Final Exam

Finally done with exams! Good riddance! Ate an utterly decadent (not to mention unhealthy) lunch at McDumb in order to celebrate.

I’ll finally get to finishing Les Aspirantes today, I think; no more exams to distract me!

Then I’ll have at least a month, if not more, off to relax, recover and write… unless something unexpected happens (again) and I have to get stuff done (again)…

Nope. Let’s not go there. Let’s stop at “write”. If I think too much, I’ll get depressed again. Sometimes I wish I’d been born less imaginative, it might’ve led to a happier life… then again, I probably wouldn’t be writing my stories if I was less imaginative, and seeing how much happiness these bring…

Overthinking it, again. I have at least a month off now. Time to enjoy it!

10 thoughts on “Final Exam

  1. So it’s funny that I started reading this, and thought Basil had finished his exams and finally decided to eat something (even if it was McDonalds) 😛

  2. Don’t think just do I always say. An unimaginative life is not worth living. Hope the exams went well.

    • Hey some people naturally have no imagination, it’s not their fault. Luckily for the they can’t imagine what they’re missing…

  3. I’m going to state a theory I have had for a while now. I think the reason that Prisca’s condition can’t be healed by healing powers is because her body has been ‘changed’ rather than broken or hurt. That results in healing powers not being able to find anything to heal so they don’t work on her.

      • I wasn’t expected that theory to get confirmed out of story. And I figured that there would be some healing powers that work. Such as a power along the lines of Panacea from Worm though technically that would biological manipulation being used to perform healing rather than a healing power.

      • that kind of power is pretty rare, though; and not every person capable of healing is interested in using it for good, either

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