13 thoughts on “Rolling On the Floor Laughing

  1. I’m guessing at some point in the future we will look back on this and be all “Oh so that’s why it was so funny to Tieshaunn!”

  2. This article is pretty funny, but it also really annoys me, as an engineer. It’s is really misleading… It’s not a wormhole at all, in any scientific definition of the term. Sure, it projects a magnetic field from one place to another, but it does so using properties of superconductors that were already well-documented, just difficult to accomplish because superconductors are hard to make. The idea of calling it a wormhole is just as preposterous as saying that phone lines physically pull you closer to someone so you can talk, or being worried that a stray bullet might shoot out of your TV when you watch violent movies.

  3. Boy, am I feeling the effects of studying Biochemistry, rather than Physics. I feel rather clueless, here.

    That said, it sounds like they made one object with unusual magnetic properties, rather than two objects ‘teleporting’ a magnetic field. And re-arranging the topology of space? Really?

    What got me was how badly they explained “High temperature superconductors” needing the cold temperatures of liquid nitrogen. Couldn’t they have instead said what my professor did, and that liquid nitrogen was very high temperature compared to what was needed when superconduction was discovered?

    That said, it would be pretty awesome if we actually did find a way to create EM wormholes. It would put a whole new meaning on the term “wireless” if we could power portable devices through a wormhole.

  4. I know this might not be the proper place to ask, but Meow-Meow? What were her powers? And are they connected to her daughter’s?

    Just curious. And was she neutral, cape or cowl?

    • They were cowls but at this time they were more like the funny kind of supervillain, fight a bit, add a bit of chaos and disorder but nothing serious.

      Meow-Meow turned into a half-human half-feline creature I think. No her powers aren’t connected to her daughter except for the part where they’re both kinda shifter power? Powers don’t neccesarily have a link across generations.

      • she was a hero, actually. well, a vigilante, at least. Aap’s “archenemy” (they had really heated battles and all…)

        She has a smattering of minor powers. She is supernaturally agile, graceful and quiet, she can fall safely from any height, can see in the dark, smell really well, hear really well and has a danger sense.

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