Update 04/08/15

Alright, so the chapter is a little delayed. Real life once more reared its ugly head, and I had two seperate cases of bullshit legal trouble drop into my lap on the same day, both of which demanded my full attention for most of the day.

I’m not cancelling the chapter, though, just moving it to Wednesday. I’m sorry you have to wait, but there’s no way I’m going to finish it today, with the state I’m in right now.



7 thoughts on “Update 04/08/15

    • I’ve already resolved one of the issues without problem.

      The second is more tricky, and it’ll probably take a while, but I did all I could do for now

      • That is good to hear. I hope the second issue is solved without problem as well. Again, best of luck.

      • Hope you aren’t having too much trouble… Don’t push yourself too hard to write for us when you have important stuff to focus on, we wouldn’t want that. Happy Ties writes funner, more “Torturing the readers”-y stories than rushed, overly busy Ties… 😀

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