13 thoughts on “Update!

  1. soooo… a month huh? nearly a month of patiently waiting… for a teaser tag on to a chapter about esrentially nothing. yep, sir You. Are. a. Sadist. sigh im gonna get drunk and punch stuff for awhile. lol

    • I can’t help but recall a description from a fanfic that I was reading during the delay. The guy being described, “would whine if his dick was in his wife.” Sorry if that seems unfair, but Tieshaunn did write leading into the next scene, which shows that he didn’t get completely sidetracked.

      Also, Tieshaunn, I’m not sure what standards you have for acceptable language, so I decided that it was better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. I’m sure that you have some means of deleting this if need be… If for no other reason than that you’d be inundated by spambots otherwise.

      • thanks for defending me, but there really is no need. I *have* been dragging my heels on this and this chapter is not nearly as comprehensive as it should be. I totally understand it if some of my readers want to whine a bit.

    • sorry about that. though, on the other hand – it’s nearly 5000 words, so I don’t think it counts as *just* a teaser.

      there would’ve been more, but I didn’t want to keep you all waiting. better bring it out like this than make you wait even more.

      I feel bad enough about this as it is^^

      • “sniff” not whining “snifff grumble grumble” i just really really really really really REALLY wamt to know Basil’s speacalty! and i wouldnt complain during sex unless she wanted to talk, sex is for animal noises only damnit, tell me about lucy at work later!

    • For me it was just that complaining while someone at least makes a start toward doing what you want seems like bad form. Now that I think about it, it’s almost exactly why I dislike Lady Light’s critics. “Yes, yes, you work over 100 hours a week, and have saved 1,000 lives each of those weeks, but why haven’t you killed your childhood friend for us?”

      So I’d feel like a complete and utter hypocrite if I whined about not enough being written when something does get posted. Not that I think you are anywhere near that bad, cannonfodder. Partly, I just wanted to repeat what I thought was an awesome description.

      • ooooo its time to play the devil’s advocate, my favorite game! first your right , Tierhaun i’m sorry, i siould not have complained because i didn’t get what i wanted from any of my serials that week. at least you posted! and i should not have been a dick to a person who seems to haue a lot of real world bullshit happen to him and still manages time to get something out for an ungrateful fanboy. now as to Lady Light, as the audience we are privy to a lot that the general public in breamusverse are mot. as far as they know The Dark is a monster who masacres inoocent people and children for the hell of it or because they crossed him. they dont know all the good he does when he kills those “ioocent” children. they dont koow that the masses he kills are either mot his doing at all or caused when he loses control of his power. now try living in a world of iosane gods and monsters that can pretty much do whatever they want to yov, and even if another “nicer” one comes alomg to save you, your chances of surviving their clash is still basically zero. you are nothing but a gas soaked paqer trying to navigate a field of burning enbers and raging fires. imagine how afraid they are how utterly helpless they must feel. and how betrayed when they think about their greatest salvation playing patty cake with their greatest nightmare. also for all The Dark’s good points he is still kind of a jackass.

      • I’m going to go the other way a little, and say that we’ve only really seen the Dark on his best behavior. I think there’s a WOG somewhere saying that since Irene was born The Dark has been pretty mellow – he doesn’t want to set an example of a monster, and he doesn’t want her to see him as a monster.

        And a lot of the time he’s much more anti-villain than anything else. He’s working for the greater good, more or less, he’s just not particular about how he gets there. That’s where we see him killing kids and so on.

        But.. he’s still pretty despicable. He’s more than happy to do horrendous things just for his own amusement – if he and the few people that matter to him aren’t going to be impacted, he just doesn’t seem to care. I think a lot of the “good” things he does come more from a sense of selfishness than selflessness. Sure he doesn’t want anyone breaking the world, but that’s because it’s his playground, and even if his games don’t threaten the stability of everything, you *really* don’t want to be caught up in them.

        I mean, look at the people he’s gathered around him. His right hand man, and possibly best friend, is a cannibal who recommends the liver. His newest recruit is a serial rapist (kinda) who can be sadistic to a frightening degree. To get noticed for recruitment she had to mind rape a hero for no good reason, absolutely traumatizing her, and then to actually get in she has to do much worse things. These are the people he wants on his side, the people he trusts (kinda). And even then if they leave his organization he’ll kill them.

        Then there’s the way he treated Aap, his own son, after his mother died. Yeah, I kind of get it, but still… that’s an expression of love for him. We haven’t really seen it yet, but I feel like we can imagine the things he’ll do to the people he doesn’t care bout, let alone his enemies.
        So, is he a good guy?.. Sometimes. When it suits him. So far in the story it’s suited him. But if the Brennus world hasn’t had a chance to see his good side, I don’t think we’ve had a chance to see his bad one.

  2. I can’t even imagine how they would test something like a speciality.

    Do we have any examples of Su ling tech other than artificial intelligence? Also, could you tell us what her specialty was? It seems like it will never come up in-story, and I doubt it is a spoiler for anything.

    • If you look at the Brennus File on gadgeteering, you’ll see some examples of her work at the bottom.

      As to her speciality, that’s something I’ll keep to myself for the foreseeable future 😛

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