Update 30/01/17

The new chapter, B012.b Matriarchy will be up tomorrow around 2 pm.

After that will come the rewrite of the Dreaming, starting from 2.2 Sam onwards, which should be complete, along with another chapter, by February 4.

Also, there is still an ongoing Patreon vote regarding the third interlude slot for Brennus, before B013 Call of the Sleeper starts! To those of my patrons who maybe didn’t notice it, please check the Patreon page in order to vote on that!


Tieshaunn Tanner

14 thoughts on “Update 30/01/17

  1. Yay! The Sleeper is finally entering the stage as a major character instead of just some background filler! I wonder who/what the Sleeper was beforebecoming the Sleeper.

  2. I have a question. Exactly how fast can Tachyon go? Is there even a limit? Could he/she potentially go so fast that he is in multiple places at the same time?

    • He has an upper limit, but it’s so high as to be irrelevant. His biggest limitation are his senses – he just plain can’t keep up with his own speed, from a certain point onward, and so has to limit himself to a more managable speed.

      • Ahhh, so he does have limitations. When you wrote that he has all the benefits of super-speed without any of the weaknesses, I assumed this meant his senses were enhanced to accomodate his speed.

        I am assuming his senses ARE enhanced, just not to the level of his max speed. If I had to split his ability in two, it seems to be a speedster 13, and perception 12.

        Would that be close or at least accurate?

      • he does not have a separate perception rating, as his enhanced senses are only significant in relation to his speed, i.e. his movement rating (which is a 13, yes) encompasses those senses;

        However, ratings are really rather silly in regards to people like him. There is no need to have a quick way of quantifying him in combat – you just say “Tachyon!” and everyone knows what they’re up against.

        Well, actually, you start taking a breath in order to vocalise and then you notice that your throat has already been slit, but my point stands

      • I see how you would lump in his perception with his movement ability. The way I was thinking about his perception was in regards to phenomena he is able to react to. For instance, he would easily be able to see a bullet flying through the air, and could litterally dance circles around it as it does. He could probably even do the same with a projectile fired from a railgun at mach 7 with perhaps no difficulty at all.

        What I was wondering in regards to his perception is how fast does something have to be to make him unable to percieve it. It seems to me like Tachyon could probably move faster than light speed with little difficulty if he had a clear path, but at the same time (judging by what you have just stated) it seems like he would effectively go blind by doing so.

        Effectively, this means he can’t dodge lazers for the same reason we can’t see light till it reaches our eyes. Lazers probably aren’t a threat to him either though as he would feel the warm sensation against the surface of his skin and just move away (lightspeed+ nervous system implied) before it has time to do any meaningful damage.

      • The problem with hitting Tachyon is that, when he’s in the area, he’s always in super-speed-mode; unlike, say, the Flash, he doesn’t just stand around and wait for his enemy’s to tag him.
        What this means is that, tagging him with a laser is less about him being able to dodge lasers (unlikely), and more about the fact that he’ll see you take aim and all and move out of the way before you even START to shoot

      • I wasn’t even considering him seeing the shooter as that would defeat the point, like you just demonstrated.

        I was assuming a situation in which the shooter is either too far away to see or shooting from behind him or both, and in which Tachyon has his guard down like being asleep, enjoying a relaxing jacuzzi bath, having a meal with family, etc.

      • Also thanks for the responses. Even though he is just a minor background character (for now), I am proud to say this is the most I have ever gotten out of you in a round of questioning.

        So often have I gotten the enigmatic “yes” answer due to potential spoiler content. This whole conversation feels like an accomplishment.

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