Patreon & New Chapter

First, about the chapter – the first draft is complete and I am actually quite satisfied with it, so I’m going to get down to write the body of the chapter now; I actually have a release date in sight for it, more on that in a bit.

Secondly, about the Patreon. As many of you may know, I originally did not want to do Patreon until I managed to keep up a satisfying release schedule. Obviously, that has not happened.

Equally obviously, trying to balance two jobs, seminars and a social life are not conductive to establishing said schedule in the first place. So after repeated prodding from my dear fans, as well as several people close to me, I have decided to swallow my unproductive pride and open a Patreon for any who want to to support my writing.

I am currently in the process of setting up said account and my Patreon site, as well as defining some kind of tiers… unfortunately, I won’t be able to promise a steady flow of chapters unless we hit a certain minimum amount of money a month, if only so I can quit one of my jobs and, you know, focus on this.

That being said, I am not going to rush this. As such, the Patreon will go live on January 10, which also happens to be my birthday, at 12:00 am, Central European Time (UTC+1).

The new chapter will go live five days before that, on January 5, at 12:00 am CET.

There’ll be at least one more update regarding the Patreon situation on this blog, in the intervening time – I intend to share my thoughts on it all as I work it out. Stay tuned for more, and thank you all for your continued support and incessant prodding – keep them coming!


Tieshaunn Tanner

7 thoughts on “Patreon & New Chapter

  1. Nice! We got a Patreon update AND a new chapter. Kind of. In the foreseeable future.
    And (although I probably won’t be able to donate enough to register for any of them) about the Patreon tiers, what about restricting chapters to logged in Patreon users for the first week or so after they have been posted? And maybe exclusive access to first drafts, side chapters and other goodies?

    That would actually be an interesting plugin to develop. I might give it a shot if you think it could be useful. (no promises)

    • I really, really don’t want to deny people access to my work based on how much they pay. That’s not what I made this blog for.

      On the other hand, I could probably create some other rewards, like, say… voting rights on upcoming interludes and brennus files? Perhaps access to some behind-the-scenes stuff or such.

      As for donating “enough”… nothing is not enough, as far as I’m concerned. IF I make tiers, they’ll start at 1$ and there’ll already be some kind of reward for that.

      I WILL appreciate every little bit anyone is willing to give me.

      • God no, I would never want to suggest exclusive access. But I know that there are quite a few other websites that give Patreons earlier access to their content and I think it’s not such a bad approach. There is no pressure to create any extra content, no real disadvantage for the normal users (they just have to wait a day or two longer but still have access to everything and are not excluded from votes) and Patreons get something in return for supporting the creator.

        As a non-donator I would probably prefer it to wait a bit longer instead of missing out on a few things entirely.

        And yeah, I know how much every dollar counts. (student with a side job here) Just see my donations as a form of moral support. Provided that I manage to get back into my PayPal account. Haven’t used it in years…

      • Longtime reader et his sixth or seventh rereading. I would help for a Patreon. I suggest you research a few systems. I give to Puck (Dragon Husbands) and ClearMadness (The Iron Teeth) who have advance (2 or 3days) and exclusive materials, Alex Woolfson (The Young Protectors has several states his webcomic (scenario, first pass and pencilwork).

        As a webserialist an advance release could be a reward for your Patreon.

        Good year and Happy Birthday.

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