I know I said it’d be up at 12 o’clock, but then I thought, well, I was born at point 1:21 am CET, so why not use that?

So without further fanfare, here’s my Patreon page!

Also, the next chapter will be up on Thursday, 2:00 pm.


Tieshaunn Tanner

3 thoughts on “Patreon!

  1. glad you have a patreon and will pay 10 bucks when i have the cash.

    Your rewards of Four chapters for 50 bucks is very unrealistic, Tieshaunn you have a habit of over promising with your chapters, often missing dates by months!
    That is fine since its a free novel, not complaining its free, i take all chapter dates with a grain of salt and just glad your making Brennus at all.
    This all changes if you take money for this promise and break it. Doing so would be unacceptable and chance your fans away.

    Make a goal that your sure you can follow up on, say 1 chapter a month, 1 chapter per 3 weeks if you feel can make the time for it. Please don’t overshoot this. Consistency will be the key for your patreon to work, if you don’t make deadlines there will be a epic shitstorm.

    • ^

      Also keep in mind that writing takes times and your time has value, the idea with making a Patreon was to possibly earn enough money to quit one of your jobs so you could have more time to write right? You probably shouldn’t promise that many more chapters unless patreon is giving you enough money to do that.

    • The four chapters are basically half-length chapters – about 3000 words each, instead of the 5000 I would LIKE to do as a minimum.

      Also, at fifty guaranteed dollars, I can actually reduce my hours at work a bit (I make about 50 dollar a shift at one of my jobs, so I can then clear 8 hours on one day that I’d use exclusively for writing)

      I did spend a good long while planning this^^

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