B13.15 Call of the Sleeper

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The floor panel groaned briefly as it was crushed, crumpled up and cast aside by Amy’s power, revealing the power cables underneath.

Basil knelt down and got to work, ripping them out and jury rigging them to connect to his armour’s recharger, a device he’d specifically created to be able to recharge his batteries while in the field, by tapping into any available power grid – it was built into the bottom of his armour’s ‘backpack’ module.

Soon enough, the half-empty charge icon on his HUD began to blink and slowly fill up again.

He took the chance to run several system checks, making sure that everything – particularly his still-unnamed drone – was running smoothly, even after the heavy use the other one had made of them.

Fortunately, everything except for his utterly wrecked rifle was in working ord-

You are aware that you’re just avoiding the issue, right, mate? the Man in the Moon mocked him from the back of his head.

Basil couldn’t deny it, looking up. He’d squatted down to attach the cables, finding himself apart from the others.

Amy was hovering nearby – both literally and figuratively – with her arms crossed over her chest, looking both embarrassed and furious, but staying quiet even as she avoided looking at Basil.

The Junior Heroes stood as far away from Amy as they could while still being on the same platform, talking quietly amongst each other; Everyone but Gloom Glimmer looked thoroughly shaken and Spellgun, at least, was regularly glaring at both Amy and Basil. Gloom Glimmer herself had so far remained quiet, floating a few centimetre above the floor, her cloak hiding most of her body. He couldn’t tell where she was looking, but her hood’s opening at least wasn’t pointed his way.

Near the juniors, Tyche leaned against a pillar, her arms crossed and her bare face expressing both confusion and sadness as her eyes moved from one of her friends to another and back, over and over again.

Hecate stood as far away from Basil as she could, her back to him, her posture impossible to determine beneath her own cloak, facing the tunnel they’d come in through.

That hurt the most, by far.

You knew it was coming, the voice continued on. You knew ever since you found out about her cousin. Of course, you didn’t think it’d come to a head like this, but still…

Unless you have anything constructive to say, be quiet, Basil directed a particularly forceful thought at the Man in the Moon.

Have it your way.

The charging process finished and he disconnected the cables, standing up. Looking briefly at his sister, he turned towards Hecate…

I should give her a little more time.

He approached Tyche instead, stopping just a little over an arm’s reach away from her and reached up into his hood to unlock his helmet and take it off, so she could see his face.

“This is really, really fucked up, B6,” Tyche spoke softly.

“It is,” he agreed with her. “I am sorry to spring this on you like that. I…” He stopped, not sure how to continue that sentence.

“You would’ve preferred not to tell us at all,” she completed it, without any accusation in her tone.

He opened his mouth to deny it, but couldn’t, lowering his head instead.

“I’m not angry at you, B,” she continued reassuringly, making him look up at her in surprise. “Or angry with you. Or whatever.”

“You are not?” he stared at her, dumbfounded as he truly couldn’t find any anger in her eyes.

“You’re my friend, B,” she replied, looking down as he felt a knife being driven into his heart. “Friends forgive each other. Friends understand one another. And I understand why you kept it a secret. Can’t really say I wouldn’t have done the same.” She raised her head again, smiling wrily. “So I can’t really blame you for it, even if it hurts that you didn’t trust us with it.”

The knife twisted, slowly.

“I wanted to tell you, both, so many times,” he said, honestly, his voice thick. “But there always seemed to be a reason not to. Especially after…”

“After you found out about Heck’s hateboner for your sis?” She chuckled, the sound oddly muted compared to her usual expressions. “Yeah, that was quite the bomb even for me. Must’ve been even worse for you.”

He nodded mutely.

“Well…” she temporised, “I… honestly, I should probably be angrier at you, but… I kinda topped out on emotions for today. And… it’s not like… you know…” She looked down, suddenly looking ashamed, which only served to confuse Basil even further. “After this… I’m out, anyway.”

Basil looked at her, his blood gone cold. “You are leaving the team?” he asked, trying not to show how much the thought hurt him, even if he’d expected something like that.

She shook her head. “No. Not the team. Or, not just the team. After we go back home, I’m… leaving Tyche behind,” she explained in a quiet voice. “I’m putting the cape down, so to speak. Or hanging it up, I guess.”

Basil raised a hand, running his fingers through his hair, his hood falling back as he processed that. “Why? Is it because…”

“It’s got nothing to do with you,” she assured him, raising a hand to forestall his guess. “I was pretty much set on it even before we found out about that.” She took a deep breath, closing her eyes. “I was gonna tell you and Heck after this mission was over, but… I better tell each of you, separately.” She took another deep breath, her eyes flitting about, left and right, held low, before she finally looked up to meet his own gaze.

There were tears in her eyes.

“Remember when you used to tell me that probability manipulators like me, we build up bad luck for every bit of good luck we get?” she asked, her voice thick. Before he could even nod, she continued. “You didn’t want to believe that my power was free of that. You told me to be careful, not to rely too much on it. You refused to rely on it, wouldn’t have me like, flip coins or roll dice to figure stuff out and all.” The tears finally fell from her eyes, running down her cheeks. “You were right, B. You were so god damn right. I did create bad luck, every time I had good luck for myself. Only I’m way more selfish than the other guys with my power. I didn’t get bad luck myself, I put it… on others.”

Basil stared at her, not sure how to reply.

She pressed on. “And you know who? Not the villains, or anything. No. Civilians. Normal people. People, I, I didn’t like…” She sniffed, tears running down her cheeks. “I, I told you about those, those girls, who bullied me? Who I got these powers from?”

He nodded, mutely.

“Whom,” a soft, slightly hoarse voice spoke so quietly it was barely more than a whisper. “The right term is ‘whom’.”

Both of them turned to the side, and found themselves faced with Hecate, who’d walked up to them without a sound.

Her face was hidden in the shadows of her hood, but she was quite clearly looking only at Tyche, and decidedly not at Basil.

“Right, ‘whom’. Your favourite word,” Tyche giggled through her tears. “You heard everything I said?”

Hecate nodded.

The redhead sniffed, then pulled a tissue out of her leather jacket’s pocket to blow her nose. “W-well… it hit, hit them,” she admitted in a quiet, miserable voice. “The bad luck… it went to them. It… one of them’s dead. Hit by a bus. Another tried to kill herself after… after some horrible stuff happened to her. And the last one, she’s apparently become a supervillain, after Hastur’s monsters nearly k-killed her, too.”

Both Hecate and Basil could only stare at her in response to that. He wasn’t sure about Hecate, but Basil, at least, felt his jaw drop.

“Oh, Tyche,” he said, only to flinch as he realised that he’d spoken at the same time as Hecate, and said the same words, in the same tone of voice, as well. He briefly looked at her, but she kept ignoring him.

Their friend nodded, weak little sobs escaping her throat as she looked down at her feet.

“Tyche,” Basil spoke carefully. “How do you… how do you know that?”

“Th-that guy… Immanuel… he told me,” she explained, rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands, trying to stem the flow of tears. “He knew, so much about me. Knew everything. More than I did.”

If I ever catch this, I’m going to turn his face onto his fucking back. “How do you know he is… that he is right? Even if he had the power to somehow know all that, how can you be sure he is being sincere, and not, well… lying through his teeth?” he prodded gently, not sure how far he could risk pushing her right now.

He felt horrible just for not stepping forward and embracing her, she looked so miserable; but he had to make sure she wasn’t just being manipulated by some jerk – of which there was an extreme abundance on this floating city.

Fortunately, Hecate took over that part, reaching out to pull Tyche into a tight embrace. The redheaded girl sobbed quietly, wrapping her arms around her friend and holding on tight.

Basil averted his eyes, feeling uncomfortable at the distance he felt towards them… just a few minutes ago, he’d have embraced them as well, or been drawn in by Hecate. Not now, obviously.

He didn’t press his point, waiting quietly for Tyche to regain her composure. He knew this was wasting time, again, but he couldn’t bring himself to care right then and there.

“He knew, knew everything else. Knew even…” She was interrupted by a sudden hiccup. “It’s not just them. Not just those girls. My mom… it’s been going after my mom…” She dissolved into incoherent sobbing again – if it wasn’t for Hecate holding onto her, she’d have collapsed right then and there.

“Brennus,” another voice spoke up from behind Basil, and he turned around. Tartsche looked at him, with the rest of his team arrayed behind him. “We need to talk. Right now.” He looked at the sobbing Tyche, looking uncomfortable, then focused on Basil again.

“Let’s step aside,” Basil said, not waiting for him to agree as he walked away from his friends. Hecate was whispering to Tyche, and he was pretty sure she’d ask all the important questions and do what she could to help her, even – or perhaps especially – without him.

He walked to where the junior heroes had been standing together earlier, feeling Amy’s attention on him – not her physical eyes, but her other sight, he was sure. Ignoring her, he turned around to face them.

All of them, save for Gloom Glimmer and Osore, were looking at him rather uncomfortably, studying his face. Polymnia looked rather shocked as she looked at him, but he didn’t care, and stayed quiet, waiting for Tartsche to say his piece.

Finally, the young leader of the group crossed his arms, his expression going from uncomfortable to determined. “Gloom Glimmer assures me it’s true, and it ain’t some kind of weird plot by Mindstar, and you’re not her mindslave or anything.”

Basil couldn’t help but smile slightly. “It’s true,” he replied, though he couldn’t keep himself from adding, “Of course, she might just be making me say so.”

Amy snorted loudly from where she was still floating in place. Everyone did their best to ignore her, except for Basil, who leaned to the side, so he could look at her past the heroes.

“It is not polite to eavesdrop!” he called out.

“Like I care!” she called back, before she very pointedly rotated in place to give him the cold shoulder.

He stood up straight again and looked at Tartsche with a tired smile. “Continue.”

Tartsche took a deep breath. “I can’t even begin to describe how fucked up I think this all is. And honestly, in any other situation, I’d take my team and bail, right now,” he stated, his voice hard.

Basil titled his head to the side, confused. “But you will not?” He was expecting him to, at least.

The young hero shook his head. “You being her brother and her being here doesn’t change the fact that there’s people who’re going to die horribly if we don’t find a cure, and whatever the UH or the government or whoever else has planned just plain won’t come in time. So I, at least, am sticking with this. And I’ve talked with the others, and they all agreed to do the same. But after this… you know we can’t keep this a secret, right?” he concluded, giving him an uncomfortable, even apologetic look.

Basil kept smiling. “I would not expect you to keep it secret,” he replied calmly. “Nor am I going to hold it against you when you reveal it to the UH.” He sighed, rolling his shoulders to loosen up a bit. “I knew what I was getting myslef into, when I revealed our relation, earlier. But it was either that, lying to you all, or having her edit your recollection. The latter was unacceptable and the second I have been doing too much of for too long, so…”

“You decided to put it out in the open,” Tartsche concluded, nodding. “I can respect that. Even if the timing’s horrible.”

“Well, I did not exactly plan for her to show up here,” Basil defended himself and shrugged. Then he looked over the assembled heroes. “You are all staying? In spite of this?”

They all exchanged looks, then focused on him again and nodded.

“I can’t speak for the others,” Gloom Glimmer said mirthfully, “but I’m hardly one to cast stones over someone having a supervillain as a family member they don’t disavow.”

“It’s not like you chose who your sister was going to be, or that she become a supervillain,” Polymnia assured him in a soft voice.

“That doesn’t mean this won’t have consequences for how we interact, after our current mission is over,” Tartsche took over again. “The UH has been extending a lot of trust and good will in how it treated you and your team, in part because of how depleted our numbers are. But there’s no way that’ll continue once it comes out that you’re Mindstar’s brother – nevermind the fact that you’ve been keeping it a secret, regardless of her being family.”

Basil just nodded. “I know. And speaking of which…” He looked sideways at Hecate and Tyche. The latter was standing on her own again, though keeping her head lowered as her friend held onto her shoulders with both hands, speaking quietly – too quietly to hear. “We really should get going. Finish this, before they muster another line of defense.”


“Well, that didn’t go as expected, did it?” Heaven’s Dancer mocked, trying to mask her concern – not that she could, not from Immanuel – as she in a demure position on the edge of the platform he’d been meditating upon, her hands folded primly on her lap, her knees together.

Immanuel was in the process of tying his bootlaces, having changed into a more formal outfit taken from a box that’d slid out of the same platform. He was now wearing a pair of loose, smooth golden pants and a sleeveless black shirt made of a shimmering material as tight as a second skin, exposing his arms, which were in turn partially covered by black fingerless gloves that reached up to his biceps, with some gold embroidery on the back of his hands and around his wrists. His boots were black, as well, with golden laces. Other than that, he made no concession to the usual costuming craze – even this much had mostly been forced on him by his over-eager staffers deciding to ‘spruce up’ his usual outfit. Children these days…

“I admit, things are going horribly wrong faster than I expected,” he spoke with neither rancor nor chargrin in his voice or expression. “Mind you, I never would have expected Brennus to be able to locate this base based on a momentary glimpse of the nightsky given to him by Crocell’s dying throes,” he admitted. “In fact, I’d really like to know how that managed to evade my sight. There’s something fishy going on with that boy, and I’m not talking about his messed-up memories.”

“Something even more fishy than that? Oh, joy of joys,” she couldn’t help but reply in her most deadpan voice. “You really should’ve taken them down as soon as they appeared, not dilly-dallied this long, you know? He won’t like that.”

He waved her concern off. “The base was lost the moment young Brennus discovered its location – he was smart enough to share it with every authority he could reach as soon as he knew, and even with the Syndicate, via his sister,” he justified his decision to take a more relaxed stance on the issue. “Nothing we do here is going to prevent its loss – it’s not like we can move the Sleeper somewhere else. All we can do is prevent a total loss – thus why I began a silent evacuation as soon as I realised what was coming – and gather as much data on how we got compromised to begin with, and on what’s clearly several major talents, some of whom we didn’t even know about.”

“You always know how to make it sound like you know what you’re doing, don’t you?” she asked in annoyance, not that she could actually refute any of his points. “But even so, we ought to take some precautions, make sure they don’t actually mess up anything too valuable before they get away… mind you, is letting them get away even that wise? We ought to keep at least some of them, like this Brennus.”

“Perhaps,” he temporised. “But keeping Brennus would require that we capture or kill Mindstar. He’s also close to Gloom Glimmer, whom we’d also have to take care of, and I really don’t want to explain again why killing or capturing that one would be a stupid, stupid idea.” He stopped in the middle of tying the last knot. “Also, there’s Tyche, of course. Her power, combined with Gloom Glimmer’s, means we really don’t have any truly safe way to deal with them, other than to let them reach Dusu, then leave on their own. At least not until Konrad arrives.”

“You called Konrad!?” Heaven’s Dancer paled. “Immanuel, dropping him into this situation…”

“Konrad is one of only two people – the other being me – whom we know can take that group down without killing anyone,” he assuaged her worries. “I can most likely do it by myself, but just in case I fail, I want him on his way here.” He finished tying his laces and leap onto his feet in a nimble move, segueing straight into some stretches to limber up. “Enough talk. I have my boots on – time to start kicking ass!”


“You know, you don’t have to make us feel that amateurish,” Spellgun complained as they all looked around at the unconscious and, in some cases, heavily wounded bodies strewn about the room.

They’d run – at Basil’s and Tartsche’s insistence – deeper into the installation, following the directions Immanuel had given Tyche on the assumption that it was better than running blindly – nevermind that, according to Gloom Glimmer, they were moving closer to Dusu.

Unfortunately, even running while bolstered by Gloom Glimmer, who was preventing them from growing tired, they hadn’t been able to move fast enough to get to their goal before the next line of defense was set up – if it hadn’t been already set up before they even fought the late Skulls’ group earlier.

Ten metahumans in combat gear had been waiting in ambush, literally melting out of the walls and floor around them as they ran down another featureless white hallway.

Before even one of them could bring their powers to bear, Amy had torn into them with a savage cry, swiping them all up with her telekinesis and smashing them all over the place, into walls, the ceiling, the floor, hurting them before she simply turned them all off with her telepathy.

At least, Basil hoped it was her telepathy, and that she hadn’t just killed them all. A quick check with his enhanced vision modes showed that, yes, they were all still alive, if definitely out of any fight for a while now.

Amy, meanwhile, ignored Spellgun’s comment. “Keep moving,” she snarled instead as she flew onwards, the only one not on her feet, now that Gloom Glimmer was running with them. “I’m in their heads – Dusu’s lab is nearby. She’s got a whole building basically to herself; only one else there is the new Ascendant.”

They turned a corner, moving down another featureless hallway, passing by several heavy steel doors.

“Ok, so, what can we expect?” Tartsche asked, directing the question towards Basil.

“We’re going up against two gadgeteers in their own labs,” Basil replied. “Assuming both are there, they’ll be both at an advantage and at a disadvantage – an advantage because they’ll have all their creations there, at hand, plus their likely heavily fortified labs – I know I built a lot of traps and defense systems into mine – and at a disadvantage, since they’ll likely want to prevent us from smashing all their hard work into pieces.”

“Not that we should,” Polymnia added. “Dusu is a plague-gadgeteer. We do not want to unleash anything she’s got stored in there.”

“No going in with a hammer then,” Hecate concurred. “Seeing how we want her alive and able to talk, and she’s not supposed to have any other powers, we shouldn’t go in smashi-”

She was cut off at the sound of a crash from further up ahead the hallway, behind a heavy steel door. Screams soon followed.

“The hell is that!?” Bakeneko asked, staring at the heavy door.

“Just cleaning up some trash,” Amy replied calmly, while Gloom Glimmer stepped forth and put a hand to the door, causing it to simply melt away into the floor.

Beyond it, another group of cowls – each in their own costume, save for a pair of twins in matching viking outfits – was busy fighting each other, completely ignoring their group as they ran past.

“What’d you do to them? Ma’am,” Tartsche asked Amy, appending a honorific at the end, apparently on reflex.

“Call me ‘ma’am’ again and I’ll feed you your boyfriend’s gun,” she replied, flying ahead of the group. “And I just adjusted some details in their perception. They were already primed for a fight, so it wasn’t hard to set them off.”

“You’re one scary bitch,” Spellgun grumbled under his breath, barely audible; yet Amy heard him and looked over her shoulder at him, giving him a grin that made him shudder.

“Careful, gunbunny,” she told him. “You might make a girl feel bashful and undeserving of such praise, make her try to earn it.”

Hecate snarled audibly as Spellgun waved his free hand in a negating gesture, assuring Amy that he hadn’t really meant it and all.

Basil ignored the byplay, mostly, and kept running. He already knew what Amy was capable of – she’d never hesitated to share – and was glad that at least he hadn’t destroyed his team, his friendship with Hecate and his rapport with the UH for less than a massive boost to their efficiency.

After five more minutes of running – they’d decided not to use any more trains – he started to grow seriously suspicious of how quiet the whole place was.

“How come we are not running into more people?” he asked aloud. “This place is larger than the average American town – there should be far more people around.”

“They’ve been evacuating it,” Amy replied. “Saw it in one of their minds. They’ve guessed that we’ve shared the location of the place with the kind of people they can’t fight off, so they’re packing up what they can to get away.”

“What?!” Basil shouted, nearly tripping over his own feet. “Why did you not say so sooner!? We need to hurry up, or she will get away, if she has not already!”

“Relaaaax,” she replied and though he couldn’t see it, he knew she was rolling her eyes. “Dusu’s still there. That’s why there’s so many guards left along the way to her; she and the Ascendant are working on high-priority projects, and they’re taking some time to get out – we should get there before Dusu has left. The Ascendant’s projects are apparently slow to move, too, so she’ll likely also be there.”

“Alright, let’s haul it then!” Tartsche exlaimed and picked up speed, bolstered by Gloom Glimmer’s power.

They ran through two more doors – and past another security team that went down quickly between Amy and Gloom Glimmer tearing through them – before Basil noticed that the hallways were growing wider, and the doors on the sides more sparse.

Finally, they tore through one more door and found themselves in a long hallway with glass walls and a glass ceiling, leading straight towards a larger, cubic building that stood apart from the rest of the nearby structures.

“Dusu’s in there,” Gloom Glimmer announced. “I can feel it.”

“Yeah, that’s what the memories I saw said, as well,” Amy confirmed her statement, flying ahead of the group down the hallway. “She should be somewhere in the eastern half of the building, that’s where her and Syrinx’ – some lesser gadgeteer who works as her assistant – labs are. The western half belongs to the As-” She stopped talking, suddenly, raising her head before continuing on. “There’s something in there… a bubble of space in the western half that I can’t look into. Every other part of the building is empty, I think… save for some…”

“Some what?” Tartsche asked when she wouldn’t continue.

“Test subjects,” she spoke with a note of disgust in her voice. “The lower levels of the building are filled with people they’ve been experimenting on.”

“But where is Dusu?” Basil pressed the important point – as much as it sickened him, whether or not they had a chance to help those poor souls, they had to capture their tormentors first. “In that bubble you can not look into? Gloom Glimmer, can you see into it?” He looked at the black-haired heroine.

She shook her head, hair flying left and right. “No. That power… I’ve felt something like it before. One of Dad’s subordinates, he could kind of… push powers away around himself. Completely messed up more delicate stuff, like remote senses, and weakened cruder powers, too. This should be similar.”

“I remember that guy,” Amy replied to her. “Fuzz, was his name? Didn’t he die in a crash during a car chase or something?”

“Yup, that’s him,” Gloom Glimmer affirmed. “Anyway, I don’t think I can pierce the effect – but I know Dusu is close, and that’s the only place I can’t look into, nor can Mindstar, so…”

“To the Ascendant’s lab we go,” Basil concluded, and they continued their charge down the glass hallway.


“I must avow that we need to rethink the whole ‘put an army of mad scientists into an enclosed location and give them near-unlimited resources’ concept,” Immanuel admitted to Heaven’s Dancer as they were using a train to move towards Dusu’s lab. He’d overridden its normal programming, of course, so it wouldn’t stop at any station along the way.

“Why do you say that, now?” Heaven’s Dancer asked him rather warily.

“Because what Dusu, the Ascendant and Syrinx are planning right now is either going to be incredibly awesome or an utter catastrophy for us all…”


Basil put his force gauntlet to the final door and with a simple eye twitch, activated the blaster, blowing the heavy steel door open in a massive cacophony of tormented steel, followed by him, Gloom Glimmer and Amy charging in ahead of the others into a huge room full of metal coffins standing upright on circular podests, lit by fluorescent lighting from above.

Coming to a halt, he looked around for his target, his heart pumping, ready to leap at Dusu and beat the cure out of her…

And there she was, looking just like in the one photograph he’d been able to find of her, taken many years ago shortly before the Hawaii incident, before she became an internationally wanted bio-terrorist, having aged not a day since.

An utterly unassuming looking woman of Chinese descent, attractive but not so much that she’d stand out in a crowd with a heart-shaped face and long, straight hair held back by a white hairband, wearing a white labcoat over scrubs, a mockery of a medical professional.

There was a man with her in a matching outfit, tall, well-built but otherwise unremarkable save for his wild blonde hair, and a taller woman with features matching images he’d seen of South American indigenous people, also in scrubs and a labcoat.

The man – probably Syrinx – looked at them in shock, the Ascendant was busy operating the control panel of one of the upright coffins and Dusu looked straight at them, her gaze dismissive, a smirk on her lips…

Basil saw red, and gestured towards her to launch his drone straight at the bitch…

But Gloom Glimmer intercepted his movement, catching his hand. “No. Remember, we need her whole,” she whispered, apparently having seen it coming.

“Well, look what we have the-” Dusu began to say, but was cut off when she, Syrinx and the Ascendant were suddenly dragged away from the coffin-like tank they’d been working on. Crying out in surprise and shock, they leaned away from the pull, even as Amy visibly focused on moving them, reaching through whatever power was protecting them now that she could see them with her own eyes.

“There we go…” Amy said. “They’re planning something… but I can’t read their minds… yet,” she explained as she grinned, savagely. “Don’t worry, dear idiot brother – you’ll have your cure, soon enough.” She advanced on them, along with the rest of the group.

A hand sign from Tartsche made them fan out, watching as the three villains were being dragged inexorably towards them, straining against the effect to no avail.

“Oh, come on…” Syrinx groaned. “I thought two-oh-one’s power would protect us!”

“It’s not perfect,” the Ascendant replied calmly, looking rather unperturbed by the whole situation. “But it should buy us enough time.”

“Enough time for what?” Basil asked, letting his drone float off his thigh, drifting into an orbit above his head.

Then the coffin they’d worked on hissed, and unlocked, the part facing them opening upwards to expel a large amount of vapour.

At the same time, the Ascendant reached into her pocket and pulled out a remote, pressing a button before anyone could stop her – and all three of them were pulled forward, towards Amy, her grip suddenly several orders of magnitude stronger.

“She turned off the anti-power field!” Gloom Glimmer exclaimed, raising her hands towards the villains, causing glowing chains to appear and wrap around them, restraining them.

“Too late,” the Ascendant smirked, her smoky voice dripping with smugness. “I just needed to make sure two-oh-one wouldn’t interfere with four-four-four.”

Amy’s eyes widened as she read their minds, and she raised her hands, gesturing at the coffin as a single figure – a woman drenched in a sticky fluid, wearing nothing but a bathsuit-shaped grey material that covered her torso and crotch, leaving her long, slender legs and arms free, revealing smooth, healthy skin and long gold-blonde hair, currently darkened due to being completely drenched.

The telekinetic blast caught the woman in the head before she could raise it from the crouching position she’d been caught in, smashing her body into a bloody pulp and destroying the container she’d been in.

The woman rose from her crouching position, whole again and dry, her long hair now much more voluminous, her suit, while still nearly obscenely tight and little besides her torso, was also dry again.

“Who the fuck is that?” Bakeneko asked aloud as they saw the woman’s – a girl, really, only a few years older than them and about Amy’s age – lovely, heart-shaped face.

None of the others (except perhaps Osore, who remained quiet about it in any case) had any trouble recognising her – they passed her statue pretty much every day, whenever they entered or left their school, just for starters.

Bright, sapphire-like eyes opened, looking at them without feeling or recognition, empty of any warmth or even the most basic of emotions, her movements oddly graceful in spite of her loose, hunched-over posture, her arms dangling limply.

“Subject four-four-four!” the Ascendant shouted in a loud, clear voice. Basil whirled to the right, sending his drone out to smash into her mouth and shut her up rather roughly, but he was too late – the drone smashed into the empty floor, bouncing off. The villains stood behind the blonde beauty, unharmed and standing, free of Gloom Glimmer’s bindings, which dissolved as they hit the floor where their prisoners had just lain.

Not that Gloom Glimmer seemed to care, as she took a wavering step forward, staring at the young woman in shock.

“Diantha?” she asked in a small voice. “Sis?”

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      We know that they are gadgeteers, so unless they somehow figured out how Ember revived people they could at most have created a mindless clone and somehow induced an artificial manifestation.
      Not sure what is more terrifying.

      Guess we will get to see Macian again sooner then we expected. And maybe a few other Big Ones too. I really don’t think they stand a chance on their own considering that Immanuel and Haevens Dancer are on their way.

      • Why do you think we will get to see Macian? You think Osore will use his power again? I wouldn’t put it past him but I’m not sure if he’d do it so readily with Brennus’ psycho sister in front of him.

      • I honestly don’t see any other way how this could end.
        Diantha should be able to hold off GG and I doubt that the others are a match for Immanuel, Heaven’s Dancer and two Gadgeteers plus their backup.
        I don’t really think that Osore would be necessary to pull out Macian in a real life or death situation.

      • What do you think Macian could do, in this situation, that Basil can’t?

        With Elysium as your opponent, raw skill can only take you so far.

      • Dodge and survive until LL or the Dark appear? His reaction speed and battle experience might allow him to stay alive a bit longer.

  2. Fuuuuuuuu

    I think the best tactics here would have been for Amy to just kill everybody in the room except Dusu as soon as she got line of sight. It’s not like one fewer Ascendant in the world would do anybody any harm. Too late now though.

    • She couldn’t have. The power-dampening field that prevented her from just plainly looking into it remotely and frying their brains also limited her telekinesis to pulling them towards her (remember that she can normally produce 10 tons of force without exerting herself – and she didn’t even manage to pull three people over to her in a timely manner)

  3. OK, still wondering why Dalia got sent to Immanuel.
    Two reasons, maybe both of them are true:
    1. The teleport interdiction sends people with powers it can’t classify straight to the installation’s most powerful metahuman instead of the cells.
    2. Tyche’s power conspired to send her here. Why? Because it opened her eyes to the way her power works…and if she can figure a way to control who gets the bad luck, she can become vastly more powerful. Imagine fighting someone who gets insanely good luck…powered by bad luck they’re dumping on you. I know Tyche won’t figure this out right away and will likely drop out for a while like she said she will, but I do see this happening…unless she dies here. Now THAT would suck.

    • Immanuel talked about Dalia in the same breath as Gloom Glimmer in the ‘people we don’t want to mess with right now’ category. And Crocel prioritized her over all other available targets. It’s clear that her power is significant on the global if not cosmic scale.

      As such, I think that Immanuel probably redirected her specifically and personally, because he wanted to talk to the girl who can warp the course of the universe.

      • ah, makes sense. Still would like to think that Dalia can use this to become stronger though.

        And did we decide whether Dalia or Immanuel was the bigger ‘threat’ on Gloom Glimmer’s threat sense?

      • I don’t think Gloomy has ever mentioned Dalia in terms of threat level. She called Immanuel more dangerous than her father though.

        And yeah, the “downside” of Dalia’s power is what makes her probably the strongest probability manipulator in the setting. If she had sufficient self control to choose who her bad luck got dumped on, she could take down literally anybody. Imagine for example the degree of fucked up her mother’s life has become, applied to every single one of The Dark’s schemes.

        Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any conscious control yet. And her power seemed to even be blocking her perception of the issue, until Immanuel ripped away the veil. So it’s possible than now that he’s told her what’s going on, she can learn to control it (in which case, that was almost certainly his goal in talking to her in the first place). Or it’s possible that she’ll never be able to choose, other than by trying to control her own emotions to the degree that she doesn’t so much as dislike anybody but designated targets. Either way we probably won’t find out for quite some time, because she seems to have resolved to try to never use her power again.

      • “Also, there’s Tyche, of course. Her power, combined with Gloom Glimmer’s, means we really don’t have any truly safe way to deal with them,”

        Also, I did take that to mean, at least in part, that Tyche’s luck will optimise the selection of Gloom Glimmer’s powers.

      • “I don’t think Gloomy has ever mentioned Dalia in terms of threat level. She called Immanuel more dangerous than her father though.”

        I mentioned it because GG saw the threat indicator when she looked up at the tower in the middle of the installation…which was where Tyche and Immanuel both were.

      • Immanuel may very well have deliberately redirected Tyche to his location. But that doesn’t mean that Dalia’s power didn’t send her there for her epiphany.

        Tyche’s power is basically the Simurgh. It is what made team BGHT form in the first place.

    • Or Tyche’s power took an opportunity so to speak: What if it had somehow anticipated the revelation about Amy and Basil being siblings and the effect it would have on Tyche’s team which are her only friends IT provided her and did that to mend the rift between Basil and Vassiliki by using their bound with Tyche as a means thus preventing the friends it gave Tyche from drifting away from her and one another but also strenghten their bound with her while also making her aware of it’s true potential and consequences to it’s use ?

      Now perhaps I give Tenants more agency than they have, but it is something I could see happening with Tyche’s power which I think is very much up there.

  4. Darn. Since diantha managed to defeat the dark while he was serious I don’t see how they’re getting out this one, even with Amy there to help. Also, what would happen if osore used his power on Amy?

    • Pretty sure it would work on her the same way it works on Basil. There was a filler chap a while ago (tagged with Macian) that showed that Amy too has locked away memories.
      Not sure if it would be that helpful though,since it sounded like she was always protected by Macian. Her current Amy/Mindstar identity might have more combat experience.

      • I wonder about that, since we found out that Amy’s best combat performance to date – ripping off a piece of Lady Light’s cloak – she doesn’t even remember. What persona was guiding her then?

    • .their opponent is not Diantha, she died. Their enemy in front of them is a golem/robot/person borne from Ascendant, Dusu and that other guy. She may have Diantha’s body and power, or maybe even personality, memories and mannerisms that can pass her off as the real one, she’s not. She’s a gadget, or a being made from gadget, or a being from a heterodyned gadgets.

      .So a gap exists there, however small, between her and the former Elysium and Brennus can exploit it considering that it is up in his alley(gadgets, I mean). Maybe. Probably? Cross fingers!

  5. I think that they have used Tyche’s power as a random trouble finder – I have a memory of her looking at random feeds from ravonbots somewhere near the beginning.

  6. .this arc is getting more intense by the minute that I have serious doubt that they’ll win this. I hope they do, really… but it’s freaking Elysium(?). meanwhile here I am waiting for a scene of my waifu: eudocia.. please.

    oh, maybe Journeyman would help them, like he told to that fat cat.

    • No. Diantha was Lady Light’s daughter by a man other than the Dark, born long before DiL. She died fighting her half-sister during the battle that ended up destroying Old Lennston

  7. Two points:

    1)I don’t see what Tyche is hoping to accomplish. Didn’t her power start off as unreliable but eventually turned out to be like a passive buff? At least, it activated so frequently that it might as well have been one.
    So I don’t see how her quitting in anyway stops her power from passively giving her Good-Luck and dumping the bad on her Mom.
    Like I said last time:
    A)It’s suddenly revealed that her power isn’t actually uncontrollable, she just hasn’t had the proper “mental” training required of a probability manipulator to direct and refine their power.

    B)They get a power-nullifier to turn off Tyches power and then turn it back on in the hope that it resets and stops targeting her mom. // Get another probability manipulator to counteract the bad luck on her mom.

    C)Emotional support and take Tyche to therapy when her power inevitably kills her mom.
    (I was waiting for her to ask God-King to change her power, but she didn’t, and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.)

    2)I didn’t know Diantha was the daughter of a another man and LL. Did The Dark and LL break up at some point? Or is their relationship of the Poly persuasion?

    Also; How big of a deal was Diantha?(As in her powers.) Is she even a match for the mini-DiL that is Irene?
    Does she have any mental shielding that stops Amy from turning her brain off, or does she and Irene share the same weakness?

    • She may not have a mental state per se or an awareness of self. Ties said she beat the Dark before, and he was not holding back at the time. So…powerful enough to ruin anyone’s day.

      The Dark and LL are together now, but it appears they have had times when they were apart and went their separate ways. They’re both 112 years old and still in the ‘prime’ of their life physically…so there’s been enough time in there to, you know, see other people.

      Good point about Tyche’s power. She may realise she can’t turn it off. At this point, though, trouble may find HER even if she doesn’t want it anymore, what with a possible Savage Six attack on NL and, who knows, maybe another visit from DiL?

    • Tyche assumes that if she doesn’t put herself into harms way anymore, she won’t need as big a boost in luck (like when a whole building collapsed on her and her power twisted things so it fell JUST RIGHT so as not to even scratch her) anymore and so won’t cause nearly as much harm

      Gwen and Peter have broken up more than once. Aap Oordra, for example, was the Dark’s son by another woman.

      Elysium was able to defeat the Dark in single combat, and held DiL off for almost two hours pretty much on her own. She was expected to basically succeed her mother as the new top hero.

      • Wouldn’t she basically have to avoid all games or events that involve random chance as well?(Not just lottery.)

        I think her power will just auto-assume she wants to win.

      • doesn’t take that much “luck” for those, if you really think about it. For example, winning the lottery just means making sure about 10 balls drop into a chute in the right order. Compare that to making sure no bullet hits her in a firefight, or a collapsing building collapses JUST SO it forms a save cave around her, etc…

        Though yeah, she’d stay away from all that stuff just to be safe.

  8. Damn, three chapters appeared while I was not looking…And very good ones at that, loved the fight with Amy and a pity about what happened to the team with Tyche wanting to leave and Hecate most likely being cross with Basil…I really hope things will get better wxith them and that things will mend between Vassiliki and Basil(BTW I still wonder why Amy offed Lupa, there is something weird about the whole thing…)

    Now a Diantha clone, bloodhell is that base necromancy themed, after the “magic” kind the SCIENCE! variant. That aside, so this is what the new Ascendant can do that’s one hell of a trade up compred to the previous one I wonder what else she can do.

    Concerning the Clone I wonder how close to the original her(yes clones ARE people)powers are, well not their nature but their potency given that Diantha is supposed to be be extremely powerful, eh at least we will get to know what her power is soon. I also wonder how much of her mind is in this clone(yes because I do not think she lacks a mind for some reason), after all if the Gefährten managed to get enough to clone Diantha they might have gotten enough to make a mind copy too to put in the clone.

    And then there is Konrad, who is that guy ? Seriously for heabven Dancer and Immanuel to think he is capable of taking the group down easily without killing them he must be quite something.

    • Yes, I do wonder why the subject wasn’t discussed in more detail…and at this point I do wonder whether Amy even killed Lupa at all. This does give me hope that some reconciliation will happen at some point, when all masks fall and it’s revealed how mindfucked Amy is and how much of her crimes are fake memories.

    • I am not sure if Diantha is a clone. Interacting with people’s souls and putting them into new bodies sounds more like something contrievers would do.
      I think that they merely got their fingers onto Diantha’s dead body after she was killed and then healed her. I might be wrong, but I don’t think that clones would have the same manifestation the original had. The twins both have different powers although they share the same DNA.

      • It was mentioned back a few chaps that Dusu had one of Sovereign’s cloning chambers. Chekovs gun dictates this is what they used to bring Elysium back.

      • Yeah, but they would just create another person with the same DNA.
        And powers are determined by connections, not DNA.
        I mean yes, DNA is probably a really strong connection, but from what we know personal experiences and emotions are also very important. And how would they trigger a manifestation in the first place? I would worry a LOT if they could already pull that off.

        I think it’s more likely that they either recovered Diantha’s original body and then somehow brought her back to life (e.g.: by transplanting cloned organs) or cooperated with someone else (probably a contriever) who put Diantha’s soul into the new body.

  9. I have a few errant questions about how powers work:

    1)Am I correct in assuming every power is different? Even the ones that fall within the same categories and look similar.

    Example: I’m sure the Adonis power that Tyche, Lady Light, Immanuel, and The Dark have are different and manifested and influence people in different ways.

    2)Does every Meta have prerequisite side-abilities to keep their powers from killing them?
    I know you said some powers come with a great cost: But I have to imagine that, for example, speedsters have some way of not turning into a red-smear on the ground when they inevitably trip and fall.

    3)Does the Adonis power only make you more attractive or does it also give a general superhuman physique?
    (The best example I can think of would be Captain America’s powers.)

    4)Is Agelessness an actual distinct power or do people with high enough regeneration just stop aging? Or is it both?

    And does Irene, LL, DiL, or the Dark fit into those two categories?

    5)Does the Adonis power turn into basically slight empathic control at higher levels?

    There is a limit to how physically attractive someone can be. And the descriptions of people with said power lead me to believe there is at least some influencing of emotions.

    • 1) every power is different at least in small ways, though some generally come about with the same mechanism (so each Adonis/Physique develops in various ways, but they usually have the same underlying mechanism)

      2) usually, but not always

      3) The latter, at the higher levels

      4) Both. Though regeneration does not always halt aging. Irene doesn’t age due to a variety of powers. DiL is locked, as she is. the Dark has other means.

      5) No.

      • Is Amy’s shape-shifting that powerful?

        I expected Bakeneko to have some extended longevity due to her scope and flexibility. But I thought Amy could only do superficial stuff and slight body modification.(Making her self paler, weird-eyes, hair color, etc)

      • Isn’t she?

        I had the impression she was a sort of veteran and frequently used/explored her own powers.

      • Let me guess; The thing that’s blocking her memories is also restricting access to some of her powers?

        Or the two limiters are at least connected in some way.

      • well we do know her most successful performance in combat she doesn’t even remember.

      • “She pulled her thoughts back on track, annoyed at getting lost in thought again. Ever since a few months ago, her thoughts had become more and more frayed, with repeated instances of her blacking out only to find out that she was somewhere completely different. Once, she’d blacked out and then woken up beaten and bruised, but with a shred of Lady Light’s cloak in her hand. The finest moment in her supervillain career and she had not even been awake while it went down. That annoyed her more than the thought of not being completely in control of herself scared her.”

      • what about Amy and Macian? You never told us exactly how both of them stopped their aging. Atrocity?

      • Pretty sure you said that Amy had her aging stopped after joining the Dark. And I think you also mentioned Macian, but I am not 100% sure about him.

      • I’m quite certain I never said either. Amy has had her more violent tendencies reigned in since joining the Five, but there’s no reason to stop her aging even if they could – she’s only physically 19 years old

      • found it!


        “Suddenly, his arms wound around her in a hug, pressing her back to his chest. He rested his chin on her shoulders. “You know, you’re going to get all wrinkly if you’re always frowning like that,” he whined playfully.

        She didn’t resist the hug, even though she had the urge to drive one of her four inch heels into his foot. “I won’t ever have to deal with that. I don’t age anymore, remember?” But Basil does…”

      • I knew it! thx Birdyman.
        And I think we proofed that Macian couldn’t age if we wanted the timelines to work out. Otherwise he would be way too old. I think that’s why I assumed that it must have been Atrocity. Now that I think about it though it could also have been Ember or Macian himself…

      • I’m pretty sure Macian’s age lines up to be about the same as Basil’s (though we don’t know his actual date of birth). The timeline issue, if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, is that Macian had a younger sister while Basil has an older sister.

        (My pet theory there is that Amy’s actually much younger than she appears – but messed up memories and shapeshifting makes her and everyone else think she’s older.)

      • no, Basil is the “right” age to be Macian. Macian was 8 in 2006, now it’s 2012 and Basil is 14. Only Amy is the wrong age as we all know.

      • agreed with Azmandis, now we have WoG saying Amy’s shapeshifting affects her non-aging, it’s plausible that Amy could have “aged up” upon manifestation, similar to Gloom Glimmer or DiL. She’s intellectually aged up – meaning she’s smarter – but emotionally she’s somewhere around 12…hmmm which would be GG’s actual age too! One other way to “age up”, maybe would have been an application of Ember’s power, but I doubt he would have deliberately caused Amy to lose her teenage years, as it were.

      • I think we ran the numbers half a year or so ago and something didn’t add up. In the end we just attributed it to Basil being younger than he should be. I think that otherwise the Protectorate would have been built before or too soon after Ember awoke his powers.

      • somehow I recall the bit with the protectorate being a timeline issue that tieshaunn was going to fix at some point? I might be wrong though, my memory is vague on that.

      • And there is another problem. We know that Amy at the very least would have to be 5 years younger than she currently is. But in b007-e-sweet-dreams we got a glimpse of Macian-Amanda and she was described as Amy just with a lot of scars.
        Not as a younger Amy with scars.
        And I am pretty sure that Amy would have noted how her reflection’s age was way off before she would have noted the scars.

      • When she saw her scarred self in the mirror I chalked that down, not to a memory of herself at that age being scarred, but to her memory of being scarred combined with…looking at the mirror. And of course on the inside still being scarred.

      • Fixing the Protectorate timeline could be tricky. If I remember correctly most references throughout the story treat it’s construction and the S6 Berlin incident like they were more then 5 years ago.
        The only two hints that indicate it is younger then that is the date at the beginning of ember of hope arc and Macian’s age at the very end of said arc.
        Finding all the other little direct and indirect references to it could be extremely difficult.

      • The Berlin Incident is meant to have taken place 5 years before the story started.

        The Protectorate was built half a year after that.

        Basil and Amy’s “life” in New Lennston began roughly a year after that, about four and a half years before now, in-story.

      • Four and a half years? That’s interesting. The Dark had them pegged at living in New Lennston for more than five years, back in his interlude.

        And I think Berlin was 6 years ago, if it was June 2006, and the story started mid 2012.

        Would I be right in sliding all these dates back about a year? (Sorry for being pedantic here)

      • As I’ve said before, I kind of suck at timelines. But do remember that the Prologue was about half a year ago in-story, and I’m counting backwards from that

      • To me it felt more like her shapeshifting failed temporarily and she reverted back to her original appearance, which should have been at least 5 years too young.

      • protip: don’t try to write comments when you haven’t slept in 15 hrs. Ignore the spelling and grammar pls.

      • Ok, thank you for clearing up the timeline tieshaunn. I am assuming with “life” you mean Macian and Amy setting everything up for Basil and Amy, since we know that our Basil didn’t exist until a few months ago.

        And since we are already talking about the Protege, I just noticed that you have been using “Ember” in the more recent chapters when other people refer to him even though they shouldn’t know that name.

  10. I just have one question that has been burning at the back of my mind. If Atrocity was locked in a room with a tied up and adult Macian what is the first, second and third things she would do?

  11. You know, with how powerful Swan-Songs are know to be, and how determined Lady Light and The Dark are; You’d think they would both be pursuing their own.(Although LL would probably be more cautious of the physiological affects.)

    Such a boost in power would not only help with DiL, but also with any other meta-humans with apocalypse level abilities.(Such as God-King and those close to his level of infamy.)

    Unless of course I missed something and both are somehow unable to achieve one, or already had their own Swan-Songs in the past.

    • I’m pretty sure that you don’t survive your swansong.

      The roleplay might be a bit out of date, but some of the rules were that you didn’t survive a swansong, and that no one got to know ahead of time whether they could do one or not.

    • She, together with the Dark, did something extremely risky but incredibly powerful to take down the Living Trinity. They never explained what they did. I doubt it would still have been enough to take down DiL though.

      That being said, I’m pretty sure they’ve figured out DiL’s weakness, if there is one, based upon their smarts and at the very least upon the recent hit on DiL that Hanabi managed with his paper bomb, if they hadn’t figured it out beforehand. The Dark figured out Ember’s weakness, too, as we know…though I wonder if Ember also figured it out later and now has a counter for it?

      The question is, if DiL does have a weakness and they know what it is, they may not have the ability to take advantage of it…or it’s something they’re just not willing to do.

      I think tieshaunn has said that no one can “plan” on a swan song, but then again the Dark and LL don’t play by the rules so I guess one could argue it’s a possibility. But even if they did know how to pull it off, I doubt they would also know how to survive it. And who’s going to manage the world after they go?

      There’s more going on in the background. Someone’s figured out DiL’s order of appearance to some extent. Someone else is creating false memories in S rank supervillains. The Sleeper may wake. Koschei’s around. The world needs the original hero and villain more than ever.

      • Tie has stated that no-one in universe currently knows what can pierce DiL’s shielding.
        And that, for most meta-humans, a Swan-Song would put them at least on par with DiL.

      • Screwing off the cap would put them on par with her in terms of impact, if not raw power.

        However, a swan song is still more controlled than unscrewing the cap off a metahuman’s powers, since the Tenants don’t want any world-ending scenarios.

      • Can tell us if Lady Light or The Dark has tried to achieve a Swan Song? Or if that’s even possible for them?

      • Why not?
        Is it the requirement that something traumatic needs to happen?(I can’t imagine they don’t have their fair share of trauma.)

        Or did I miss some huge drawback on Swan-Songs?

      • A swan song is the last thing you ever achieve. Thus even if it were possible for her, LL would only do so if the good of this one actually outweighed everything she could possibly do in the entire rest of her lifespan. And The Dark would probably never do it under any circumstances, except maybe out of spite if he was certain he was about to die, or in order to save one of the like, 2-3 people he actually cares about.

      • Right, forgot for a moment that he knows about his grandkids. So yeah in the unlikely event that he knew that one of them was going to die or worse, and he couldn’t stop it with all his power and cunning and resources, but he could do it with a little boost, he might consider that.

        If I read them right though, Lady Light probably wouldn’t; losing one person she loves doesn’t match up against all the people she saves every week that she’s still alive and active. It would require some serious fate of the world type shit for her to consider the option.

      • There’s also a few of his minions (Wyrm, Kraquok, a very few others) and a very few non-capes he actually cares about, though less so than he cares for his closest family.

      • Didn’t the subordinate of that Succubus Villain go through a Swan Song?

        She got new powers at least and she seemed pretty alive.

      • swan song doesn’t mean you get new powers. It means you get a temporary, MASSIVE boost to your current powers. And then you die.

      • Then what is it called when a meta gets new powers from additional trauma?(Like what happened to the subordinate when she saw her leader get turned into a monster then brutally killed.)

        I know now it’s NOT a swan-song.
        Or does it not have a name and is just a known side-affect that all Metas have?

  12. Speaking of DiL if Brennus was wholly fused with his personalities and back to full, and could be heterodyned with Wyrm for 2 years with unlimited funds could they beat DiL?

    • I don’t think anyone can really *beat* DiL but scariest I’d say would have been Su Ling if she’d managed to control and explore her power, we might have been able to terraform some of the rest of the solar system at some point…and teleport there while were were at it…

      • If God-King can be killed; Then I believe anyone in this universe can at the very least be trapped/imprisoned.

      • Emyr could have defeated DiL, given some time to figure out how to do so.

        Journeyman could do it, as well, if it wasn’t for his power’s limitations.

    • For a gageteer defeating DiL I would imagine that it would work with forces that can directly impact space and time.

      For example if we pressed her between a Black Hole and an Antimatter Black hole that might be enough.

      Maybe we can Alduin her as and get her to step into a dimension with a significant difference in time, if her power can’t react fast enough by the time she returns 1000’s to millions of years could pass.

      Despite any other way the best way I can think of is either piercing her Domain like Brennus has theorized to force communication past her filter. Her power would compensate actual communication by giving her the ability to understand. Ooor she could melt down.

      • Let’s not mess with black holes. I ran all the numbers (yeah, I am that bored) and no matter how or where we use it, afterwards we are stuck with a gigantic black hole that can’t won’t collapse before it consumes our sun system.
        And combining it with antimatter would only make it bigger.
        The best idea would probably be to somehow trap DiL in a timeloop or teleport her into an already existing black hole (even if it wouldn’t kill her the time dilation should disable her for the foreseeable future).

        Plan B would be to trick her into moving at 1079252848,8 km/h. Every seconds she spends travelling at that speed an entire year goes by on earth.

      • The Tenants would not allow a true black hole (much less an anti-matter black hole) to form anywhere NEAR Earth. Or the solar system, at that.

        DiL cannot be affected by time or space powers other than her own (so no teleporting or looping her).

      • I wouldn’t be using space or time powers, only plain old physics. Though admittedly it could be a bit difficult to trick her into moving that fast or into teleporting herself right into a black hole.

    • If my theory about DiL is correct? And if Brennus and Wyrm knew it? Yes, yes they could. Although it wouldn’t be killing her, so much as convincing her to go away and never come back.

      Wyrm’s specialty is communication. And I think DiL’s power is working to ‘protect’ her from any connection to another living thing. If Wyrm figured out a way to communicate with DiL, and ensure that the method would never be lost… DiL’s power would make her flee somewhere beyond the power’s reach.

      Then again, Ties has been absolutely silent on my theory about her power, so this is totally a shot in the dark.

  13. By the way tieshaunn have you read Paladin yet? It’s pretty promising though not strictly about being a superhero. This is still my favorite Hero Universe hands down.

  14. Yeah a few months to see if he can keep it up. We all can’t be Stamina ignoring bricks that can write a great universe for years on end.

  15. Well all this talk about pwer strength and swan songs and the lot really got me thinking. Back in Aap story you said that Aap just for a while had near perfect synchronity with his tennant. Which would mean we would have to count in that as well someone with an “extreme” power and low synchronity might be weaker than someone with a “weaker” power and high synchronity.

    It also pushes the question what would Aap be like if he reached perfect synchronity. It was said that he reached even high synchronity only rarely probably because he still is at odds with the monkey most of the time. What would happen if he and the monkey could align somehow. If he could run for a long enough time without having to stop, to take that last step. Well we maybe we will get to see something like that, I am just going too look forward to it.

    Other than that I am still waiting for a chapter where Aap and his daughters visit his father and they get introduced to Gloomy and Lady Light. And GLoomy gets introduced to the idea that she is technically an aunt. Sounds like a fun time.

  16. Speaking of heterodyning, Ember and Macian seem to be good candidates for it. They are the technical and the imagination of the world, and it sounds Poetic that being as influential on each others lives that there is potential there.

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