36 thoughts on “18/11 Upcoming

  1. I have a bin wondering information about Kraquok says “Extremely strong, fast and tough” wouldnt that make him a true speedster? If not what is the difference between just fast and speedster?

    • he’d be considered a speedster if his speed was in excess of his physical capabilities – in other words, if there was some other effect letting him move faster than he should just by his muscles alone.

      Kraquok is *fast*, but his speed is a result of his muscles’ strength and it is restrained by the laws of physics just like that of a normal human or animal

      • he is a speedster, insofar as his skin has several abilities that let him move *far* faster than he should. his monkey skin IS his speed

  2. How’s it going? I am absolutely NOT rushing you, just wondering if things are moving at a constant, if delayed pace.

    Again, take your time, I love your work, and can’t wait to see what comes next!

  3. Tieshaunn have you considered setting up a patreon account? I know I would be a patreon, you could make enough money to quit one of your jobs. It worked out for wildbow very well.

    • it’s a good idea, and I definitely intend to, but I feel kinda… scummy, asking for patrons when I can’t keep up a regular schedule (so far).

      I might do it regardless.

      • I think you can set the Patreon so that it only take money when there is an update, if you feel bad about taking money without updating you could do that, and switch to a monthly thing once you’re able to keep up your schedule. If you manage to get enough money that way to quit one of your jobs it’ll be more time available to write after all.

      • I’d recommend going for it. This reasoning might be a bit hypocritical, since I’ve had a negative cash flow for the last year. And it might be a bit bizzare, because I’m me, but here’s how I see it:

        I want authors to write interesting works. If it becomes known that they can get money for doing so, people are more likely to try writing. From that perspective, what patrons are doing is paying for what you’ve already written, even you never charged for your work.

        Ideally, it will free up enough time for you to do more writing, allowing a more immediate benefit for us readers. That’s not the primary goal, though. From what AceofSpade says, Patreon might have a system that works for your conscience, regardless of my own reasoning.

  4. You need to stop declaring ‘Real Soon Now™.’ I’ve noticed that it commonly is followed by a long absence. Not that that is unusual in any serial author.

    Hope life gets easier for you soon, and I’ll wait for the good stuff to roll out when you’re ready.

    • But Club! How else will we fool the aliens? We need to train our skills at detecting whether someone’s words are exactly as they seem, or mean the opposite.

      Obviously, I’m just joking. That said, I once had a sci-fi idea where the aliens could not detect sarcasm, rendering their electronic eavesdropping useless.

    • hmmmm, Club kind of has a point. yes the story is just a hobby and Ties has a rather chaotic and hectic real life, which of course must come before anything else. Hhowever, its become so expected that he will miss promised updates that nhen i see an update updaate(heh) i doot really see the point of reading it getting cymically hopeful and then disgusted with myself for getthng so disappointed about sonthing i already knew wasnt going to happen. LOL im making Ties sound like one of those too busy dads from bad drama movies and tv shows. Honestly though im not really sure what he could do to update us better, maybe a progress bar that continueously tells us how much of the chapter has been written? anyway cant wait till the mext chapter! see you all there

  5. Tieshaunn has a tendency to make update promises, probably because he feels an obligation to make them, but failing to keep them, I already admonished him once saying he just should not make promises if he is not absolutely sure, but old habits die hard it seems.^^

    • The thing about making promises is they force you to do your best to keep them. He makes that promise as a self motivator as much to tell us. At least, that’s why I make promises.

      • I can understand that, however I don’t think making promises and then failing to deliver is good for your self esteem. Ties has a busy IRL and Brennus might take a while to update and that’s okay, there is no need for I’m to promise an update “soon” or within a deadline. A “I’m still alive and I haven’t forgotten the story, I’m busy but update is [insert relevent percentage here] complete” update could be better for both us reader and him.

  6. I am rather fond of almost anything within the fantasy genre. I am inspired by Teis, Wildbow and so many others; they spend time that could be used to kick back with some beers after a tough week of work. While promises and delays of deliverance are a bit dis heartening, all I really want is for those more talented and interesting than I to continue the amazing work that is being done in their minds. The Patreon idea is a good one to me, but if pride or morals keep it from happening, all we can do is support him as much as possible

    From a Junior in high school, I appreciate your work Tieshaunn

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