About the delay

Yeah well, shit happened.

I had to make a big presentation for a seminar, then hold it on sunday together with the entire seminar. Then we went to a modern rendition of Othello, then a discussion with the actors…

Bottom line, I didn’t manage to write a single line of the new chapter from thursday to sunday.

It will come out on wednesday or thursday, if at all possible. Sorry for the delay, everyone.




6 thoughts on “About the delay

  1. don’t worry
    you gave us 4 smaler worldbuilding updates
    –>didn’t even consider it a missed chapter due to those
    (and missed chapters are only a very very bad thing if we [readers] have to start agonizing over whether the story will be continued or not, and you are past that point^^)
    (i know that the chapter is up by now, just had to say that)
    oh and you forgot to update the link from

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