A personal Advertisement

Hello everyone,

before anyone asks, yes, I’m writing, yes, it’s coming along, but this is a huge chapter and I want to do it all in one go, even though it’s already as big as two updates, so I’m still writing.

Meanwhile, I’ve got something I’d like to advertise:

One of my favourite academics, Frank Erik Pointner, is working on a passion project of his, writing Christmas music and recording it with a friend of his for the vocals, and his own guitar play. They’ve already produced two songs and are working on more.

You can find both songs on youtube, following these links:

First Christmas

Christmas All Alone

Or you can search for “Roseate” in youtube and you’ll find them that way.

Take a look if you’re interested and share it if you like it!


Tieshaunn Tanner

6 thoughts on “A personal Advertisement

  1. Not sure if you will feel that im overstepping or not Ties. Feel free to delete if you thank i have. but i thought i might do a little self promotimg. if you like gamimg videos, reactions, amd twim dudes talking about random things they like. please check out Rezkel on youtube. i only do the Twin Talk segment. Our first segmemt just went up, a RWBY review. im the ond in the hat!!!

  2. Could you give us a progress update on the next chap?
    I am sry for asking, but I really need something to lighten my mood. I’ve been studying without any break for 15 hours now and just can’t continue anymore.

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