B012.9 Born At Sleep

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Crocell’s eye swiveled around, passing over the approaching capes and cowl – to focus, apparently, on Tyche again.

“The fu-” she started to say before Basil tackled her out of the way of the beam of whatever-it-was that Crocell sent her way.

The two of them fell off the roof as half of it – the half Tyche had been on – was disintegrated. Hecate, having stood on the other side of Basil from Tyche, was safe, though she smoked away just to be safe.

Basil fired a hook, swinging away from the doomed building – but clearly, Crocell wasn’t done, as it turned its head to pursue them with its lethal beam. He saw it approach them and knew that there was no way he could evade it – but Tyche could, maybe, if she turned to smoke, so he threw her away from himself.

“What are y-” she began to shout, only to be interrupted again.

“Smoke away!” he shouted, and she did as the beam approached.

If I swing around the building, I might get away, he thought, only then it was rendered moot as Kraquok tackled Crocell, one arm punching it’s barely existent jaw to snap its mouth shut.

The multi-limbed cowl roared as he pushed against the even bigger monster, whose limbs were still stuck to the ground by the silvery field the girl from the Feral family – Mercury, if he remembered their roster correctly – and bent it over backwards.

Crocell tried to open its maw, perhaps to roar but more likely to blast Kraquok off of itself, but the veteran fighter was using two of its limbs to hold it closed, while bending the feral monstrosity backwards – if it’d had anything like a classic skeleton, it’d have a broken spine by now; Kraquok was very nearly straddling it at this point, Crocell’s head and back just a metre or two away from touching the ground and getting stuck to Mercury’s field.

“Come on…” he couldn’t help but whisper as he swung onto another building. It would’ve been smarter to get out of sight, to only watch through his ravens, but he really, really wanted to see the pro’s go to town in person.

Evidently, others felt the same way, as capes and cowls gathered around the park. Whether they were holding back out of morbid curiosity, or because they didn’t want to get in the way (and possibly get hit by Kraquok’s infamous breath weapon), hold back they did, as Tyche and Hecate joined Basil again. Gilgul was up above, closer to the battle, looking for a chance to strike.

“Hey B, thanks for saving my ass – again,” Tyche said lightly, though Basil could hear an undercurrent of actual gratitude hidden beneath her light-hearted demeanor.

“I wonder why it’s been targeting you,” Hecate said, seemingly more worried than Tyche herself. “You’re hardly the most dangerous person around, and yet it’s been going after you every time it hasn’t been distracted by others.”

The redhead girl shrugged, just as Kraquok finally succeeded in bending Crocell over to the point where its head and shoulders were now stuck, leaving the monster now bent backwards in a rather grotesque way, its limbs flailing around uselessly.

He immediately got out of the way, at the same time that Doc Feral made a simple hand motion, and the whole Feral family sprang into action.

Wunderkind downed a glowing potion. Several others either drank or injected or, in one case, inhaled various concoctions. Doc Feral herself stabbed an injector into her left forearm. Only Mercury (a name she couldn’t possibly have claimed had it not been in the Feral Family for decades) kept her current power, maintaining the hold on Crocell.

And then they ripped into the beast.

They acted in pairs, at least, if not in trios. Basil couldn’t even tell what the individual powers they’d picked were, as they never used them independently of each other; instead, they heterodyned with an ease that made his and Polymnia’s gadgeteering session seem anemic. Brilliant beams of spiraling energy, twisting, semi-solid masses of corrosive light, vicious exploding mist lashing out like a lovecraftian horror with countless tentacles and more assaulted their prone quarry. Some of them stuck together, some only combined for a single attack before they cycled through partners, powers or both.

The result was a glorious, perfectly coordinated storm of destruction that flayed the flesh off Crocell’s side and hips. Clear fluid shot out as if it was filled with high-pressure hoses, as masses of pearlescent, pale white flesh and what looked like cartilaginous bones (in a configuration which seemed to be meant for a fish rather than a humanoid) were exposed, and the assault didn’t stop there – they only dug deeper.

The cacophony of the Feral Family’s attack was bad enough, but Crocell trumped them all a moment later, screaming at such a high volume, Basil had to steady the girls again as they reeled from the attack. Hecate even dropped her staff in favour of holding her hands over her ears, while Tyche’s rifle only remained with her due to the strap she was carrying it by.

And the monster kept screaming, only rising in pitch. Glass shattered for several blocks around the park, as people collapsed with their ears bleeding. The Feral family was hit the hardest, as they were also closest. Even Kraquok reeled, stumbling in disorientation.

Basil’s ravens were being destroyed as well, and he’d actually made an effort to make them resistant to sonic attacks; since it clearly hadn’t been sufficient, he sent them away instead. Even so, he was down to just two ravens now, out of what had once been a whole unkindness.

He took a step back, holding onto the girls, as he furiously thought about some way to get them to safety – as well as himself, as he didn’t know how long his own protection would hold out against this level of noise.

All that was rendered moot, though, as all the sound suddenly vanished; they were all plunged into total silence, silence so complete, it made Basil’s ears ring.

He looked up to see Gloom Glimmer in the air above, cape billowing with the now soundless pressure of Crocell’s cry, her left arm extended, palm up, with a blueish sphere the size of a softball hovering above it.

She was looking furious, her eyes turned red and black again.

An impact shook the building Basil was standing on, drawing his attention away from her. In the seconds he’d been distracted, the Feral Family had managed to recover and gone back to their assault on the giant monster. Three of them – Basil didn’t recognise them, but they looked like father, mother and son in matching costumes – were standing together, holding hands in a triangle formation. They raised their intertwined hands in synchronous motion, then brought them down – and with them came a pillar of what appeared to be solid gold, slamming into Crocell’s midsection, where he’d been regenerating the damage done to him – it served to both slow down his visible regeneration and also kept him down, as Mercury had passed out from the sonic assault, freeing him from the silvery field she’d covered the ground beneath him with. The rest of the family was no slouch either – Doc Feral was leading a group of five, the others teaming up in pairs of two or three, renewing their assault on the beast.

Basil and the girls all watched in awe as they blasted the beast across the park, slowly but surely driving it down the main street to try and get it out of the city. It was, frankly, not something they’d expected from the Ferals.

The Shining Guardians were the favourite subject of more message boards, talk shows and video channels than one could count, and one of the favourite pastimes of them was to compare the members of the group, both past and present, and rank them – in these rankings, the Feral Family usually took last place.

Fleur was Lady Light’s former sidekick, the first she’d taken on since Elysium’s death; a hugely successful heroine whom many described as a good Weisswald, power-wise.

Quetzalcoatl was, frankly, a monster, a catastrophe made flesh which, in any sane world, would be hunted down by any means necessary. Since he lived in Brazil, though, he was a national hero.

Severance was the last truly original member, mysterious and shrewd enough to keep the nature of his power a secret over a seventy-year career.  He was als somehow managing to keep a lid on crime in New Johannesburg, which spoke volumes about his capabilities. The criminals of that city supposedly feared him more than Sovereign.

Huong Long was young, had a questionable history, big problems with the Japanese Sentai and the kind of power that had catapulted her to the world stage within a month and a half of manifesting.

Doc Feral, meanwhile, only ever showed up with her family – Basil wasn’t even sure whether there was any footage of her fighting on her own – and they usually stayed in the back of the big fights, overshadowed by the flashier. members of the Shining Guardians and even some other heroes.

Or, perhaps, they simply prefer a support role when there are others around to stand up front, Basil though. The way they work, they’re probably better-suited to it, anyway.

Clearly, though, they could bring the hurt when necessary. Crocell was being driven out of the city, screaming and trashing without a sound, as the gathered heroes and villains followed the stoically advancing Feral Family.

Gloom Glimmer floated down to move along Basil and the girls, along with Gilgul.

“I feel so darn useless,” Gilgul admitted, sounding both awed and annoyed. “What are we even here for? The Ferals seem like they can take him down on their own.”

“They can’t keep this up forever,” Gloom Glimmer explained, her voice reverberating oddly with itself. “Some of them can only make small amounts of formula a day, others can only take a limited amount of it per day without serious side effects and every one they lose reduces their overall power exponentially.”

“So they have a lot of power, but not a lot of staying power,” Hecate summarised. Gloom Glimmer nodded in affirmation.

“How is Polymnia?” Basil asked curiously. “Those screams can not have been good for her.”

The floating girl bit her lower lip, a look of frustration spreading over her face. “It knocked her out. I was able to fix her ears and wake her up, but… I couldn’t fix the pain it caused. She’s at the command post.”

“Your power is not cooperating?” He watched the Feral family change powers, creating no less than eleven different kinds of bindings, from purple chains to arms growing out of the ground, while Doc Feral, Wunderkind and one other member were charging up what looked like a small sun.

“I’m used to it,” she said, as they watched them blast the immobilized Crocell square in the chest, causing an explosion of steam which obscured all vision. “Though I really would’ve thought I’d want to ease her pain to get a power for that…”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself,” Tyche told her as she patted the floating girl’s shoulder. “I got nothing like control over my power and if it’s taught me one thing it’s that you can’t take it personally. Powers are weird.”

Gloom Glimmer giggled, reluctantly, just as a strong, cool wind picked up.

Basil turned his head and saw the woman in the brown costume again, standing next to Prospero. She had her arms raised, waving them about as if conducting a play, as the wind blew the steam away.

Prospero, meanwhile, was holding his staff up over his head with both hands, holding it horizontally, as he seemed to… cuss at the sky?

One of Basil’s ravens was close and he sent it closer still, until its microphone (battered though it was) picked up a steady stream of insults, curses and general derogatory comments, which Prospero was shouting at the air at the top of his lungs, while a humanoid figure formed out of the wind that the woman in brown was moving.

It looked androgynous, sexless, with long, ethereal hair several times its height of about a metre and a half. Once it was fully formed – though still translucent – it flew out towards Crocell, while Prospero went to work cussing up another spir-

“Brennus, why are you giggling?” Hecate asked in a worried tone of voice.

“I, ah, I just… nothing,” he replied, once had himself back under control. Well, mostly. It was still too funny, even for him. He looked over at Prospero drawing more of his wind spirit out of the air, aided by the woman’s power, as he continued shouting at his own creations. Basil stifled another giggle. He’s cussing up a storm.

The steam was gone, by that point, and they could see the results of it all. Crocell was picking itself up off the ground, having been pushed very nearly to the city’s limits, most of its front flayed off to the muscle. Even now, it was regenerating, the attack apparently having had no greater effect, than previous efforts.

The Feral Family had retreated by about fifty metres, while several of the present heroes were forming up a line between them and the monster. Hollywood’s sphere of light was hovering up above the battle, providing its boons to all defenders of the city.

Weirdly enough, Basil couldn’t make out Kraquok anywhere, even though the monstrous villain had grown far too big to simply slip out of sight. A few others were missing, as well – Waverider and Father Manus. He could see Amy, hovering over a nearby rooftop, circled by several compressed spheres of metal – former cars she’d turned into impromptu projectiles. Lamarr was nowhere to be seen. Nor had Totemic or Sovereign’s Subjugator made an appearance yet.

Let’s hope they’re planning something big, Basil thought to himself, though he didn’t share his thoughts with the others.

“I’m going to join the heavy hitters,” Gilgul announced, looking at the girls, then at Basil, nodding quickly. “Stay safe, all of you.”

“Yes ma’am,” Basil replied, his mask hiding his smile as she flew away towards the line of frontline fighters.

Gloom Glimmer nodded to them and flew ahead as well.

“What do we do, B-Six?” Tyche asked him. “We’re kind of superfluous here.”

Hecate made a surprisingly refined snort. “I don’t think so. I’m going to get closer and angle for a shot. See you two later.” And she burst into smoke, flying away before either of them could say anything.

Basil took a look at Tyche. She was still unharmed. Barely a speck of dust on her; she’d even managed to keep ahold of her rifle, which he was quite glad about – it was nearly a match to his own, in sheer stopping power, though it lacked some of the more exotic (and delicate) additions his rail gun had, and it would have been hideously expensive to remake.

“We are going to run Search and Rescue, I guess,” he replied. “I only have two ravens left, but between them and your luck, we should be able to h-“

He saw it move through the one raven he’d sent up above, keeping a bird’s eye view of the battlefield, and reacted at the last moment, throwing himself at Tyche and knocking her out of the way at the last moment, just as Crocell shot another beam aimed straight at her. It missed them by barely an inch, very nearly blasting off Basil’s legs.

The sonic boom it caused hit them in spite of Gloom Glimmer’s power negating the actual sound of it, shaking Basil to the core and disorienting him greatly.

He very nearly threw up in his mask as his sight turned black for moments, and he lost all sense of direction while he and Tyche were thrown off the roof, approaching the ground in a graceless tumble.

Acting on reflex, he fired his grappling hooks left and right, hoping for some, any kind of purchase – but the blast had damaged the left one, causing it to get stuck, while the other one didn’t hit anything but air.

And then his and Tyche’s fall was suddenly arrested, as the air itself seemed to catch them, bringing them to a brain-shaking halt.

“Ugh…” Tyche made a sick sound, before she audibly threw up – fortunately, she didn’t throw up on him. That would’ve seriously crimped his white cape’s style.

Slowly, Basil’s vision returned as he and Tyche were deposited on the street, just in time to see the woman in brown float gracefully down to meet them. Unfortunately, as his vision sharpened, he saw that the impact had caused a lot of damage to his equipment – especially to his mask’s HUD and cameras, forcing him to trigger the failsafe and open up two slits for his eyes. Well, it’s this kind of situation I built them in for.

“Are you two alright?” the woman asked with a voice that didn’t match her boring, rather forgettable costume – it was strong, weathered, a practiced voice that could easily be heard across the roar of a storm – and which drew his attention away from inspecting the damage readouts he still had access to.

Tyche groaned, heaving, but Basil righted himself and nodded. “We are quite fine. Thank you for the save.”

She nodded. “Let’s get out of here before that thing-“

There was a roar, and then a groundshaking impact, and then the two buildings behind them – including the one Crocell had shorn the top off of – began to topple towards them.

Basil didn’t bother wasting breath to curse or anything – instead, he grabbed Tyche by her upper arm and charged forward, hooking his other arm into the woman’s own, and pulled them with him as he ran to the right, trying to get out of the collapsing buildings’ arc.

But it was too late and the two constructions, built to fit the modern customs and regulations (you really couldn’t afford having buildings be too easy to bring down, nowadays) crashed down atop them with a deafening noise.

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  1. By Shakespeare’s pen, this feels incredibly good.

    Thanks to everyone who’s been supportive and understanding of my (overlong) abscence. It helped a LOT, reading your comments and now I’m back!

    This chapter isn’t nearly as long as I wanted it to be, but I’m sick and tired of keeping you waiting, so I decided to just put it out at half-length.

    Thursday is a national holiday, so I’ll have some more time to write. Hopefully, I’ll have something more done by the weekend, now that my schedule is getting lighter again.

    Thank you all for waiting and sticking with me and my story, and I hope to entertain you for a good long while to come!



  2. Goddamn, almost worth the wait 😉 ! It’s à really good fight, one of the best I’ve read and it isn’t even over.

    By the way, you should check all “Crocell” and “Kraquok” in the text. A LOT of mix up and fusion of both names.

  3. Good to have you back man!

    Gotta know, is this Tyche’s power coming full circle? Seems appropriate.

    • Oh… here’s an idea. Her mother manifesting, and recognising her (and perhaps what the power had been doing to her?). That’d be fun 😀

      • I think he means that Crocell is her mother. While I don’t share that particular theory, that thing must be targeting Tyche because of SOMETHING, and her power seems like the prime candidate

      • New crack theory: Crocell’s eye beam doesn’t disintegrate the target, but rather teleport them someplace wonderful. Getting hit with it dead on is therefore the luckiest possible thing that could happen to somebody on this battlefield.

        But yeah, probability manipulation is the only thing that sets her apart from the rest of the combatants, so unless the monster was created/controlled by somebody with a personal grudge (and I have no idea who that could even be), it’d gotta be specifically attracted to warped probabilities for some reason. Maybe it’s got a target hierarchy based on power class, with true luck manipulation at the top of the threat scale? Maybe it’s in tune with the flow of whatever causes luck somehow, so she’s just more “visible” than other targets? Maybe it intends to take out or manipulate some other target, and has to go through Tyche first to avoid probabilistic tangles in the future operation? Maybe she’s just started rebounding on something other than her poor mother.

      • Oh? Then I’m going to subscribe to the following theory, Crocell is being commanded by someone to attack Tyche, likely the guy from the bigot group that doubles as a member of the secret organization that hired Duzu

      • The reasoning being that, as far as we know, Crocell doesn’t appear to be sentient and her power shouldn’t trigger any self defense mechanism given the fact that it works indirectly, so if it’s not sentient and it’s not attacking Tyche by instinct, then the most likely option is that it’s following commands…….unless of course one of the assumptions I just mentioned is wrong.

        This makes me wonder however, how intense is Tyche’s power anyways? Does it just tilt the scale in her favor a la “enemy attack just grazed me” or does it get to the point of “trigger event x, so that character y gets the inspiration to create plan z”
        In other words, I’m asking how much of a difference does it make in combat

      • But how and why would that organization be targeting Tyche? The only notable thing about her on the political level is that she’s associated with a girl who’s sworn vengeance on one of the Five and a boy who has nebulous connections to the Six and (to the extremely well informed) has a logo that matches up to one of Ember’s doodles. Unless I’m missing something there’s no reason for any major organized groups to go after Tyche directly, and she doesn’t seem like she’d be anybody’s first choice for a secondary target to hurt or manipulate one of her associates, so the only route that I can come up with that would make sense for them to be sending monsters after her is if they were taking her out to make their real target easier to get to. Which was one of the things in the post that tieshaunn said was too complicated.

        Unless of course the powers behind this were operating on information from a precog, and they aren’t motivated by who she is or what she’s done but rather by what she *will* do if not stopped….

        As for the degree of her power’s influence, I think that’s something inherently impossible to measure. People with the experience and insight necessary can look at their fights and see that Tyche’s crew should have lost and that a lot of things just happened to go perfectly for them, or look at her lottery record and guess that there’s probably something up there, but it’s impossible to pinpoint what is truly random chance and what is not-quite-random. That’s why a lot of normal observers look at the team and assume that she’s a pure Adonis. Maybe every single event in the story, including the ones before she was born, were all tilted by her power to arrange events before her. Maybe it doesn’t have any influence beyond letting the players reroll their dice a few times every session. It is fairly certain that there isn’t a geographic range limit, because the lottery results were a long way from her (which was the evidence used that she wasn’t just a subconscious telekinetic, like a lot of fake probability manipulators) but that’s all we know with much confidence.

        It’s also probable that her power had some influence on the group getting together, since otherwise the initial fight with the snow queen was one hell of a coincidence, but was that just causing her own random wanderings to bring her to that warehouse where the other two met by coincidence? Did it cause Brennus and Hecate to choose that day to strike that supervillain? If so, did it simply make the information available to them, or did it cause their decision to strike? To get that information to Brennus, did it cause Aimihime’s dad to become a target so one of his friends would know about the trouble going down? Was Tyche’s power responsible for Mr. Dannington’s whole criminal career, or Snow Queen’s? Looking through the chain of causality to try to figure out when her power started to touch it is one hell of a rabbit hole, because all “random” events are actually perfectly logical chains of cause and effect which you just don’t see most of the time, so in order to manipulate the end result to be favorable you would need to either rewrite history or influence a whole lot of things in a wide variety of very subtle ways to make them eventually turn out better down the line.

        Better as a general rule to try not to think about it too hard. Especially if you believe in either free will or physical laws, because it has to break one or the other of those if it’s making any changes at all.

        Alternatively, the power could just not change things at all, and the universe could be set up from The Beginning to just happen to be favorable toward this one random individual. In which case they don’t possess a superpower so much as they’re just… lucky.

      • her powers neither violate free will nor break the laws of physics.

        and it only works from the moment of her manifestation onwards – anything and everything that happened before that point (about… a week or two before the story starts, iirc) is untouched by her power

      • I knew Tyche’s power was OP. The lucky ones always are. I wouldn’t have guessed 92 though. I would have guessed 88-89, but that is still pretty close. In my mind, Tyche has always been just one step below the true monsters like Ember, DIL, the big snake god thing, and the now deceased king of Mars.

        There are two other luck based characters from other stories I read that come to mind when I think about Tyche. One is completely invincible and can make ANYTHING happen so long as he wishes for it and it has a non-zero percent chance of happening. He can’t make platinum react chemically with helium (because it is impossible), but he could make a primitive life form rapidly evolve into a higher thinking species within a few years. (Which is also impossible, but slightly less so.)

        The other is a genius who can manipulate luck in a bit more nebulous sense, and it is an active ability which has no “noticeable” passive effect, but his impenetrable plot armor and MC status makes me think that his power is the most potent of all, he has the favour of the author.
        Is the 75 rating of gloomy in her “sealed” form, or is that her without any restraint?

  4. Yay, 1st Brennus chapter in 5 months (almost to the day), I hope it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger out something really frustrating like that… damnit.

    Seriously though, thanks for putting it up. This is officially my most reread serial in the last while and the only work other than Homestuck that I’ve had to create notes for, just to keep track of all the plot threads (that’s a compliment).

    Welcome back and thanks for the epic battle scene. Just out of curiosity, two questions: Is it unusual for the Ferals to be able to heterodyne so easily, I thought you said contrivers had difficulty with that? Also are global+ range powers like Tyche rare, because I get the impression they are?

    • 1) being able to heterodyne like that is very much the Feral’s big schtick, and their trump card that makes them a world-class power. it is VERY unusual, even among gadgeteers, to be able to heterodyne to that extent, let alone contrivers

      2) extraordinarily rare. on a power scale of 1 to 100, she’s a 90-95

  5. This has nothing to do with the chapter but awhile back aimi told melody she would introduce her to Tim and basil was wondering when that might happen

  6. Whoooooooo!

    I’ve missed this serial so much!

    I’m making my first comment here, just to express how glad I am to see this story continuing

  7. I think the next chapter button on the previous page might not be connected properly? I went back to refresh my memory on the fight and had to go through the table of contents to get back here.

    They really ought to tell Command that the monster is obviously targeting Tyche. Get some movers dedicated to keeping her out of the way of those beams, but close enough to distract Crocell and give the capes on the front lines an advantage. Might lead to.an awkward discussion regarding why when the fight is done, but that’s not the kind of thing you worry about in an S-class fight.

    • She appears to be unusually strong for probability manipulators in the setting, allowing both her and her friends to generally come out much better than they ought to on the battlefield and causing her to win at least two minor lotteries. Her bullets hit something vital, her grenades bounce and scatter to where they have optimal effect, it’s just a little harder than it should be to hit or grab anybody on her team, and they all tend to end up exactly where they need to be, by chance.

      This also makes her scary to those in the know, since all probability manipulators in the setting share a common weakness in that every bit of good luck they cause is balanced out by an equal amount of bad luck, often in the form of sudden dramatic backswings in their personal fortunes which cause serious disasters for themselves and those they care about. However she seems to have avoided that particular problem by shunting all her bad luck off onto her mother, who has been unable to do basically anything without failing dramatically and often hurting herself in the process ever since her daughter developed superpowers.

      Oh, and Tyche is also a decent-level Adonis type, with the agility, durability, and conventionally attractive appearance that brings, but as much as she enjoys the changes they’re a lot less relevant to most situations.

  8. My theory on why Crocell is targetting Tyche? It’s choosing its targets randomly. Tyche wants:

    1) To feel relevent to the battle. Being the evasion-based tank counts.
    2) To be a distressed damsel in a way that her pride would find acceptable.

    Then again, once I realised that Tyche’s power is what made Hecate join the team, I may have started over-estimating it’s reach. At the moment, I think her power is basically the Simurgh. And remember: everything is a Simurgh plot. everything

  9. Ties, it’s now closing in on the end of Saterday. Barring you updating after I go to sleep, you told me to ask you again on Saterday, as to more chapters in the near future.

    Well, I am now asking.

    And having just come back from Civil War, I am seriously hungry for more fantastic cape fiction.

    • alright, so… there should be something up before the end of Monday. I’ve got about a thousand words done, hope to at least tripple that before I publish, but I’ll put SOMETHING up, even if it’s too short for my liking.

      How’d you like Ant-Man and Spider-Man?

      • Glad to hear it, again not trying to rush you or anything, I’ve just really been hoping for more.

        Civil war was great, Guardians of the Galaxy kinda great.

        Spider-man was fantastic, the best film depiction so far. I enjoyed Ant-man, he had a good “pooh he did the thing!” Moment, but didn’t really shine like he disk in his own movie.

        Vision and Scarlet Witch’s burgeoning plot was a real treat too

    • working, studying, writing… I’m trying.

      If I could choose one superpower, just one, I’d probably choose duplication. Would finally give me enough time to do everything I need to do

      • Don’t apologise. I’m not annoyed or angry or offended or anything. I WANT to finish this chapter and put it out, I just could use like, two or three more me’s to get EVERYTHING done that I need to

      • Time dilation (or just altering your own perception of the flow of time) would probably be better. Read full pages of text in less than a second, type at the mechanical speed limit of your keyboard…

      • I can ALREADY type at the speed limit of my keyboard. don’t need superpowers for that.

        I can do it without looking at the keyboard or screen, too, and correct my own mistakes while doing it.

        What I need is to have enough time do it while also getting everything else done, and for that, I’d like me some self-duplication^^

      • Yeah but changing the speed of your thoughts would mean planning out and putting into words the new chapter in just the minute or two it takes to actually push the buttons (and I suppose some mouse manipulation, and probably waiting for pages to load when you need to check your references). Anything other than raw physical labour happens way faster when you mind isn’t tethered to the standard 1:1 time frame anymore, and even purely physical actions can be optimized for efficiency.

        And self-duplication always gets sticky. Either one of you dies, or you’re all independent and want to take the same one of the options for things you need to be doing, or one of you is evil, or something.

  10. Ties, may I ask if the lack of further updates is due to, simply not having the time to write your story, or a hesitance to publish what you’ve written?

  11. I think it’s a simple case of Crocell having some sort of instinctive threat sense. Given that he’s continually going after Tyche, and that she’s an insanely powerful probability manipulator, AND that she hasn’t done much damage so far… I think it’s pretty clear that she’s being MASSIVELY underutilized. (not story-wise but in-universe). Ultimately her strength can easily make the fighting power of any team skyrocket, so I guess it basically means her companions have to majorly power up. But really…put her with any ranged fighter. She just needs to touch the barrel or the bow or whatever.

    • I have a theory close to yours. Not threat detection but power level detection (think size of the star).

      Tyche is probably the “most powerful” metahuman there, though I’m not sure if she’s the most dangerous, because her power acts in such a spread out and mostly subtle fashion. She is incredibly scary because everything seems to be working in her favor at the same time in small ways. Think “unfocused” global energy field.

      Short term the guys with more “focused” powers are probably way more dangerous. Think using a way smaller amount of energy to make a laser beam.

      On a sidenote:
      Also if my theory is correct, the Brennus world is very lucky that most gadgeteers there are low power. Because how much “power” does a manhatten project really take considering it has been done by a relatively small group without supernatural means in a pretty short amount of time? This makes macian’s probable 13/13 rating even scarier.

  12. Hey man,

    I started reading this way back. Stopped because I ran out of chapters, was so glad to see that you’re still working on this.

    However after reading like B006 to this in the past few days I must say that I’m pretty disappointed it’s not finished yet. I’m just as obsessed as when I read Worm or Twig.

    Keep working when you can, I look forward to reading the end.

    Kindest regards!

  13. Finally finished the archives… only to catch up to a cliffhanger! Loving this story, hope it continues. Any word from Tieshaunn about the next chapter?

  14. I never write comments, but I absolutely love your story. I don’t mean to rush you or make you more stressed, but do you know around when the next part is coming out. Sorry! I’m just really excited since everything is finally coming together, and this story is my favourite web serial (tied with superpowereds)

    • P.S. I realise that you’ve been feeling sick lately, so sorry if I’m being annoying or anything like that, could you maybe post something just to tell us that you’re okay? Sorry again!

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