Cerdaemon’s Brennus Character Generator

I completely forgot to post this, and I’m so sorry, Cerdaemon! I certainly didn’t mean to obfuscate your great work!

So, as the title says, Cerdaemon was so kind as to write a character generator for the Brennus RP, and it’s an amazing one – here take a look:

Cerdaemon’s Brennus RP Character Generator

Don’t worry, the link is safe!

So, this reminds me of the subject of the RP. Which is to say, the need to rewrite it, both to provide more comprehensive rules for anyone to make characters with, as well as to bring it closer to canon, now that I’ve revealed enough about the actual mechanics to actually do so.

I’ll probably have to make a whole project out of that, we’ll see how it goes, but it’s definitely on the horizon!


Tieshaunn Tanner

PS: I’m working on the new chapter right now. It’s… gonna be a big one.

PPS: By big, I mean both in word count and impact >:D

PPPS: The new chapter’s working title is “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. Make of that what you will.

13 thoughts on “Cerdaemon’s Brennus Character Generator

  1. Hmmm, didnt the guy who cane up with the original KFC recipe get seriously fucked over? ooooo is it a corporate revenge story? with a giant fire breathing chicken in a wite suit and a bazooka cane?

  2. No worries. Just shoot me a mail when you get around to changing stuff. If anyone finds bugs or has ideas for improvement . You can write here for now. I also have it on GitHub if someone is completely interested in the code. If enough interest is there I will put a document into the google drive where people can put their GitHub names and I can add them to the project.

      • I used C# since that is the language I am most versed in. Also thanks to visual studio I can just use WPF to create a nice interface and be done with that^^

        For now I made the GitHub Page public. This is a test.
        There you should find the complete project.

    • Hey, I think that the github version is behind the release version in drive. There’s no clear button in the release version.

  3. The Chargen looks cool, though I’m going to have to reread the notes on what the different parts mean. Nice one!

    For some reason, a chapter called Kentucky Fried Chicken fills me with a great and incomprehensible fear. Truly, the Brennusverse is doomed.

    Incidentally, if Journeyman was being serious about visiting Earth Bet back in his conversation with Aaron, then this is actually the first of two serials I’ve read not by Wildbow to allude at sharing, or at least being tangentially connected to that multiverse.

  4. Methinks my character might be slight bit f-ed up
    After death trigger and black hole
    so many nightmares…

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