5 thoughts on “Short (Possible) Delay

  1. Hey man that’s alright, as long as it’s at least on the backburner and not off the stove entirely. I need my fix eventually.

    Work’s going well on my project. Not much more in the way of prose but finally fully fleshed out a full arc to the point I feel a lot more comfortable starting to write more scenes without worrying I’ll eventually have to end up going back and changing things as ideas come along.

    Good luck!

  2. I love your series too much to care about the release delay. But it does bother me slightly when you give an explicit date that you aren’t delivering, (mostly because I start spamming F5 every hour or so, hoping to get lucky). So here is a suggestion, instead of saying a chapter is going to be done tomorrow or on xx day, how about just giving us a percentage of completion instead. If you say “the next chapter/book is about 80% complete”, that gives you plenty of room for error, but still also gives us readers a sense of effort that the chapter is still being worked on.

    I truly love Brennus, and it was quite heart wrenching when I thought the series is abandoned when you went on that long hiatus. As long as you continue the series, whether it is a chapter every month, or even something longer, I will continue to support you both here and on Patreon.

    So please don’t give up, and keep up the good work!

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