Teaser: B007 Hastur, Shrouded in Dread (Part 1)

This is murder for my heart.

“He. Hehe. It’s just fun for everyone, Jay-jay,” the girl they called Hastur whispered, giggling.

“Wrraurk?” asked Nathaniel. He shook his head, still not quite able to talk again after seeing her face.

Love at first sight can do that to you.

“Nothin’ nothin’, Nathaniel. Now, since you’re all ready,” Her new friends had all gotten themselves ready. Only five of them had survived falling in love with her, but that was to be expected. They’d been bad men and women, anyway.

“And stupid. You were all stupid, too. What in Dio’s name possessed you to let me loose?” She looked around at the five of them, but only got moans and gurgling as a response. They were all still speechless.

Love at first sight can do that to you.

She looked down at herself, dressed only in some old rags left from the clothing she’d had on when she’d manifested (not much) and the shroud she’d been given (she’d pulled the hood down). “I need new clothes.” She sniffed under her armpit. “A shower, first. And a shave.”

A few blissful minutes later, she was clean again for the first time since they’d caught her. She threw her rags and her shroud away, stretching her body a little to limber up while Francine brought her a clean bed sheet she could use as a cowl until she found something better.

“Clothes, now.”

Focusing her awareness on New Lennston – she’d always wanted to visit this city, and now she’d finally get to do it – she looked for a place with nice clothes, and found a nice boutique.

Nathaniel teleported all five of them into it. He normally needed line of sight for his power, but she had line of sight to anywhere, and Francine could tap into other people’s senses and share them with others.

They popped into the middle of the small boutique – there were only three customers and two salesgirls inside. And they all started screaming in horror when they saw her new friends around her.

Before they could run or call someone, she pulled her cowl down, while Nathaniel jumped around the room, bringing them all into a line in front of her.

They looked at her face and their screaming changed. Now they screamed out of love, as it overwhelmed them.

Love at first sight can do that to you.

She threw the sheet away and went into the underwear section while the five women screamed their love into the world. Fortunately, the street outside was rather empty right now, and the window’s full of merchandise, so they were hidden.

“Those are cute,” she whispered with a giggle to the sound of one of the women – Marge – breaking her own neck. Shame, she always hated losing them. She pulled the pink panties with the dancing unicorns on. “No need for a bra, and ain’t that depressing? Getting powers is supposed to give you like, a D-cup at least. But noooo, I’ve still got apples instead of melons.”

She found a cute pair of socks that matched her panties just perfectly. The tight blue jeans she put on afterwards were nothing special, but they showed off her hips well. And she’d always liked the curve of her hips.

“A shirt now, don’t you think, Nathaniel?” He was her favourite, so far. Such a useful power, and he was the best-looking of the bunch.

“Srrrrrurrrhh,” he replied, slowly getting more control over his speech.

“Or maybe just a hoodie? Don’t want just everyone seeing my face all the time, that makes things… interesting, but not very practical, sometimes.” She nodded to herself and looked through the racks while two more of the women – the two salesgirls – fought each other in a brief struggle, until Mary dug out Jenny’s heart with her bare hands and ate it.

“Don’t you dare get blood over the stuff I might want to look through!” she told her and the other two who were still screaming.

Just then, someone kicked in the doors, and she heard two voices yell “Freeze!”.

Nathaniel and Greg took them down before they could do any more.

She stepped around the clothing rag she’d been standing behind, still topless, to see two police officers on the ground, held down by Greg’s power. They looked at her face and starting screaming, too, while they fought to break free of Greg’s power, useless though that was. Her new friends were rarely smart at the beginning.

Love at first sight can do that to you.

“Hey, Nathaniel,” she spoke up after a minute – Mary and Jenny had just killed their two remaining customers and were eating the tasty bits – while she just couldn’t decide which hoodie to choose. “What’s Hastur mean, anyway?” Maybe it would help knowing that.

“Hhhhhasssssturrrrr… loooooovecraffffft st’ries… King… in… Y-y-yellowwwwww,” he said.

“Bravo, Nathaniel!” she shouted, clapping her hands, then she gave him a kiss on his cheek. “You’re getting better!”

Then she turned back to the clothing selection. “King in Yellow, huh? Well, Queen in Yellow, now. So, a yellow hoodie, then…”

And she found one, it was a little thin, but it had a cute little heart for a zipper, so she put it on and zipped it closed. Then she clapped her hands again. “Shoes! I need shoes, too!”

Eight minutes (and one dead policeman later – poor stupid thing, he’d ripped out his own intestines only to eat them, but they others had gotten hungry, too when they saw that), she’d found the cutest little black-and-pink sneakers.

Looking at herself in front of the mirror, she pulled the hood up and deep down over her face, so not even her chin could be seen.

“I look cute, don’t you all think so, too?” she asked her new friends. They’d all finished screaming and were quite fine now.

Love at first sight can do that to you.

There were various gurgles and moans of affirmation, as well as a “Of cccccourrrrrsssse.” from Nathaniel.

Great! Now, to see what the Juniors and Basil and friends are doing…

She looked into the headquarters of the heroes, but recoiled from the minds of Basil and Melody.

“Ouch. Damn, what is that?” She looked into the other’s heads, and learned all the wonders of heterodyning while Thomas explained it. “Ohhh, I wonder if I can do that, too, with someone. Something to keep in mind.”

Nathaniel teleported them all away, leaving only the bits and pieces of the poor things who hadn’t made it behind. They reappeared in the middle of a mob meeting, with her in the center of the round table they were sitting at. She pulled her hood down. “They’ll probably find out I’m free, soon. Let’s see who I’ll take now, and who I’ll play with until later.”

She let her awareness roam a little around the city – she didn’t want to reveal too much about her capabilities yet.

After a few minutes, she looked back into the workshop.

… but who’ll be the hunter and who the game?

“Oh, Irene, you don’t get it,” she giggled to the sound of her new friends professing their love in screams. “It’s a game of tag. We can alternate roles. Though, of course, if I win, the consequences will be… fun.”

She looked up to see herself in a large mirror on the wall, squatting on her heels in the middle of the room, in her new hoodie and those cutest of all shoes.

“Who ever said the end of the world can’t look cute, huh?”

30 thoughts on “Teaser: B007 Hastur, Shrouded in Dread (Part 1)

    • Problem is that there’s a clairvoyant, a sense-sharer, and a teleporter limited only by senses. Meaning that if you use remote operated bots or drones, they find your control room and go straight there. I doubt that anybody but Sovereign could pull off large numbers of fully autonomous machines capable the flexibility needed for fighting supers.

  1. My guess is that Greg is CrushUp (gravity Powers?), Nathanial is Panthera Avis (teleportation within sight), Francine is Netsense (taps into and shares senses), and Mary is probably Bloody Mary (either super strength or really sharp fingernails, its probably difficult for a baseline to dig out a mans heart). In hindsight, they are all crazy or stupid for just releasing a S-Class like that.

  2. So, first important reveal is the shiny new S-Class in town. Clairvoyance/clairaudience, mind-reading, and any human who sees her face becomes murderously/suicidally insane, cannibalistic, and loyal to her. Easy for an intelligent hero to bypass; just route your vision through external cameras and a HUD inside an opaque helmet, possibly with computerized removal of her face in case it’s the image of it rather than line of sight. Problem being that most of the population is not so protected, and she’s already got several stupid powers under her, so you’re facing somewhere between an augmented army of cultists and the Swarm.

    Second important reveal is that two gadgeteers heterodyning hurts Hastur’s head. And that’s wonderful.

      • i disagree with johnwedd,
        being a student of wildbow you might,
        but we should not be capabel of predicting that,
        hell you could make her weakness like Imp (images and recordings, indirect interaction)
        or more like medusa / baselisk (harry potter) (mirror / looking through something [ghost etc, glases?, opaque gas?]–>no/weakened effect),
        than again she could take over the town and drive out that half of the heroes that she didn’t kill or take over, killing half of the dark 5 in the process as well some of Brennus teammates and friends,
        or she could make Lady Light and ore The Dark “murderously/suicidally insane, cannibalistic, and loyal to her” (possible her or them dying in the process),
        hell we could see something similar to this happening to her and her loyals http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RocksFallEveryoneDies,
        or make her good (like those endbringers who were preparing everyone to fight scion / who were just victims of Eidolon and had no choice but to fight)

    • The main issue is information and her keeping her limits hidden for as long as possible. Once people are aware of your power then they can plan a strategy or counterattack. The problem is that the hero/villain alliance are probably going to take deaths once they engage. Amazon’s power might protect her somewhat, the Dark is inside a darkling, and the most powerful 12 year old in the world would probably survive seeing her face and getting the info out. Anyone else is probably going to “feel the love”.

      • Oh yes. The first engagement will be a bloodbath at BEST, and certainly add new tricks to the Queen in Yellow’s bag.

        Does anybody recall if Brennus’s armor had armored lenses or cameras for visual? I seem to remember him adding camera feeds to widen his field of view and having to adjust for that mentally, but I’m not sure if he would prioritize being able to see after an equipment failure or protection from gaze attacks…

      • And yeah, GG might react… interestingly. Though if her power doesn’t make her immune, she might remove Hastur as a threat (at the cost of everything else in the city).

        But I doubt that Amazon will have a chance; she’s a hell of a brick but Mindstar proved she can’t do much against psionic attacks, and there’s no reason to think she’s resistant to memetics either.

        This might just come down to Brennus, GG, and The Dark versus the world (is it bad that I really want to see that?)

    • Amazon could only be captured because she wasn’t using her power at that time
      (her power protects her from mental stuff [like being taken over, or getting freed after being taken over])

  3. You borrowed rather heavily from the end of worm here a clairvoyend, some form of mindcontrol and a teleporter sounds like Taylor, Doormaker and the clairvoyenc granting kid, I can’t remember the name and then there’s the slurred speech.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s easy to see that Brennus has been influenced heavily by worm so far but up until now you where much more original about it or maybe the mentioned time constrains have something to do with? Never the less still looking forward to the rest of the chapter.

    • Hastur’s powers are based more on Lovecraft’s stories, to be honest. Though I won’t deny that I’m a big fan of Worm.

      There is a reason why many joked Taylor had turned into an Eldritch Abomination at the end of Worm. She was very great old one-y, right there.

      • If overwhelming force can’t solve your problem, you aren’t using enough.

        He isn’t a true unlimited teleporter, otherwise he would be on the dark’s level since it would be so gamebreaking. He probably has some limit like having to see where he is going, can only go somewhere he has been, or it might only be in the city area. Every power has limits. Clairvoyants might be canceled out by other clairvoyants or be limited. If it wasn’t limited in some way, they might as well be on the Smurf from Worm’s level. I picture an indiscriminate attack, perhaps a mine or IED placed by a robot or Brennus’s new “daughter”. Perhaps now is the chance for her to shine. I have theories on whether she will go the way of Dragon, Skynet, or Jarvis.

      • He’s explicitly limited to what he can see. The problem is that Hastur, in her own words, “sees everything” and Netsense can extend that to her minions. Together the three of them can go anywhere within the Queen’s clairvoyant range, and he already know that covers most of the city at least.

  4. The scary part is that the dark wont even be there as he’s fighting DiL so that leaves brennus GG to fight her and not to mention if they can tele like that they could pretty much tele right into the hq and turn everyone against them the way i see it is its gonna be brennus new weapon that’s gonnah end up beating hastur

  5. okay, now I’m a little confused. When we first saw here in the shipping container it seemed like she wanted to be rescued, now she’s planning on destroying the world; totally crazy or some other mind power at work?
    Oh and for some reason I couldn’t respond to sindri’s question about cameras/visors so I’ll do it here. Why not both, and just add shutters.

    • Actually she said that she thought they would be the ones to set her free. That doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to be rescued. It could be something along the lines of the monster in Brennus’s head liking to be set free.

    • only 3 layers of comments
      you can comment
      you can reply to a comment
      you can reply to a reply-to-a-comment|
      but you can’t reply to a reply-to-a-reply-to-a-comment

  6. Anyone else notice that once people “fall in love” with Hastur they have problems speaking. Also just looking at people who have “fallen in love” with her causes people to completely freak out. I don’t think it is seeing her causes them to go crazy/murderous/cannibals but that she is transforming them in to eldritch horrors. Also notice Mary tears out Jenny’s heart but then Mary and Jenny together kill the other customers and eat them. Unless this was an oversight (I doubt it) then killing her friends is going to be very difficult. The whole key phrase “Love at first sight can do that to you.” seems to be how she rationalizes the changes possibly pointing to someone messing with her head at some point.

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