Brennus Files 02: The World’s Major Players (Part 2)

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Brazil has the dubious honor of being the only South American state that can even pretend to any amount of stability, at least relative to the rest of the continent (which doesn’t say much). It is also the last state from that part of the world to be a part of the PATO. The nation is hounded by warlords and crime syndicates both from within and from the surrounding nations.


aka Gadgeteer Nation, Canada has the honor of being the origin of the world’s first recorded Gadgeteer, Theresa (manifested in 1924, just a year after Point Zero), making it the PATO’s unofficial science center. Visiting her home town, Vancouver, is considered something of a pilgrimage by most Gadgeteers, and many choose to remain there to work.

Its major hero team is the all-female group known as the “Drakainas”, founded by Theresa. Interestingly, the country lacks any persistent major supervillains, and the Drakainas work mostly internationally.


Less than twenty percent of Germany’s population survived Weisswald’s madness, most of them having fled the country if they could. Despite an impressive baby boom all over the world, Germany still hasn’t recovered completely, leaving it a firm third-string player in the world economy and politics both.

Die Zwölf Richter (the twelve judges) are its prime hero team, with the Weisswald-loyal group known as die Förster (the Foresters) as their greatest enemies.

Great Britain

In 1959, during Weisswald’s last raid on the British mainland (and the near destruction of London), the Queen manifested mid-level teleportation, escaping literally from his grasp (he was choking her to death). Most of her family followed over the next few years, and nowadays, nearly every member of the royal family is a metahuman, though they are all rather low-powered and not combat-oriented (with one sad exception).

Why is this important? No reason, really, just an interesting tidbit. Great Britain is united, nowadays, having lost much to Weisswald’s terror, forcing the remaining inhabitants to band closer together.

They lost the island of Mull when DiL appeared over Tobermory (a common, tasteless joke is that even she didn’t approve of the shutdown of the Tobermory Distillery), and large parts of North East Scotland are uninhabitable due to another attack of hers.

Manchester was mostly destroyed by an S-Class metahuman manifesting and going on a rampage just ten years ago. Rebuilding is still going on.


While Israel was founded, it was faced with even more hardships than one would expect – they were not allowed to simply displace the people who had lived in their new land, but had to try and integrate them into their new state. Lately, they’ve had a lot of problems with attacks from the Califate, which demands the death of all Jews (then again, they demand the death of pretty much everyone they don’t like).


Pre-1994: Drug-War torn country, real hellhole.

July 19th, 1994: Desolation-in-Light shows up there

Post-1994: New, very big Panama canal. The rest makes pre-1994 Mexico look like a nice vacation place for your children.

Grand African Imperial Nation (GAIN)

Sovereign’s empire is the most technologically advanced nation in the world, beating out every other nation in all fields but agriculture. Its leader rules supreme, with all power of the state resting solely in his hands, to be lent to those he deems worthy.

GAIN covers most of Africa south of the Sahara, with only the southern tip still independent (and torn apart by warlords). Sovereign has a strict policy of isolationism – anyone willing to submit to him can get in, but you don’t get out unless he allows it.

He rarely does. And his Subjugators (think Transformer Terminators) are very adept at hunting down dissidents.


Absorbed completely by the SU.


Initially, Japan supported Weisswald and his ideology of metahuman supremacy. That changed in 1951 when the old emperor died and his son took over – a son who was, among other things, in love with a non-manifested young woman, and who refused to put her through one of Weisswald’s forests.

Weisswald took it well. He killed the entire imperial family, but was driven back by said young woman, later to be known as Amaterasu, who manifested as one of the earliest examples of the then barely known Transcendent metahumans, forcing him to retreat.

The military took control of the state after Weisswald had been driven out of the country (Lady Light and The Dark showed up to back Amaterasu up in her fight against Weisswald) and joined the NATO, starting the reformation that gave birth to the PATO.

Despite this, Japan never felt comfortable with allowing the United Heroes as much agency within their borders as most PATO nations, and thus formed its own equivalent – the Sentai Organization. Each city and major town is protected by its own Sentai team, with the individual members being only known by their team’s theme and their colour (Alien Red, Dino Blue, etc). The Yakuza have developed into the major supervillain organization opposing the Sentais (and controlling most of the underworld).

The Australian Monarchic Union (AMU)

Australia did not fare well after Point Zero. It is no coincidence why it hasn’t been mentioned yet in terms of world politics in the past. No continent has had half as many S-Class threats ravage it, nor as many sick, broken powers appear among its inhabitants (not to mention the large number of mental derangements). Deathland indeed.

In the year 2000, things changed. A young girl, abused and broken after a life beyond harshness, died alone in the Outback. Legends abound regarding what exactly happened during her manifestation, what made her special – but she was reborn.

Two months later, Australia had been pacified, and Queen Madeleine of Australia declared the Australian Monarchic Union, with her as its absolute ruler, installing a metahuman nobility under her control. New Zealand and Indonesia both joined soon, as metahumans among their population rose up, took over and then bent the knee before Madeleine, making her the supreme ruler of that particular corner of the world.

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10 thoughts on “Brennus Files 02: The World’s Major Players (Part 2)

  1. So Weisswald almost destroyed Germany and tried to stage a coup on Japan when the emperor disagreed on his racial policy.

    The big question, then, considering all the shenanigans that happened there in our world during the war is: what the hell happened in Italy?
    Assuming there still was an Italy around for Mussolini to take over by then of course… I would guess a superhuman Mafia, a superhuman swiss guard, and a superhuman small bald prime minister with a very dubious private life would make things quite explosive.

    … Oh crap, Battle Pope

  2. The stories of Japan, Australia, and Canada fascinate me, and make me sad that we’re probably not going to get to see them very much in this story.

    When it comes to all out war between the Sovjets and PATO, is GAIN likely to just stay neutral, or support one of the other?

  3. Seems like Weisswald had kind of a thing with people he was trying to kill manifesting as metahumans.

    Can’t tell if he would have loved or hated that.

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