Report and Final Schedule

Yeah so, obviously, the whole updating on time thing is not going well right now. Eleven-hour shifts will do that to a writer.

I don’t know whether I’ll manage an update today (it would be a regular update – the power rangers file will be shelved until further notice), but I’ll certainly do what I can to finish something. This rather sad state of affairs may well continue until the end of September, I’m afraid.

To make a little something up to you all, I’ve decided to publish my final schedule for Book 1 – Brennus:

B011 Monkey Family

B012 Born At Sleep

B013 Call of the Sleeper

B014 Rift

B015 Gloom & Doom

B016 Supermassive Black Hole

B017 All Masks Fall

B018 All The Lost Ones

B019 Basil Blake

B.E Epilogues

Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish all this by February, then take a month or two off to get a head-start on editing for the book release (which will also include a near-complete rewrite of the first three arcs, I think) and focus a little more on The Dreaming. Then I’ll segue into the second book, parallel to writing the Dreaming and editing the old work if I don’t manage it during the break.

I hope you’ll stay with me until the end.

Until the next update, goodbye, and have good fun.




21 thoughts on “Report and Final Schedule

  1. Take your time, we’ll be here. 🙂

    Out of curiousity, will the book be a graphic novel style? I could see this being Sin City in style 🙂

    9 more arcs after the current one? And an epilogue?
    Tieshaunn, you know how to make a guy happy, makes me wish you were a woman so I could…..daydream, actually, I think I still can, but I’m pretty sure that would only make you uncomfortable, hell, even if you actually are a woman, it probably still makes you uncomfortable, so I won’t
    But man, not even accounting could take my excitement away now
    And Ties, I hereby swear on my life that I will be here with you so long as you and I draw breath, and I’m pretty sure that I can say the same for others

  3. ah well dont worry about the delays too much real life comes first after all. And while I don’t usually like posting criticisms, on the topic of edits and rewrites you might want to take a second look at Visilikis revenge reveal that whole scene kinda struck me as thin and hard to believe. the way she so easily revealed it made it seem to lack any kind of weight or resolve (especially when compared to the Vra arc which was an absolutely fantastic depiction of someone struggling with some deep psychological conflict). it sort of puts me in the mind of a generality regarding suicide attempts, that being you can supposedly classify them in two main groups. The first group being people who have genuinely committed to ending their life and are almost always successful at accomplishing such. Whereas it might be more acurate to say the second group is making a “cry for help” as they say. Now to any one reading this post the generality (i dont know what the correct term is for somthing like that, idiom maybe?) I mentioned is just somthing that I’m aware exists within our culture, and that is not to say it is acurate or should be applied to real people. I only mentioned to help illustrate my point so if anyone has tried to commit suicide or knows someone who has I meant no offence and I apologise if any was taken.

    • where did you take that date from?

      no, book two will start in June of 2015, at the latest. it’s been about a year and ten months since I published the first Brennus chapter, it’ll be about two years and three months when I’m finished, and book 2 shouldn’t be much longer than book 1, so it’ll be finished around… 2017? maybe 2018 at most, depending on how it goes with working as a teacher.

      Book 3 should start shortly after book 3, and should take less time to finish, maybe two years at most

  4. I stopped by to visit my brother tonight. After seeing what working seven twelve hour shifts does to him, you have my sympathy

  5. Thanks Tieshaunn 🙂
    We don’t mind waiting, although we do get sad, but your spending your time writing a story that we get to read for free. We really appreciate that and enjoy reading hopefully as much as you enjoy writing.
    Can’t wait for the book, I wonder how thick it will be…. Unless it’s an epub. Either way, remember to get good art work for the cover (especially on the spine if it’s an actual book). They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and generally people who like books don’t, but it would be a lie to say we don’t at all, plus if it looks good it will catch the attention of people browsing for books (online, in a store or in a library). And remember that you should include the book number on the front and side! Makes it easier to tell what order to read them in 😛 And so you can line them up on a shelf.

    Sincerely, AvidFan.
    ~ Fan of fiction

  6. I hope you are getting paid hourly instead of by the job. And as far as job versus Brennus, I understand the major income source has to come first. I hope things ease up sometime soon.

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