To Pass Time

Since I probably won’t publish anything until Sunday at the earliest, here’s a few other works you might like:

  • Goodfae
    • An urban fantasy/mob story during the time of the prohibition
    • A serial with a lot of work put into the setting and premise. It’s quite the entertaining read.
  • Raising Angels/Defection
    • One’s an urban fantasy story about a girl-turned-angel, the other a superhero tale
    • Not much to comment on. Two different stories, solid writing and a lot of thought and love put into the settings and characters.
  • Twisted Cogs
    • Where do I even begin with this one? Urban Fantasy during the time of the renaissance, with magic superpowers and weird artisan guilds thrown in. Definitely give it a try!
    • Has, in my opinion, a very nice pace, far better than most serial authors usually manage at first.
    • Has a smut option.

25 thoughts on “To Pass Time

  1. I’ve read Raising Angels and Defection, love the main characters, but I’ll try the others.
    For anyone in the situation of having already read Tieshaunn’s recommendations, I recommend reading HPMOR, better known as Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality, a quite long fanfiction that takes a rational take on the Harry Potter universe, with stupendous writing, characterization and use of logic, the author actually tries to make you smarter while you read, and you end up feeling that it worked. I would recommend it to everyone here. It’s also finished, so you can binge-read the entire thing

    • You’re really trying to convince me of the long-lost brother theory, aren’t you? I’m sure you would like Dungeon Keeper Ami. I’ve got more on it, and hopefully a link, below.

  2. Twisted Cogs – Read it up to 2.2 and then quit a while back. (Basically right before her first day of apprenticeship.) The pace seemed a bit too slow for me. Does it pick up? And is there any action? (I was afraid it would keep revolving around arts and crafts.)

    Some recommendations from me (in random order):
    A Practical Guide to Evil – Doing bad things for good reasons. If you cant beat them…

    Magelife – Story of a newly minted “punch-clock mage” in a country where mages recently broke free from their royal masters and took over.

    Super Powerds – (Authors introduction is good enough.)

    Flicker – A world where superpowers have just recently started to appear. The story follows young heroes who gained their powers from being possessed by friendly spirits with amnesia.

    Worm – (Im sure many here have already read about this bug controlling wannabe hero.)

    Of Heroes and Villains – (Mature content!!!) The paths of a new villain and a seasoned hero with an embarrassing fetish cross. (Be aware of sex and a bit of a gender-bender.)

    Overseer – A spirit with amnesia that decides to help some lizards develop.

  3. If we’re doing recommendations… you guys should go check out Winter’s tale. (

    Really good Urban Fantasy. Starts off OK, and then the scope of the story/world broadens out and it gets great. There’s some really smooth character development, a real sense of progress. Actions have consequences and morality is increasingly grey. Consistent world building etc.

    One of the best things about it though, IMO, is how quickly it comes out. I just crunched some numbers, and it’s pretty crazy. It started mid November 2014, and since then there’s been a little over 970k words since then. It slowed down back in February, to 3 ‘main story’ updates a week, averaging around 3,475 words and one ‘interlude’ (of which the audience gets to suggest the topic) averaging 5,460 words. I can’t think of a work updating faster.

    With Brennus and Twig, it rounds out my current trifecta of favourite web fictions. Check it out.

  4. followed Magelife for a while. I thought it got silly, but don’t remember why

    Superpowereds (See above) has some fanfiction as good as the main story, if that’s your thing. and there’s always legion of nothing, which is picking up the pacing again.

  5. I just binged through Defection. It was great, but in a kind of over-the-top, humorous way. I’d recommend that for the laughs.

    HPMoR, already mentioned by Nafram, is amazing. One of the few things I’ve read where I can actually identify with the internal moral debates of the main character. And that’s even though I do not subscribe to his morality. It’s also hilarious, though there is some major mood whiplash, so it can get pretty dark at times.

    I also recommend Dungeon Keeper Ami, or DKA. It’s a crossover fanfiction. The main character is Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon, stuck acting as a Dungeon Keeper. A lot of what I like in it (aside from random funny points) is how the main character mixes function-magic with scientific principles to completely destroy problems. I hesitated to call DKA fanfiction because of just how much worldbuilding, and additional characters are involved.

    I’ll try to get a link to DKA up in a few minutes. I don’t think my descriptions can do it justice, so let’s just say that I honestly place it at about equal with Worm.

    • Okay, assuming that I did not just fail my Use HTML check, this should be a link to DKA: Dungeon Keeper Ami. If my attempted link doesn’t work, you could try using Google.

      Due to the way the site is set up, the story can branch each chapter. The good stuff is the chain by Pusakuronu.

      • It’s too bad that there have been no updates for almost a year now. I hope Pusa gets around to writing again because I love that story.

      • Yeah. But even as it is, it’ll let people kill some time in an entertaining way.

        At times I’ve thought about splitting something off from that terrible branch by Redfeather. Ideas I had were that Ami loses some of her innocence, which fits with the ‘becoming the mask’ theme. And that the Shining Concord Empire was so Lawful Stupid, that they were becoming a threat to the wellbeing of the world. The result was to be that the Light would actually ask Ami to conquer the Empire.

    • Thanks. Im at chapter 48 now. Been a while since Ive read a good space sci-fi story. I think the last one was James P. Hogan-s Inherit The Stars.

      “I’m not beautiful. But I will be.”

  6. I was planning on writing fanficion for Brennus before the next update but I’d barely written a begginning when I started to read Twisted Cogs.

    I now wonder where the past four days went.

  7. Just a quick primer. Since one of my exams was moved to Monday, I spent most of Sunday (until just now) studying, and I most likely won’t have the new chapter done today; I still intend to publish it on time, by Monday midnight at the latest.

    • The Descendants isn’t bad… But when I was reading it I don’t remember it particularly standing out, either.

      Honestly, I’d recommend Rune Breaker and So I Married a Supervillain instead. They’re also on the site, and by the same author.

  8. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to delay the new chapter until tomorrow. Exam took more of my time than I thought, and I had some other responsibilities, as well

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