A Day’s Delay

Hello everyone,

I’m afraid I won’t manage to finish a chapter today. There was a spontaneous decision to celebrate my cousin’s birthday today, which took up precisely the time I’d planned in for writing, so I’ll have to delay it until either Saturady or Sunday. I do have about half a chapter done, so it’s actually looking pretty well that I’ll be able to finish by Sunday evening at least.


Tieshaunn Tanner

26 thoughts on “A Day’s Delay

  1. Dont you worry. Have a good time man. And I dont like to post too much so I´ll use this to tell you, I really love your work. Thanks

  2. Another late chapter… My theory is that the last gap was actually caused by him getting kidnapped by aliens who’d mistaken Brennus for a factual autobiography and kidnapped him to fight in an intergalactic war. He managed to escape, but now the aliens figured out their mistake and are coming after him to kill him before he can reveal their embarrassing mistake to the world.

    *gets serious for a second* Happy writing, and good luck. It can be a struggle sometimes.

  3. He never specified that he’s meaning Earth days.

    Venus: 1 day = 2802h
    Mercury: 1 day = 1407.5h
    Pluto: 1 day = 153.3h

    Just saying… 😉

    • It’s believed that most planets sufficiently close to their sun are tidally locked, such that one side perputually faces the sun. In essence, each day is an eternity on these planets.

  4. Hello? Hopes you’re ok Tieshaunn? If you’ve been kidnapped I’m pretty sure we could collectively whip up enough for a (reasonable) ransom.

    Anyone know if we could do a kickstarter for ransom demands?

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