Progress 06/11/16

By popular demand, here’s a progress report^^

I’m up to about 2000 words on the new chapter, and I’m aiming for at least 3000 before I publish it. Should have the whole day free to write tomorrow, so… be cautiously optimistic.

PS: By tomorrow, I mean, today. As in, the 6th of November. After I sleep.

PPS: Stars above, I’m tired.

6 thoughts on “Progress 06/11/16

    • That means he may be a zombie or some other eldritch horror that feeds upon our hopes and dreams!!! Oh well, I love his writing, so I can lose a small bit of hope and a dream now and then. Glad your back Tieshaunn, love your work.

      • There’s an interesting thought. An eldritch horror that feeds upon hopes and dreams, that tells stories and motivates people to increase the quality of their hopes and dreams for it to feed on. Like an eldritch horror farmer or something.

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