One Year Anniversary!

Holly hells and freaking bells, it’s been a whole year since this blog went up!

Normally, I guess, it would be appropriate to talk about what I learned, what I valued the most, etc. But I’m gonna spare you that, and instead go right to the celebration.

Currently, Monkey Business is ahead of The Sleeper Must Not Wake!, with a score of 8 to 7. Since it has been a few days since the last comment (and the end of Big Game Hunt is not that far away), it looks like the Monkey will win.

For the sake of the celebration, I’ll expand Monkey Business into a mini-arc (up to 4 chapters). The Sleeper Must Not Wake! will be a one-chapter interlude before the Monkey Business bonus arc (it’s comparatively short, anyway. Easier to write than MB).

And after Monkey Business, there’ll be the proper Interlude of the Arc – Worlds Across. Which should answer a few of your questions about Ember/The Protege… like why everyone is so crazy about him.

Now back to writing the next chapter of Big Game Hunt!




20 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary!

  1. Yeah! Wooooo! Party! Something I’ve always been meaning to ask: where did the name Tieshaunn come from? Btw; I’ve typed that so many times, apparently, that my phone now autocorrects stuff to say Tieshaunn.

    • uff, long story there.

      I basically have two nicknames I use regularly: Tieshaunn and Tannheim. They’re kind of connected, so I’ll start by explaining where Tannheim came from.

      See, the very first PC game I ever bought myself was Baldur’s Gate 2 (I wanted Baldur’s Gate 1, but it had been sold out by then and I bought the second game).

      So there I was, just turned 10, and I needed a name for my player character (a wizard specializing in Necromancy, because that gave me an extra slot and only banned Illusion, which was mostly useless in that game). I kept throwing stuff around in my head, and somehow ended up with Tannheim (this somehow-ending-up-with-an-idea is quite typical for my thinking).

      Fun Fact: My younger brother and I played the game together, and we always fought about what was cooler/stronger – a wizard or a fighter. I went with the wizard obviously, and I still do. Boy was it fun when we later learned about D&D proper and the whole Linear-Warriors-Quadratic-Wizards deal.

      As to Tieshaunn, I think I was sixteen or so when I was writing a short story in the Urban Fantasy genre (don’t ask, no one will ever find out about it) and it involved a heavy focus on sacred places. So I was looking for a name that somehow incorporated that. Obviously, Tannheim has something to do with places, but I didn’t want to go with my then-main nickname.

      Somewhere, somehow I found a name that literally meant ‘sacred place’. Can’t remember it, but it sounded close to Tannheim, and over time, that name changed and changed and ended up as Tieshaunn (pronounced Tiis-haunn, btw). And that’s the story behind it.

      • That’s pretty cool. Legitimately, I wish I had a nickname with a story like that. Generally, I just go with Deucalion or N. Ark. Which should give away my real name.

      • I’m from Tannheim 🙂
        -Re-reading your work. I skimmed through these parts.
        -Do you consider your favorite class to be a contriver, or a gadgeteer, just wondering. You seem like you like gadgeteer more, you made basil more of a badass. Also I was thinking you know spellgun, aren’t contrievers able to preform feats of “Magic” with their gear. spellgun just has enchanted gear, no extra abrah kadabra. Or spells, just the bullets and ammo whatever they do.

      • my favourite power is Journeyman’s 😛

        each contriver works differently. Some don’t do “magic” at all, but do “science” (as in, mad science). others do a mix, or enchantment only (like spellgun and hecate), or real magic (like Heretic)

  2. Okay, I just started reading this a few days ago, and I gotta say, I’m hooked. I literally cannot stop thinking about this series, and I’ve read it through twice already from beginning to current end. Believe me, with Wildbow’s Worm serial wrapping up, I’m really glad that something this good has come along to scratch that superhero itch. Congratulations on hitting the ten-year mark, and I’m sorry it took me so long to find this.

    By the way, do you have a forum or something where I can suggest a new character, or at least a new powerset?

    • uff, where do I start?

      Thank you VERY much for the praise. I’m really glad you like it so much.

      One-year-mark, not ten-year-mark^^

      There’s no forum yet, but I’ll probably open up an IRC channel soon.

      As for a forum, if you want to make one, or know someone who knows how to do it, then feel free. I’d like to, but I also lack the time to moderate such a forum, so I’d need someone else to do it.

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