Brennus Files 06: Go, go Power Rangers!

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Go, go Power Rangers!

Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers!
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers!
You Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Many a history that may have been was derailed with Point Zero, but few countries took such a strange turn as the country of Japan did. At first, metahumans were a very welcome sight in the land of the rising sun, for it was still in the throws of extreme nationalism, and a high incidence (relatively to the rest of the world, at the time) of manifestations (there were no less than forty-three known metahumans active in Japan by the end of the Thirties, and almost a hundred of them by nineteen-forty, almost twice as much as in China and almost at the level of Australia, Africa and the America).
And just to make things even more favourable for metahumans, nearly the entire imperial family had manifested by the end of the Twenties; Emperor Hirohito was one of the most powerful metahumans of the time, a high-powered weather controller; this, as well as a series of very successful expansions into Chinese territory, invigorated Japanese national pride, and many said that Japan had now entered a Golden Age…

That is, until Weisswald came along, of course.

The shock and upheaval that he caused, not just to Japan’s country but to their very culture can’t be overstated.

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11 thoughts on “Brennus Files 06: Go, go Power Rangers!

      • You aren’t old enough to use that phrase. You have to retire or be old enough to retire. It’s like an unwritten law of the universe. I preferred IN SPACE myself when I was younger. Though I’ve lost count of how many iterations there have been.

      • There are 18 english iterations and I have no clue how many iterations of Super Sentai there are.

  1. You should get rid of that “soon” comment at the top. Just to be accurate. ;D

    Don’t take this as me rushing you- I’m glad you focused on regular Brennus chapters, and it would be rude of me to ask you for anything more when you do such a great thing by writing this serial. I was just doing some research and I saw that date and the note, and it amused me.

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