
    All life should be air conditioned, it is such a huge design flaw.

  3. Sorry to hear that, i find it so hard to do anything when it gets that hot.It is a lot better when your freezing, you can be miserable and still get work done.

  4. You made me laugh. It seems uncommonly hot here, too. My roommate complains about the heat every day when he walks home from work, at any rate. Being in between jobs, I get to stay in an air conditioned room all day. I try not to laugh at him too much.

      • If it’s any consolation, today it was bad even with the A/C. I had an idea to kludge together a better A/C, but wasn’t willing to go through with it.

        The idea was to open the front door, and shove my refrigerator through backwards. Then try to get as good of a seal around the fridge as I could, before leaving its door open. I’d probably put a box fan into the fridge for air circulation.

        Unfortunately, my roommate cares about the food in the fridge… And I don’t think that the apartment staff would appreciate this, either.

  5. What part of the world are you in? I’m near-ish to San Francisco (california, usa). The weather luckily floats in the 75-85 F range when it decides to get hot.

      • Oh! I’m so sorry! I’ve heard from relatives in Berlin that the temperature gets to high 30s C (100 F) in the summer.

        I love your writing, but I’m now more worried about you getting heatstroke. 😦

      • nah, don’t worry about that. I AM originally from greece – I can handle the heat. It’s the HUMIDITY that’s killing me.

      • Had a day like that recently in Britain. Hottest day in 9 years. 36.5 degrees. Horrible.

      • today went up to 39.3 degrees celsius. needless to say, I didn’t get anything done, except sweating and wishing I was dead

      • @Gareth. That was the hottest day in 9 years? No wonder my computer overheated and was screeching at me. Not to mention how I just couldn’t stop sweating. At least we didn’t have as bad as Tieshaunn.

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