Update 05/02/17

I really hate doing this, but I’ll have to delay the complete rewrite of the Dreaming, including the new chapter, until Tuesday, the 5th. There’s just no way for me to finish it before that, not if I want to keep up (or rather, improve) the quality.

However, I do have a definitive release date for the new Brennus chapter, “The Empty Dragon”, which will be out on Thursday, the 7th, around 5 pm.

Sorry sorry sorry! This is what you get when you try to do five things at once:

  • Dreaming rewrite/update: Tuesday, the 7th
  • Brennus update: Thursday, the 9th

I’m sorry for keeping you waiting this long.


Tieshaunn Tanner

27 thoughts on “Update 05/02/17

  1. Unless you mean that you will publish those chapters and rewrite the Dreaming in September you might wanna clarify those Dates.

  2. I’m giving unsolicited editing advice!
    Some of the strongest parts of the Dreaming are the innuendo you use in deliberately avoiding talking about certain things. However, there are several times when it is unmistakable what you are actually talking about. Innuendo only works when you can ostensibly ignore it. You also tended to use purple prose especially when you described that corpse bird monster. Some details are best left hidden or revealed slowly over time, especially when you’re discussing something creepy. The Dreaming, on a positive note, has a much better story compared to Brennus, which tends to jump around too much. Imo, your Pact rippoff is much better than your Worm rippoff :P.

    • Havent read Dreaming or Pact jet.

      I dont see how Brennus is a Worm rippoff. We havent seen any multidimensional-spaceworms jet. And I guess there are only so many ways you can write a story about superpowered people with a Halloween fetish.

    • I admit that Brennus can stray pretty close to Worm at times, but I strongly object to having the Dreaming compared to Pact; beyond them being of the same genre (urban fantasy/horror), there’s really no similarities that aren’t just due to, to you know, said genre.

      • For which I am glad. I know it’s really popular, and it was well written, but I couldn’t finish Pact. It was too…heavy i guess. It felt like a constant downward spiral with no reprieve, no recovery and no hope that wasn’t smashed by the end of a given chapter. It may have gotten better by the end, but it was too exhausting to read.

      • It never really got better, in my opinion. The downward spiral just started to drag the bad guys down as well, and not just the heroes, like it did for the first three quarters.

      • Yeah. Besides, it kinda lost its Horror elements.

        To be quite honest I think the later arcs of Worm also got a bit too serious and dark.
        I am not all caught up on twig yet but wildbow doesn’t strike me as the person to write happy ends.

      • Nah, I know. It’s just, you started writing the Dreaming around the same time as Wildbow started writing Pact and you lost your inspiration right around the time he stopped writing it. You might not have taken the plot from him but you definitely took the idea from Pact.

        This, this mostly a reflexive defense and not really meant as criticism of the Dreaming. Also, Brennus being heavily influenced by Worm is by no means a negative in my book.

      • Hm, it wasn’t really lack of inspiration so much as lack of… everything else. Like time. And energy. Oh, and time xD

        But honestly now, I can’t say I was all that affected by Pact. With all due respect to Wildbow, I honestly consider it the worst of his work so far – I almost didn’t bother finishing it, really.

  3. NOOOOOOO!!!1! I ruined the author with my shitty advice! Now there will never be story again! I’ve soiled the progress of the story!
    Soiled it!
    Soiled it!
    Soiled it!
    etc etc

    • You give yourself far too much credit. (Not to say your advice wasn’t terrible, just that you didn’t ruin Tie. Your advice sucked. :P)

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