Brennus on tvtropes

Should have posted this sooner:

There’s a tvtropes page for Brennus now. Just follow this handomely crafted link. Many thanks to Jerden for setting it up!

Everyone, feel free to fill it out – that page needs more WikiLove!

8 thoughts on “Brennus on tvtropes

  1. Well, I can’t take all the credit. Akyaevin did at least half of it, including the introduction, so if (s)he reads this – thanks! I now no longer have to tidy up the mess I made originally.
    But before you think I’m getting too humble, remember that I claim credit for starting it. Without my original mess, it may never have begun, so praise be to me.
    It still needs linking to though, so there’s something to do. TVTropes is great for advertising, by which I mean that linking from relevant tropes can draw the interest of casual tropers. That’s how I found Worm in the first place, and then I found everything else from it!
    I’d be so bored without TVtropes. No webcomics, no serial fiction… it’s not that I don’t have other ways of entertaning myself,, but I’d be rereading a lot more books.

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