Brennus Files 02: The World’s Major Players (Part 3)

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Non-Government Organisations

The United Heroes

The United Heroes were founded shortly before the outbreak of World War II, as America’s heroes had to face the reality that they just couldn’t operate independently anymore and hope to survive – much less make a lasting change for the better.

Formed around the core that was and still is the first and most famous team of superheroes, the Shining Guardians (assembled first in ’26 by Lady Light) and under the leadership of Lady Light and an elected board of directors, they soon spread beyond America into Canada, Mexico and West Europe, and attained international recognition as an independent organisation during World War II.

In the present, the United Heroes are split into five main divisions, each lead by one of the current members of the Shining Guardians:

Doc Feral & the Feral Family (Legacy of original member; North America)

Quetzalcoatl (don’t mess with this guy. seriously, don’t; South America)

Fleur (youngest member, formerly Lady Light’s most recent sidekick; Europe)

Severence (original member, exact powers unknown after nearly a century of activity, Africa)

Lung Xukong (the newest member of the group, and she has the smallest Division; Asia)

Lady Light operates independently, pitching in wherever necessary, and leaves most of the politics to the younger generation, unless she feels herself compelled to interfere (happens often).

Generally, even in countries like Japan and the AMU, the United Heroes are at least respected, if not welcomed.

The Syndicate

An international network founded by the Dark, this is basically a villain support organization. If you have the money and the connections, it provides you with equipment, secret lairs, minions, metahuman muscle, anything you might need. They report directly to the Dark Five, who report to the Dark.

The Forresters

An international group of metahuman supremacists, they follow the ideology of Weisswald. They are the strongest believers in any and all of the countless conspiracy theories that say that Weisswald is still alive, and just waiting for his faithful to prove themselves worthy for his return.

The Drakainas

Canada’s oldest and most famous superhero team, they were founded by the world’s first Gadgeteer, Theresa, who took the cape name “Drakaina”. As the name suggests, they’re all-female, though they do have male meta’s among their support staff.

They operate internationally, less for combat purposes and more for disaster relief (though they can mess with the best if necessary). Have some of the best Gadgeteers in the world in the team, and all field members have customized Power Armor designed to enhance whatever innate powers they have.

Brennus has wet dreams about their tech.

The Califate

This is a weirdo among this group. They are technically a nation, as they rule pretty much the whole middle east. The group was formed in the early ’90s by thirteen extremists who protested the reforestation of the Islamic countries and generally the improvement of their living standards by way of Western organisations. As so often happens, a few assholes ruined a good thing for a lot of decent people.

The original extremists all manifested while hidden in a cave after a series of terrorist attacks on schools for girls and Christian hospitals, while pretty much everyone was closing in on them.

One of them got the ability to create a Gestalt out of several people, uniting himself along with the other twelve into the entity known as “the Thirteen Prophets”, or simply the Califate. Each member shares the powers of all members, and so long as one of them survives, all of them do. They also started creating seperate Gestalt units, mostly people forced into servitude as mindless fighting forces, though these lesser Gestalt armies do not share powers among their members, nor immortality (it is unknown why not).

Following the campaign of terror the Thirteen Prophets unleashed, a mass exodus out of the Middle East began, reducing it to less than thirty percent of its original population. Most of those who remained were, either forcefully or willingly, moved to the region around the mountain on the border between the Iran and Irac where the thirteen madmen manifested, where New Mecca was founded, the capital of the Califate, aka the capital of terror.

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7 thoughts on “Brennus Files 02: The World’s Major Players (Part 3)

  1. Alright, so how does it work between Severence and Sovereign? Did the emperor just agree to allow one branch of the United Heroes to work freely within his territory in exchange for partial protection from DiL and Class S manifestations?

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